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Instant Event Fundraising System

John Kaplan has been on the limelight having a national career extending for more than 25 years. He has encountered almost every fulfilling environment; he has several achievements and is among Canada's best family entertainers. In addition, Kaplan has made numerous trips for about 35 years promoting fundraising needs for quite a number of community groups and schools. As a result, the groups have fun raising their much-required funds and Kaplan has the opportunity to advertise his family show and sell it to a market at corporate rates. Together with his wife, they are both actively indulged in most fundraising activities especially for all parent committees in schools where their two sons go to. John Kaplan has been able to observe and discover all that is necessary to accomplish tremendous success with the help of an event fundraiser. The instant event fundraising system is a useful resource that is beneficial in planning, promoting, and maximizing profits from the next fundraising event. It has been specifically designed and tested by hundreds of large organizations and proven successful. The fundraising system is meant for community organizations of all kinds. Read more...

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Activities Outside of Work

Next consider your life outside of work. How much of your time do you spend meeting and greeting others outside of your work life Are you known as a family man who attends piano recitals and soccer games Are you a mother who balances her career and home life and still has time to give to Rotary Are you a member of a service organization This says something about you. Do you volunteer at the community center, give blood when it's needed, or lead fund-raising drives Does your professional organization depend on you to assist them at conferences or local chapter meetings Giving back to the community or your professional organization is not just a noble thing to do it enhances your image as well.

Playing a Role in Local Communities

Sales Promotion Australia

Each House is a 'home away from home' with the feel, aesthetics and comfort of family living. Families are able to prepare their own meals, relax and rest in privacy or enjoy the company of others living in when they so desire. The House is the result of a team effort between the hospital doctors and staff, the parents of the children and McDonald's. Each House is run by a separate charitable trust set up to oversee fund raising and to manage the house. The boards of these trusts are made up of parents, hospital representatives and senior management of McDonald's. The trusts initiate their own fund-raising events. Throughout the year, McDonald's own restaurant staff are involved in local events to raise money for RMCC, and collecting boxes for donations from customers are placed in every restaurant. McDonald's Restaurants Limited, its franchisees and also its suppliers all donate to RMCC. Other recipients of money raised by

How to Get Favorable Media Attention and Publicity Joining Forces with a Charity

My associate Joel Beck has done a fantastic job in the last couple of years of aligning his business, Constance Cosmetics' Phoenix-area salons, with the Phoenix Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. By very actively supporting its annual telethon with fund-raising activities, personnel, and his assistance, he has been able to obtain a large amount of free, positive publicity on radio and television. And the contacts he has made in the media through this activity have proven of continuous and frequent value in promoting the business in others ways. Most charities and nonprofit organizations welcome the interest of any business owner who might assist them in their fund-raising activities. You'll probably be surprised at how easy it is to get involved and how little it takes in fund-raising capability to be considered a VIP by the organization. By running several customer public promotions and several employee activities during the half-year prior to the charity's telethon or other, major...

Nonfinancial Resources

Two nonprofit clients have not paid for centerpieces for their annual fundraising dinners in the past year. They were matched to a florist and designers who supported their causes and thought they couldn't afford the price of a sponsorship. By doing an in-kind sponsorship (also known as a trade-out), they could afford to trade product service for the sponsorship. In both cases, the business entities increased their market share for very little expense, and, at the same time, the organizations saved thousands of dollars in centerpiece expenses.

Build A Relationship With The Individuals

Although it is important to build a relationship with the organization, all organizations are made up of people. Although you are consulting for Microsoft, Ross actually decided to use you over other consultants. And although Hershey's pays your invoices, it is Jaquell with whom you communicate on a daily basis. So it is very important to build relationships on a more personal level and with the individuals. You might participate in the organization's social events to which you are invited, such as holiday parties and summer picnics. If possible, participate in fundraising or charity events. Attend on-site birthday parties and going-away parties for people you have worked with. Of course you are NOT charging for this time right

Choosing Messages and Vehicles

Event creation is a particularly important skill in publicizing fund-raising drives for nonprofit organizations. Fund-raisers have developed a large repertoire of special events, including anniversary celebrations, art exhibits, auctions, benefit evenings, bingo games, book sales, cake sales, contests, dances, dinners, fairs, fashion shows, parties in unusual places, phonathons, rummage sales, tours, and walkathons. No sooner is one type of event created, such as a walkathon, than competitors spawn new versions, such as readathons, bikeathons, and jogathons.71

Choosing Public Relations Messages and Vehicles

In some cases the choice of PR messages and tools will be clear-cut. In others, the organization will have to create the news rather than find it. The company could sponsor newsworthy events. Ideas might include hosting major conventions, inviting well-known celebrities and holding press conferences. Creating events is especially important in publicizing fund-raising drives for non-profit organizations. Fund-raisers have developed a large set of special events such as art exhibits, auctions, benefit evenings, book sales, contests, dances, dinners, fairs, fashion shows, marathons and walkathons. No sooner is one type of event created - like walkathons - than competitors create new versions, such as readathons, bikeathons and swimathons. Whatever next

Growth of Direct Marketing and Electronic Business

Sales produced through traditional direct-marketing channels (catalogs, direct mail, and telemarketing) have been growing rapidly. Whereas U.S. retail sales grow around 3 percent annually, catalog and direct-mail sales are growing about 7 percent annually. These sales include sales to consumers (53 percent), business-to-business sales (27 percent), and fundraising by charitable institutions (20 percent). Annual catalog and direct-mail sales are estimated at over 318 billion, with per capita direct sales of 630.2

Exhibit 1512 Chrysler provides public relations information on its site

At the same time, many philanthropic and nonprofit organizations have found the Internet to be a useful way to generate funds. Several sites have developed to perform the functions that are required in traditional fund-raising programs. For example, Ben and Jerry's uses its website to express concerns about dioxin and forced child labor as well as its support for the Red Cross and other charities. Other sites have been formed to handle public relations activities for charitable organizations, provide information regarding the causes the charity supports, collect contributions, and so on. In an example of integrating the Internet with public relations and television, Youth AIDS has initiated a Public Service campaign featuring artists like Alicia Keyes, Destiny's Child, and others to direct 15- to 24-year-olds to its website to learn more about the disease and contribute to the cause.

For Professional Pens Only

Set aside the mailings you'll assign to the pros anything to do with insurance, finance, and banking contests, games, and sweepstakes clubs (for books, foods, or records), continuity programs, and negative options fund raising and politics, and almost all consumer direct response. That still leaves 90 percent to get done. Most are business-to-business mailings, and you can do those yourself by applying some businesslike techniques.

Event Marketing Books

Successful Fund Raising A Complete Handbook for Volunteers and Professionals. Chicago Contemporary Books. Keegan, P. B. (1990). Fundraising for Non-Profits. New York Harper Perennial. Plessner, G. M. (1980). The Encyclopedia of Fund Raising Testimonial Dinner and Luncheon Management Manual. Arcadia, CA Fund Raisers, Inc. Williams, W. (1994). User Friendly Fundraising A Step-by-Step Guide to Profitable Special Events. Alexander, NC WorldComm.

Implications For Sports Marketing And Advertising

The concept of BIRG has interesting implications for marketers and advertisers knowing in what ways fans like to demonstrate their association with a winning team can be helpful in designing product offerings and marketing campaigns. Our discussion about the implications of fans' tendency to BIRG looks at licensed merchandise, advertising campaigns, fundraising campaigns, and sponsorship. We also suggest ways that losing teams may encourage BIRGing behaviors among their fans (and, thus, capitalize on all of the BIRGing implications), and we highlight the need to strengthen fan identification with the teams, independent of winning or losing records. after the game than other spectators. Similarly, collectors who wore apparel associated with the winning team received much larger donations from the like-minded fans. Such behavioral tendencies offer meaningful implications for fundraisers in general, but especially in colleges and universities. Running fundraising campaigns shortly after...

Get Involved

Cause-related marketing has become a primary form of corporate giving. It lets companies do well by doing good by linking purchases of the company's products or services with fund-raising for worthwhile causes or charitable organizations. Companies now sponsor dozens of cause-related marketing campaigns each year. Many are backed by large budgets and a full complement of marketing activities. For example, consider P&G's Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign, which last year received Cause Marketing Forum's Golden Halo Award for the best cause-related health campaign.43


Helping out with a fund raiser for a good cause will help out your marketing cause as well. Again, when you do good works, you bolster your image as a company who cares, and you create opportunities for free media coverage. Get hooked up with a charity that best matches your customer demographic. Ask what you can do to help. Every fundraising contact you make should also contain a plug for your business - just be sure you don't make yourself look like you're more concerned with the marketing than the fundraising.

Measurement Methods

When one is trying to promote goodwill in a community such as having a Fourth of July fireworks festival or an open house at the local fire station, one looks to feedback from the community in local newspapers or on talk radio shows, as well as doing random interviews with people in the community. In some cases, one can judge by increasing attendance as the festivals become larger. At fundraising events, the bottom line is how much money was raised for the cause, as well as how many people were recruited to raise more funds on their own. When looking to see how successfully a sponsor's name has been promoted, one can look at the advertising and public relations and assign these two a value. For advertising, wherever a sponsor's name or logo is used prominently, an advertising value can be determined by obtaining advertisement rates for the specific advertisements run and then combining the costs of all the advertisements. On the public relations side, one can look at the comparative...


What about sponsoring someone else's contest You have less control, but there's also less hassle. For example, a community fundraising drive to help build a library, park, or whatever, may seek prizes from local businesses to give away in exchange for fundraising activities. Donate your product, or money, and you'll get advertising benefits from the contest officials. If you are the sole sponsor, you may get your picture in the newspaper if you show up to give away your prize.

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