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The results are interesting. People searching for the keyword "price" are not business folks looking for "pricing" info. They are consumers looking for deals.

Save yourself time and money... "price" is not a good word to focus on. Nor is any word that turns up irrelevant results in Search It!. Now repeat this procedure for the keyword "pricing." BINGO! This is the right word.

Your DEMAND WINDOW's search generated many "fashion-containing" keywords, along with the DEMAND for each keyword.

Your SUPPLY WINDOW'S search revealed the number of sites (i.e., the SUPPLY of sites) that provide information about each keyword, as well as a lot of leads to possible merchant-partners and even some ideas for content.

Now it's time to pick the keywords with the best PROFITABILITY. These will be the keywords with high DEMAND (i.e., tons of searches) and low SUPPLY (i.e., not too many sites found). Eliminate any words that appear too competitive (i.e., SUPPLY is too high in WINDOW #2 or bidding competition is too intense), especially if they are not searched upon very often (i.e., DEMAND is low in WINDOW #1). And especially if there do not seem to be many POSSIBLE PARTNERS for them!

For example, notice that "fashion knockoffs" was searched for only 3,350 times in the previous month. Let's say that a Search It! search returned 39,500 sites. Not the best combination.

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