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Arrrgh! OK, one last question...

"Geez, Ken. You seem to be convincing folks not to market marketing programs. Rather, they should build sites of passion, write about what they know, and then marry that to profitable affiliate programs. Doesn't that leave you and SiteSell out in the dark?"

Answer. No, not really. I encourage 5 Pillar Affiliates not to erect Web marketing sites. One thing the Net does not need is another Web marketing site!

But here's a neat little twist for you to think about. You think that only consumers search for "fashion model" or "fashion designer" or "fashion design"? Nope! After all, investors are not the only ones who would search for "penny stocks."

When I was marketing my first product, PennyGold (a penny stock investing software), I must have done thousands and thousands of searches on "penny stocks"... all on the major engines.

Why did I do that? Because I wanted to see how PennyGold was doing on these engines, and I wanted to see who was beating me! And in fact, that's exactly how I found lots of competitors!

Let's say that when I was doing my searches for "penny stocks," you had already created a Theme-Based Content Site that was all about aggressive forms of investing... ""

After doing your DEMAND and SUPPLY research, let's say, too, that you had dedicated one of your site's pages to "penny stocks." You wrote it to provide high-value content and to also appeal to the Search Engines (more on this in DAY 7).

What would have happened? I surely would have found your page sooner or later, likely several times, on one or more of the engines. Really, there's no magic involved. After all, you simply followed the basic principles of how to please the Search Engines.

This is not rocket science. Nor is it spam -- you have simply created good content that is of high-value to me, your potential visitor who was searching for your info, and that the engines have ranked highly. So I would have found you listed in the engines' search results pages, no doubt about it.

You can do exactly the same thing. Except do it for a topic that you know and love... like "fashion."

If you write a wonderful page about "fashion design," lots of merchants will find your page. After reading your excellent content about fashion design, you lead into a recommendation about SiteSell products, especially SBI!.

So not only does your "fashion-passion" site generate income for you by sending fashion consumers to a select group of fashion merchants, you can also send fashion merchants to SiteSell, creating an additional income stream!

For example, here's how your "fashion design" page could do this...

First, you write your content. This content must deliver good "information value" about fashion design. Since this is your area of expertise, that's a snap. Your content closes by leading to in-context text links (those caught using banners will have a detention!) for small business owners and consumers...

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