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Jason Brubaker, Indie Flimmaker, brings you this eBook guide to help you make your movie now without any procrastination. This guide gives you all of the tools that you need to in order to raise the money, finalize your story, and make the money that you deserve to get from your art. You will also learn how to build an audience for your professional quality movie. Hollywood is not the future of movies Independent filmmakers are starting to take over more and more of the market, and you have the opportunity to make your mark on the film world forever. Jason Brubaker's eBook shows you what you need to know in order to make a masterpiece film that your audience (that you will learn to build) will shell out money to buy. You don't need permission to make a film Go out and dazzle audiences everywhere! Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

I personally recommend to buy this ebook. The quality is excellent and for this low price and 100% Money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Make Independent Films

This eBook gives you the tools that you need to make an indie film of your own, on a low budget and still make money! Most film schools and colleges teach only an academic version of what you need to know to make movies, but this information is rarely useful in real life. Outside of the classroom, you often will not be able to use the information that your professors gave you. That's why this eBook is the street-smart version of movie making, and gives you the tools that you need to make a movie on a low-budget, without having to make a low-quality movie. You don't have to make a bad movie You just have to learn how to manage money well! You can learn a little bit from professors and film school But you can learn huge amounts of information from independent filmmakers. These men and women are the way of the future for movies, and you can learn to make a film that will take the hearts of people and film festivals everywhere.

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Openness With Ideas

Licensing is the main way that ownership of intellectual property is shared. For example, books are licensed to filmmakers, films are licensed to video cassette distributors, toy designs are licensed to manufacturers, promotional advertisements are licensed to local TV stations and inventions are licensed to manufacturers.

Instructional Videos The Double Edged Sword

Of course, producing an instructional video requires some digital filmmaking chops, but if you're a game developer, then it's practically a marketing requirement these days. It seems like every iPhone game has a slick video trailer for promotional purposes, so creating another video that explains how to play it may prove equally important.

Reaching for the Skyy

Much of Skyy's initial growth was driven by word of mouth. The company was successful in getting its eye-catching blue bottle into swanky Hollywood parties and nightclubs known for attracting a hip crowd. Skyy quickly generated a buzz on the nightclub circuit, where word spread that its quadruple-distilled formula reduced the likelihood of hangovers. The company also spent much of its limited marketing budget on sponsoring independent film festivals and producing artsy short films that were shown at these events. Skyy commissioned these short films by well-known independent film directors as part of its commitment to the independent film industry, which is one of Kanbar's passions. The directors are not asked to create an advertisement for Skyy, although each film does include a cocktail moment. The Oscar-winning director of the film Europa has directed one of the films, and supermodel Claudia Schiffer has costarred with Skyy in another cocktail moment. The company uses the Internet...

Producing alternate reality games supercharging brand communications

Developing alternate reality games for brands is a way of taking the idea of a 'teaser website' way beyond its original meaning and even outside of the Internet. The concept could be said to have started online with the Blair Witch Project, an idea that really took momentum as a project when the people behind it realized how powerful their story idea was for generating word of mouth, particularly on the Web. By using online media - a website and a corresponding newsletter in particular - the team managed to create a personal connection with fans and build up the suspense around the film itself. The website became a resource for information about the myth of the witch and about those behind the film (filmmakers Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez) claiming to be filmmakers uncovering a mystery. By limiting access - the film was to have its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival with only one screening - they managed to generate a hype that quickly led to a bidding war for the rights to...

Identifying the Companys Competitors

Companies must avoid 'competitor myopia'. A company is more likely to be 'buried' by its latent competitors than its current ones. For example, Eastman Kodak worries about growing competition for its film business from Fuji, the Japanese filmmaker. However, Kodak faces a much greater threat from the recent advances in 'digital camera' technology. These cameras, sold by Canon and Sony, take video still pictures transmitted on a TV set, turned into hard copy and later erased. What greater threat is there to a film business than a filmless camera 2

Film Separation And Proofing

It is the job of the prepress filmmaker to create the films or digital file from which the printing plates are prepared. Use specialists for anything in full color or an otherwise complicated workflow. With widely available and inexpensive systems you can do routine one- or two-color projects, but let the prepress service quote on that too. What follows tells how this is done.

Generating interest

A deliberately short-lived June 2004 blog called the Art of Speed showcased the work of 15 filmmakers in a 20-day blog collaboration between Gawker Media and Nike. The blog was an experiment in brand blogging, designed to bring together an established and successful brand with a format that reaches the online market. Posts covered everything from the background of the filmmakers to a speed hiking record, and visitors watched videos of each film online in high or lowresolution. The point Get the Nike logo in front of an audience that's interested in content, not advertising, while demonstrating Nike's unique company ethos of encouragement and challenge. The blog, which you can still view at artofspeed, is shown in Figure 1-3.

Film Making

Film Making

If you have ever wanted the secrets to making your own film, here it is: Indy Film Insider Tips And Basics To Film Making. Have you ever wanted to make your own film? Is there a story you want to tell? You might even think that this is impossible. Studios make films, not the little guy. This is probably what you tell yourself. Do you watch films with more than a casual eye? You probably want to know how they were able to get perfect lighting in your favorite scene, or how to write a professional screenplay.

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