Cultural influences

Researchers must also understand the culture in which the research will be conducted. Some subjects will be easier to study in some cultures but not in others, depending upon the research population selected. It should not be assumed that a 'one size fits all' approach will be successful. Research design may have to be modified between countries and cultures to ensure comparability of data. For example, in Arabic countries it is generally harder to obtain samples of women respondents. Issues regarding access and culture have to be carefully addressed. In many instances, international marketing research may be designed in one country but administered by local agencies because of their knowledge of local custom and practice.

4.16 Summary

This chapter has covered the nature and scope of marketing research, starting with the survey research process:

♦ definition of the research required;

♦ decisions about the survey population;

♦ sampling methods;

♦ questionnaire design;

♦ data collection.

The chapter has also covered types of research design and approach, and the sources of data available to the fashion marketer. The

application of marketing research to the development of new products and fashion prediction has been discussed, as well as a consideration of some of the issues around international marketing research design and the impact of the Internet on research methodology.

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