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This ebook from Francis Hayes gives you professional tools to help you get the most out of your Excel program. Any one of these secrets could be the only one that you ever need to know for Excel, but this ebook includes bunches of those tips and tricks! Just think of all of the useful information you can get from it! If you have ever been frustrated at your lack of progress in Microsoft Excel, this guide will teach you everything that you need to know to harness the powerful functions or time-saving elements of Microsoft Excel. Excel is used by offices all over the world, but so few people take the time to teach you anything important about it. Too much time is usually wasted searching the internet for tips on how to use it more efficiently Learn the best way to master Excel in this ebook!

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Highly Recommended

All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable pdf so that purchasers of 101 Secrets of a Microsoft Excel Addict can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

As a whole, this e-book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

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After collecting keywords and phrases relevant to your topic at Overture, input the keywords and number of searches per month into an Excel spreadsheet, under columns labeled 'Keywords' and 'Demand' as shown in the following table. If you are using Excel, make sure that the 'Keyword' heading is in cell Ai, or the upper left-hand cell, which will guarantee that formulae below will work. Formula Clickthroughs Demand x .015 Excel Formula Sum(b2*.015) Formula Number of Sales Clickthroughs x .015 Excel Formula Sum(c2*.015) Formula Commission Number of Sales x 20.00 Excel Formula Sum(d2*20) Formula PPC Cost Clickthroughs x 0.06 Excel Formula Sum(d2*.o6) Formula Net Profit Commission minus PPC Cost Excel Formula Sum(e2-f2)

Lesson 1 relationship leaders will leverage the internet to extend their lead

Who is going to gain and sustain an advantage in the customer-empowered, competitive markets that are being reshaped by the internet The message from our study is that those who already excel at managing customer relationships were best equipped to capitalize on the opportunities of the internet 5 . These leaders were able to anticipate earlier how to use the internet to connect with their customers, exploited it faster and implemented the initiative better. Relationship leaders are the 17 percent of firms who judged themselves to have a significant advantage over their rivals in their ability to manage customer relationships.

Assessing Your Clients

Are you thinking about conducting a needs assessment You do not have to have sophisticated software to track the results. You can use a simple Excel spreadsheet to track responses. Our first collection process utilized colored index cards. What is more important is to ensure consistency. Ask the same questions in the same way to a large enough sample of clients. Answers to open-ended questions are always delightful to read and provide ideas and insight. The problem is quantifying the responses so that you have some baseline established for comparison the next time. You can use yes or no questions or provide a 1-to-5 rating scale to quantify level of agreement or satisfaction. The solution is to use a complementary mix of both kinds of questions open-ended and quantitative. What might you ask about If you decide that the survey will focus mostly on customer satisfaction, you may want to consider asking a two-part question. First, how well does your company meet customer expectations...

Keep Up with Industry News

This book provides you with a framework upon which true industry expertise can be built. Much like other industries, continuing education is a must if you plan to excel at search-engine optimization. Take advantage of every free resource that is made available to you. Unlike many other industries, search-engine marketing experts are generally not afraid to share some of their best secrets.

Determining your point of difference

In any competitive arena, a number of brands compete for the same space on the positioning matrix by claiming to be the friendliest, to have the highest quality, to offer the lowest prices, or to excel in any other attribute you can think of. Yet one brand prevails and wins recognition from the marketplace, mystifying all the competitors who truly think and can even prove that their attributes in the area of distinction are better.

Landing pages and microsites

One of the great benefits of e-mail, in common with other forms of direct marketing, is its accountability. This book presents a simple Excel spreadsheet-based model that you can use for setting objectives and comparing the effectiveness of different tests or campaigns. Figure 1.1 shows the framework used for this model.

Still More Market Research Tools

In the past I used Wordtracker and Overture's Search Term Suggestion Tool exclusively to generate huge lists of keywords and phrases related to my intended topic. I would then transfer all that data into an Excel spreadsheet and write titles and descriptions for my pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Profit Potential Lets Do the Math

In the following example, you'll see how I use an Excel spreadsheet to calculate profitability. You can use a piece of paper and a calculator, but using a spreadsheet makes the job much easier. If you are new to Excel and want more detailed instruction on its use than is offered below, I recommend that you grab a copy of Richard Kraneis' ebook, 'The World's Shortest Excel Book' at

The hard part Narrowing your list to the best options

Not even the greatest name contenders can hold up to the scrutiny that follows a leak during water-cooler conversations. For that reason, don't let the names out of your committee until you select one and it's ready for presentation, backed by all the rationale for why it's a great choice and how it will excel in your marketing arena.

But first a little background

Anyway, about two years later (in 1998) I purchased Microsoft Office software, which included Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft's then fledging website publishing software called FrontPage. Colin's system does an excellent job of simplifying the process of viewing, installing and customizing your template. His instructions are very helpful and his prices for access to the web-publishing and template service, templates and customization are excellent.

All right So you created CBNiche Builder to help out affiliates what exactly does it do for them

And it allows you to save these keywords in a text file. And after doing that, what you can do is, take those keywords that you found, because those are general keywords. And you can make them more specific so you plop it in this other tab and what it does is, is it actually finds for every single keyword it searches, it creates an Excel file or text file, and it gives you the word count of every single keyword, specific keyword.

Brand and category management

The brand management system evolved out of the notion that brands within a company should compete with each other. Such competition creates strong incentives to excel among brand managers but it also introduces conflict and even inefficiencies as brand managers compete for corporate resources such as advertising budgets, plant capacity and delivery services. Brand proliferations and fragmented markets combined with increased power among retailers have forced many consumer packaged goods companies to consider competing on the basis of product categories.

Gates at the Barbarian

Head-to-head competitions, it almost invariably was an also-ran to the top-ranked product, Microsoft Excel. WordPerfect's botched release of its first Windows-based word processor had landed the one-time ruler of the category in third place. First and second places were usually fought over by Microsoft Word and Lotus's AmiPro. Microsoft PowerPoint and Lotus Freelance usually struggled for the business presentation graphics crown, but the spreadsheet and word-processing elements were the most important factors in a buyer's decision. Advantage Microsoft.

Innovation and evolution of markets

Seldom is there a single dominant product technology underpinning a product market. In most instances companies have the choice of pursuing quite different product technologies, sometimes incremental and sometimes radical. While many organizations excel in developing and implementing sustaining technologies, many more avoid radical or disruptive innovation. The fear is based on the costs involved and the larger the market share already held, the more there is at stake if the disruptive innovation does not work or is not accepted in mainstream markets. This occurs even when the radical technology embodies a new and improved value proposition for customers in rapidly growing non-mainstream market segments. For these reasons large established organizations are rarely at the forefront of radical new product innovation whereas small entrepreneurial organizations are.

Sets Realistic Sales Targets

A marketing plan helps you set realistic sales goals. After you have done a thorough analysis of the scope of your market and your competitors, you are in a position to do more accurate sales forecasting based on your intended promotions. You need to be able to visualize your sales goal in an easy-to-track spreadsheet. Apple provides daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports for you to track your progress. These reports can be easily downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet for viewing.

Now That You Know Do You Know When to Know It

But for literally over a quarter of a century, the press has bemoaned product bloat in software. For more than a quarter of a century, different software companies have attempted to build smaller software products. And for more than a quarter of a century, customers have voted with their dollars almost every time for more powerful software products stuffed with every extra strip of chrome and every last power option available. And since software is very cheap (if you doubt this, compare the cost of buying a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation package, and database in 1986 and compare it with the cost today, and then factor in inflation), why not buy the extra dagmars1 for your PC Who knows when you might not need to create a slide or two Or maybe crunch some numbers The current market for application suite software such as Microsoft Office bears this out although it is possible to buy just Microsoft Word or Excel, today almost no one does.


MS-Excel - MS-Excel to the rescue AGAIN Really, by using a spreadsheet you can organize your data exactly in a way that makes sense to you. Add a column, delete a column or widen and narrow the columns. Add as many parameters as you like. Make the fonts any size and color that you see fit. Link your affiliate information spreadsheet to your conversion rate information spreadsheet and access either with a single click.

Guerrilla Tactic Stand Firm on Fees

Many consultants specialize in and excel at responding to RFPs. Government agencies, large corporations, and nonprofit groups routinely issue RFPs in accordance with their competitive bidding requirements. A task force is often charged with conducting a fair and unbiased process to find the ideal consultant. Before awarding a project, the task force members must provide assurance that they reviewed the entire market.


While you're there, download their mass-submission Excel template. While you're there, download their mass-submission Excel template. While you're there, download their mass-submission Excel template. While you're there, download their mass-submission Excel template. It's a major pain to work with, though. Recommendation simply submit the template that Site Build It Manager prepares for you for Sprinks.

HttpwwwPay PerClick SearchEnginescom

It automatically researches all the bids at all the engines, showing you where your best bid should be. And it automates mass-submissions to the major Pay-Per-Clicks, too. (All excel templates are available at SBI 's Site Central.) Now it only takes minutes to do what previously took days.


While you're there, download their mass-submission Excel template (Basic or Power form, either one is OK -- they prefer if you use the Power form). Site Build It Manager speeds this whole process up and makes it easier, too. The Manager works with all of the Pay-Per-Click engines' mass-submission spreadsheet templates.

Managing Your App Marketing Activities

You should also set up an accountability system. This can be part of your app marketing plan where you keep track of initiatives. Or you can set up a simple Excel spreadsheet that lists the app name, date, action, cost, target completion date, date completed. and results. By managing your app marketing activities and being accountable for them, you'll be well on your way to actually putting the marketing strategies in motion. An example of such an accountability system is shown in Table 22.1.

Customer satisfaction

When these issues are translated to the international market, other factors can also come into play, not least the role of culture. Regardless, it is vital to communicate with international customers. Indeed often, at least in the short term, just communicating that the company is aware of areas which need addressing or changing is enough to alleviate dissatisfaction in the short term. Mitchell (1999) identifies three key issues in addressing customer satisfaction globally. First, regional market characteristics. Thus, if levels of customer service offered locally are generally deficient, then it will be easier to excel in the eyes of the consumers. Satisfaction will be higher than in markets where customer service is high in all sectors. The extent of local presence which is related back to the market entry decision can also be a factor. If there is no local presence then customers may experience delays in obtaining equipment, parts, or customs delays or problems of compatibility....

Branded promotional games

The best examples of this kind of game are found among the avalanche of games found on the Internet. Often a sweepstake-style mechanic provides a huge incentive to play, while in other cases it's simply because the game is excellent. Driving games for automotive companies are good examples, because the player is totally immersed in a brand experience - even better if players can also challenge and invite their friends to play. Branded promotional games are a far more powerful connected marketing tool than games that simply feature in-game advertising. As well as building brand, creating awareness and generating response, branded promotional games also enable marketers to collect valuable data on customers. The following examples show how some branded games are designed to achieve one or more of these objectives, while others excel on a number of levels and can also have a direct effect on sales.

Marketcommitment Strategy

The company introduced the SX-70 camera, which made earlier Polaroid cameras obsolete. Since its introduction, a variety of changes and improvements have been made both in the SX-70 camera and in the film that goes into it. A few years later, the company introduced yet another much-improved camera, Spectra. In 1976 Kodak introduced its own version of the instant camera. Polaroid charged Kodak with violating seven Polaroid patents and legally forced Kodak out of the instant photography business.20 The result Polaroid has retained its supremacy in the instant photography field, a field to which it has been solely committed. Porsche continues to excel in the crowded auto industry by making a firm commitment to a well-defined market niche (a 40-something male college graduate earning over 200,000 per year). The company sells only about 6000 cars a year (each costing between 40,000 and 82,000), but does well in terms of profits.21 RCA pioneered color television in 1954, yet their product...

A spreadsheet is basically a computerized ledger and the best way I know of to keep track of many aspects of your

My personal choice is Microsoft Excel, simply because my Dell computer arrived with Microsoft Office installed, and Excel is bundled in the Office software package. If you don't have Excel installed on your computer, you might want to look into EasyOffice 5.1 which is available as freeware through Tucows. I haven't tried the software myself, but Tucows gives it a '5 Cow' rating. Visit the site and do a search for 'spreadsheet'.

An Interview with Joel Spolsky

JS While I was on the Excel team, Borland cut the MSRP on Quattro Pro from around 500.00 to around 100.00. Clueless newbie that I was, I thought this was the beginning of a bloody price war. Lewis Levin,1 Excel BUM (business unit manager) was ecstatic. Don't you see, Joel, once they have to cut prices, they've lost. He had no plan to respond to the lower price. And he didn't need to. SMS And I suppose building a brand-new product called Jazz 2 instead of getting 1-2-3 over to the Mac as quickly as possible, thus staking Microsoft to a 2-year lead with Excel, is an example of the same thing JS That and Control-K. But seriously, Moore's law makes much of the whining about bloatware ridiculous. In 1993, Microsoft Excel 5.0 took up about 36.00 worth of hard drive space. In 2000, Microsoft Excel 2000 takes up about 1.03 in hard drive space. All adjusted for inflation. So stop whining about how bloated it is.

Implications For Sports Marketing And Advertising

Fans motivated to attend games and buy licensed merchandise (pertinent to the successful individual players). It is noteworthy that when Mark McGwire was chasing Roger Maris's home run record, the Saint Louis Cardinals fans BIRGed because of McGwire's performance rather than the team's overall performance (which was relatively mediocre that season). The impressive individual performance of one player provided an excellent opportunity to fans for BIRGing when the team's performance was offering few reasons for celebrating. Another way to increase BIRG and reduce CORF is to focus on fans who identify with attributes other than or in addition to team statistics. Although winning games or having star players excel may provide the ultimate BIRGing experience, teams can win in other aspects as well. Marketers should play up the other aspects that attract fans to the team or sport. Shared values, a reputation for determination or toughness, and existence as a local tradition are some of the...

Feedback and Control

A company's strategic fit with the environment will inevitably erode because the market environment changes faster than the company's 7-Ss. Thus a company might remain efficient while it loses effectiveness. Peter Drucker pointed out that it is more important to do the right thing (effectiveness) than to do things right (efficiency). The most successful companies excel at both.

Put a Team Together

Not everyone is going to be an expert at every aspect of search-engine optimization. To take full advantage of what search-engine optimization has to offer your Web site, many skills are required. These skills include but are not limited to HTML writing, knowledge of CSS, data analysis, graphical design, server administration, copywriting, link building, blogging, and so on. Do not hesitate to put together a team of people skilled in these different areas to assist in the project. You do not need to hire a team of people to work at your side you can outsource some of the work to others through popular outsourcing Web sites such as Elance. You are sure to find that you excel at some search-engine-optimization tasks and lack the knowledge or motivation to excel in others. You may be an excellent Web designer and copywriter, but terrible at server

Groups Versus pages

Groups were intended to facilitate organization and discussion around a particular topic, and they still provide a more open space for such conversations. Pages lack the personal aspect Groups excel at joining in a Group feels more like belonging than just liking a Page does (Figure 4-2). Groups are also often much more targeted than Pages, which gives them a more active and engaged member base.

Paris flights

If you're located in the United States I highly recommend downloading and using the Census Bureau's list of cities. It features 25,000 US cities, towns, and municipalities Once you have downloaded the file, you can open it using Microsoft Excel, or your favorite text editor. Please see this page for instructions on using the file


AdMinder provides an ad tracking service that can be used with multiple websites. It provides the capability to track clicks, actions and sales. AdMinder provides reporting as well as the ability to export your data in CSV format, which you can use in MS Excel for additional analysis.

Breakeven Analysis

Using an Excel spreadsheet can help you figure out these calculations quite easily and figure out your own breakeven and contribution margin. An example using our 4.99 productivity app is shown in Figure 11.1. An Excel spreadsheet helps us to easily calculate our breakeven and margin for our 4.99 app.

Exhibit A

Such high-tech allusions were appropriate. The Mach3 was covered by 35 patents, astonishing for something as commonplace as a razor. Its three spring-mounted blades were some 10 percent thinner at the tip than the two blades of its predecessor, Sensor-Excel. They were toughened with diamond-like carbon from the semiconductor industry and this was bonded on to the steel with niobium, a rare tin alloy normally used in superconducting magnets. John Bush, vice-president of Gillette's research and development, likened the reduced drag to cutting down a tree with an ax rather than a wedge. Since irritated skin was the shaver's main complaint and most men blamed their razors rather than

The Zen of Marketing

When the 1.0 version shipped in 1987, PC Magazine, at the time the most influential PC-oriented publication in terms of the impact of its reviews, stated that Microsoft Corp. has just unleashed a spreadsheet that makes 1-2-3 look like a rough draft. Most of the other reviews were just as laudatory, and all made much of the WYSIWYG functionality of the product.

Mobile Code Review

Before style sheets were developed, Webmasters used tables, much like a spreadsheet or a grid in Excel, to organize a Web page. The code of the Web page included specifications about the table width, row height, and other attributes of the grid. The actual grid was never visible by the Web visitors, but it did help the Web designer control the layout of the page.

Computer programs

Most analysis packages avoid the need to write analysis programs and even simple statistical packages like Microsoft's Excel allow for sophisticated analysis to be made very simply. Occasionally, for highly complex surveys or where a new technique is to be applied, programmers may be employed. Generally, the use of a skilled analyst and a bespoke statistical package will suffice.

The Sins of Branding

In high tech, most brand identities have also been built upon product success. Apple's powerful brand image flows from its introduction of the Macintosh computer in 1984. From this point until the early 1990s, the Macintosh was clearly superior to other systems in ease of use and functionality,1 and many argue this superiority continues. And though it has become common practice for many to denigrate Microsoft technology, during the 1980s and early 1990s most of the company's applications, particularly Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint, received favorable press mentions and often beat (or at least equaled) their competition in head-to-head comparisons.

Neil Rogers

Highly efficient, effective, results- and challenge-driven executive with a strong business acumen and diverse knowledge encompassing a number of critical business areas, with an emphasis on sales and marketing. Recognized for tackling and resolving hard issues affecting business operations patient and methodical, task-oriented consistently exceed expectations. Visionary and strategic thinker who critically analyzes issues before making decisions. Work judiciously to become an expert in all assigned projects set and maintain high standards. Exude energy and confidence to excel and deliver. Articulate and effective presenter and negotiator build synergy and rapport with persons of all levels and backgrounds. Core business expertise includes - Played a pivotal role in negotiating diverse contracts. Coordinated with the corporate centers of excellence in Houston, Raleigh, Germany, Moscow, Australia, Norway, and Finland to prepare contracts met with clients to define needs worked...

Run PPC Reports

In addition to detailed numeric-based reporting, the Google AdWords Report Center allows you to view graphs and charts for a visual representation of your account's overall performance. Google AdWords allows you to easily export a report in Microsoft Excel. You can use Google's export function to save a copy of the report on your PC, e-mail it to a colleague, and customize the report with your logo. If you are producing a report for a client, you can export it and customize it based on your client's unique needs. Moreover, you can have Google e-mail various reports to anyone you want at any time of the day automatically via report scheduling.

Spreadsheet Software

My personal choice is Microsoft Excel, simply because my Dell computer arrived with Microsoft Office installed, and Excel is bundled in the Office software package. If you don't have Excel installed on your computer, you might want to look into EasyOflfice 5.1 which is available as freeware through Tucows. I haven't tried the software myself, but Tucows gives it a '5 Cow' rating. Visit the site and do a search for 'spreadsheet'.