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Just as important as monitoring the Web site traffic and the number of visitors you have is knowing who your visitors are. If you know your Web site audience and their demographics, you can market your site more directly to the intended audience. One of the most efficient ways to do this is by conducting surveys. What questions you ask will be determined by what you want to know. Do try to keep surveys short and don't forget to ask a bit of background information, without getting too personal. The following survey services can help create, house, and distribute online surveys. The list is provided by Web Ad.vantage: Allows the easy creation of online surveys. Specializes in independent Web site evaluations, online focus groups, pop-up surveys and polls, and e-mail surveys. Offers online survey software, enabling anyone to create questionnaires and collect instant feedback. Offers free "public domain" survey forms as well as a professional series of custom-built, paid-for surveys.

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Online Survey Champion

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