Chapter Challenge

You have been hired as an event marketing consultant by a state medical association. Your charge is to increase attendance and revenue and to create greater awareness of the organization in the medical community.

The association's conventions have been held in the same urban location for years, attendance is dwindling, and costs are rising. The convention is typically a two-day meeting, held over the weekend. Programming is heavy on technical symposia and light on social events. There is a small exposition, primarily open only during coffee breaks. There is no significant spouse participation or youth participation.

What marketing strategies would you consider to turn the organization's event around in terms of attendance and income?

Event Promotion, Advertising, and Public Relations

Why Not Go Out on a Limb? That's Where the Fruit Is.

—Will Rogers

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Creating an Online Business Plan

Creating an Online Business Plan

Your online business plan needs to make sure it addresses the management and administration structure in other words your organization’s breakdown. Online businesses often have a simpler organization structure than a traditional business, but that’s not always the case, and it must be clearly defined.

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