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These programs are designed for the sole purpose of directing targeted traffic to an event site. These programs are one of the best online marketing tools available to small businesses because there is no financial risk. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is simply revenue sharing between online merchants (someone selling a good, product, or service) and the affiliates (content sites). Affiliates are given links by the merchant to place on their site with the intent of receiving quality traffic and expecting a percentage related to a desired action (i.e., registration, sales, downloads, etc.).

With these programs, you only pay if a customer performs an activity on your site (i.e., registers for an event, makes a purchase, signs up for an e-mail list, or whatever product or service you want the customer to get). This differs greatly from advertising, where you pay the fee up front and hope it delivers. Affiliate marketing allows you to pay only after the results are delivered. With these programs, you agree to pay another business (your affiliate) a referral fee for each customer who completes an activity at your Web site.

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