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The grammar book for the 21st century has arrived, from the language experts at Farlex International and, the trusted reference destination with 1 billion annual visits. The Farlex Grammar Book is a comprehensive guide consisting of three volumes: Volume I-English Grammar, Volume II-English Punctuation, Volume III-English Spelling, and Pronunciation.Inside, you'll find clear, easy-to-understand explanations of everything you need to master proper grammar, including complete English grammar rules, examples, and exceptionsplus a grammar quiz at the end of every topic to test what you've learned.Farlex brings you the most comprehensive grammar guide yet: all the rules of English grammar, explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Over 500 pages of proper grammar instruction2x more than the leading grammar book! Whether you're an expert or a beginner, there's always something new to learn when it comes to the always-evolving English language. Only Complete English Grammar Rules gives you common grammar mistakes, thousands of real-world examples. With Complete English Grammar Rules, you'll be able to: Quickly master basic English grammar and tackle more advanced topics, Properly use every type of noun, verb, and even the most obscure grammar elements, Master verb tenses, including irregular verbs and exceptions, Avoid embarrassing grammar errors. More here...

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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable pdf so that purchasers of The Farlex Grammar Book can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

All the testing and user reviews show that The Farlex Grammar Book is definitely legit and highly recommended.

Checking spelling grammar and punctuation

You undoubtedly come across blogs, mostly personal journals, in which the blogger has decided to dispense with the niceties of spell checking, grammar, and punctuation. How did you react when you saw these mistakes Chances are, not well. English Grammar For Dummies By Geraldine Woods If you're feeling the need to brush up on the basics, this book walks you through the mechanics of grammar without making you diagram a sentence. For most business blogs, spelling and grammar mistakes just make your readers scoff. At best, they'll think the blog amateurish. At worst, they'll think you don't respect them enough to correct the errors. No one thinks poorly of a blogger who chooses to use complete sentences and keep the split infinitives to a minimum, but many will notice the errors before they pay attention to what you're saying.

Manuals and Help Systems

The first question you need to ask yourself is Do I need a manual Much depends on what your product needs. Computer languages, for instance, need printed manuals to explain their vocabulary and grammar while the Help program enables users to apply the syntax satisfactorily. This is particularly necessary with programs designed to be used by programmers. When their screens are crammed with the code they are writing, it is more convenient for them to work from printed text than constantly switching between windows on the screen.

Article Directory Submissions

You can generate a large number of relevant links back to your site by writing unique articles and submitting them to article directories, where they can be picked up by other Webmasters and placed on other Web sites. One of the most sought-after commodities by Webmasters is unique content relevant to the theme of their Web site. Article directories are public content depositories where Webmasters can search for and select content to place on their own sites. Usually, this content is in the form of an article written by the Webmaster of another Web site. That Webmaster has the option to include a link to his or her own site that must be left intact when the article is copied by others. Try to write articles between 300 and 1,000 words in length. Make them unique, and also make sure they have proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure in order to have the best chance at being accepted.

Benchmarks for Graphic Design

Prior to printing, the brochure should be developed into a mock-up for a panel of peers (a focus group) to proof one last time for clarity, spelling, and grammar. Then a review of overall attractiveness and effectiveness should follow. It is less expensive to make corrections at this stage, and much less embarrassing and costly than discovering mistakes at the print shop.

Creating The Promotion An Outline

Establish responsibility for the accuracy of information about the product, legal clearance, editorial clearance (spelling, grammar, the house style), and sales input. Determine who will edit rather than write review, and have final approval of the project. Only one person can have final approval

Deciding to edit

To edit or not to edit, that is the question. In 2003, the blogosphere was rife with arguments for and against edited blogs. Today the issue has been talked to death, and the conclusion seems to be that sometimes an editor is useful, if only to check grammar and spelling. Some blogs are also edited for content.

Parts of Speech

One of the best books about writing is a short tome called The Elements of Style, but most people know it by its two authors' names Strunk and White. It contains a series of rules, essays, and exhortations about proper grammar and style, and teaches many great lessons, especially about the importance of direct and terse language. Nowhere are those lessons more valuable than on the Web. Browsing users are bombarded with far more articles than they could ever hope to read, and most of those stories are laden with superlatives and bombastic claims. Not only are we overloaded with information, but we're becoming numb to the most shocking stuff. The adjective and the adverb are the main weapons abused by the spam-headline and tabloid-style blog writers. When we looked at the parts-of-speech content of stories shared on Facebook, we found that modifiers in headlines tend to bode poorly for the performance of an article (Figure 9-7).

Email Marketing

To be effective, you should follow the same guidelines that you do for any direct-mail piece. The e-mail should have a headline that grabs attention, a short message that emphasizes benefits, and a call to action. Check your spelling and grammar, personalize it if you can, and use a short, descriptive subject line. Include instructions for how readers can be removed from the list if they wish.

Symbols and Numbers keyword research service, 12, 16-17 contact building Facebook for, 168, 170-171 LinkedIn for, 169, 180-181 MyBlogLog for, 168, 176-177 MySpace for, 168, 172-173 content aggregation. See RSS feeds content creation avoiding duplicate content, 86, 90-91, 286-287 avoiding poor grammar, 88 bold-type headings for, 89 budget for, 6

Getting Started

0 Content is King - Good content sells a product. Ask yourself the following questions. Does your copy convey the message you wish to get across to your visitors Is it compelling Does it lead your visitor through the sales process Have others review, critique and edit your copy to insure it is delivering the intended message. Always double check your spelling and grammar.

Allow Interaction

To break through the clutter of random Facebook Events, be sure to upload an image, check for proper grammar, and include lots of keywords. Figure 5-3. To break through the clutter of random Facebook Events, be sure to upload an image, check for proper grammar, and include lots of keywords.

Optin List Ezine

A quality ezine should contain at least some original content. Don't let the fear of writing intimidate you. If your ezines focus is on an area of your expertise you shouldn't have any problems coming up with something to write about. If you've been out of school for a while, you might want to freshen up on your writing and grammar skills. Visit any of the sites listed below for a crash course.

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