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Covert Commissions is Done For You Sales Funnels service for highly converting evergreen products. You just have to send traffic to a squeeze page giving away a free report to pre-sell the main offer. This product helps you build an email list and then monetize it through affiliate marketing. Email marketing is the heartbeat of affiliate marketing business, and with Covert Commissions, you will be able to successfully create a list that you can earn from. Everything is already set up, you don't have to struggle setting up an affiliate marketing campaign by yourself like in other competing products. The product involves easy-to-follow steps that even beginners can use to launch a successful affiliate campaign. Covert Commissions involves some DFY resources including squeeze page/landing page/opt-in page, confirmation page, Thank you page, download page, and follow-up sequence. Covert Commissions is a product of Cindy Donovan. The product was first launched in 2015 by IM Wealth Builders, which Cindy was a part of it. But soon she left the company to form her own called Wildfire Concepts. She then bought Covert Commissions form IM Wealth Builders in 2017 and re-launched it in 2018 with additional services that made the product more appealing. Cindy Donovan is a seasoned digital product creator, having launched more than 10 products on JVZoo. Continue reading...

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The Importance of Building a List

The biggest and most beneficial thing that a squeeze page can do is to build an e-mail list. Once you have an e-mail list and thus, a list of subscribers, you can start sending targeted offers and products, which potentially ends up converting into huge profits for you. There's also a vast plethora of other things you could do with an email list as an online marketer the choice is really up to you in the end. But just get something straight. Squeeze pages are hands down the BEST way to get an e-mail list, and if you have a targeted e-mail list then, well, then you're golden. Simply golden.

A mailing list brings in on average 1 per subscriber per month

So, if you do not do anything else, you should at least start to build a mailing list. And it is very easy to get subscribers for your list. One of the many ways is for example to join the most active forum in your nice and participate in the discussions. Very often you can add a link to your sign-up form to your signature. You will get a couple subscribers every day, provided you are active and add value to the discussion.

Email Marketing Permitted

Simply click on the commission percentage link located next to the product's title, up pops a little window into which you enter your Clickbank ID and your link is automatically generated. Their links are super short and therefore easy to promote within email campaigns.

Exploding Your Profits through Email Marketing

Email marketing is pretty similar, but with one important difference online, you can only send marketing emails to people who have already requested to receive them. And, because those people have already chosen to receive your emails, you can be a lot more confident that they will read your offers and buy from you. 6.1 Collecting Opt-In Email Addresses Just keep in mind, it is never acceptable to send commercial email to people who haven't requested to receive email from you. Bust that rule, and there's a good chance you'll be out of business. That gives you the challenge of building up a list of willing subscribers. When you're first starting out, there's often a temptation to simply purchase an opt-in email list. Lots of people sell them and you can easily pick up a million or so addresses for just a few bucks. But while that may appear to be a fast, easy way to build up customers, the names on the list may not be up to date and they are not even opt-in contacts at all. To say it...

Email Marketing Tactics

There are two ways you can do that you can send them a newsletter every couple of weeks or so or you can send them a sales letter. Newsletters are very important for building trust with your subscribers and warming them up to your sales offers. In the next chapter, I'll discuss newsletters in detail.

EMMA guidance on email marketing

In March 2002, the chair of the E-mail Marketing Association (EMMA) attacked the practice of non-members using 'permission-based' to refer not to opt-in lists, but to 'opt-out' lists where individual members on a list had failed to opt-out of such use being made of their personal details. However, at the time of writing, the UK's Direct Marketing Association (DMA) allows its members to collect and use e-mail addresses for marketing purposes on an 'opt-out' basis. This is consistent with the law provided the data is not sensitive personal data.

Enhancing Email Response

The process of email marketing may not always bear the kind of results that you expect. In fact, even after doing all the basics right the response rates may fall way short of expectations. The good news is that email responses can be enhanced with a little bit of analysis and research. We've discussed the importance of gathering statistical data during email campaigns. With this information now available and a few creative segmentation strategies, email response can be improved a great deal. Your emails may reach three sets of readers Considerable time and effort may be required to improve the email responses you get. That said, the fruits such a process can bear over a period of time can be well worth it.

Advantages of Using an Autoresponder

An autoresponder allows you to capture the email addresses of your website visitors so that you can build your own opt-in targeted mailing list and follow up with your subscribers automatically. This is the tool most commonly used for sending an email newsletter. The autoresponder will automatically extract the prospect's name and use this information in your follow-up messages. With an autoresponder, you can send personalized follow-up messages addressing each subscriber directly by their own name. If you personalize an email message with a subscriber's name, this prospect is much more likely to buy from you. You can sell your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the help of an autoresponder. An autoresponder is also a handy tool that automatically follows up with a series of email messages at preset time intervals and works for you 24 hours a day. You will be able to develop your follow-up messages and set reliable time intervals. For example, you could write a series of 7...

Email Marketing Insight

Opt-in required. This is the situation if an e-mail list is purchased from a third-party list owner. It seems likely that only opt-in lists can be used legally, i.e. all individuals on the list must have opted in to receive marketing communications. If the form and source of opt-in are not known then there can be no reassurance that you are not spamming and damage to your brand will result. You should ask that it is written into the contract that the list is warranted for use in direct marketing under current data protection legislation. This will be useful if you later receive a complaint from a recipient. You are unlikely to be prosecuted under the Data Protection Act or Telecommunications Act if you have shown due diligence in checking that your supplier is using an opt-in list.

Choosing and Setting up Autoresponders

It can be simple to set up and use an autoresponder, but choosing which one from the dozens of autoresponders that are available can be difficult. Most web hosts offer a simple autoresponder that gives one email message in response to an email to a specific email address. The problem with this type of responder is that one message is often There are two main types of autoresponders. They each have their pros and cons.

Autoresponder Services

Autoresponder services are web based services that allow you to send a series of emails to a visitor who has either requested the email through a web-based form on you site (the service provides the html code for your site to use) or who has sent an email to a specific address the service has provided you to use. The primary advantage of such services is that they are very easy to set up, and are very reliable. In addition, they are host independent. This means that your web host doesn't have to allow you to run any particular services on your site to have access to all the features that an email autoresponder can provide.

Getting Subscribers for Your Newsletter

There are many different ways of getting subscribers to your newsletter. Obviously, the first place you should start is on your website, as doing this can get you an immediate flow of subscribers. You should advertise your newsletter and place a sign-up box on every page of your site. Always use the sign-up box instead of a simple email link when you can because the results will be much better. The top of the page is the best place for your sign-up box as it gets more exposure, but if you don't have room at the top, use the bottom. Always include a privacy statement telling people exactly how you are going to use their email address and how you will keep it private. With all the talk about spam nowadays, this will reassure them, which in turn will increase the number of new subscribers you acquire.

Your Blog RSS Feed and Email Mailing List

Since most blog software, such as WordPress, automatically generates RSS feeds for the latest blog entries, many bloggers aren't placing much emphasis on their feed beyond offering the obligatory link for interested subscribers. Although hot new platforms like Twitter have seemingly cooled the popularity of this XML-based standard, RSS is still a very powerful mechanism for distributing information. To really leverage RSS for your own marketing needs, I highly recommend signing up for Google's free FeedBurner service. At first glance, FeedBurner may only appear to be a glorified analytics service, tracking who's subscribing to your RSS feed and which browsers or client apps are being used to read it. Although RSS statistics monitoring is very useful, FeedBurner is really so much more than that. One of the included features is FeedFlare, which inserts social media links within your feed so that with a single click, RSS subscribers can actually share individual posts on Digg, Delicious,...

Say Hello To Your New Little Friend Aweber

Meet Aweber, an auto responder email service provider that is going to make your life a HECK of a lot easier. It will allow you to manage It would also would help you unsubscribe anyone who no longer wishes to receive e-mails from you, which is important since it would help you stay on the up and up where the law is concerned. And as we all know, that is DEFINITELY a good thing (especially regarding concerns about spamming with e-mail). If you haven't already selected an email marketing service, make sure you check out Aweber.

Not building a mailing list or allowing it to languish is allowing money to slip out of your hands

Now imagine, if you had a free newsletter or course to offer them in exchange for their opt-in name and email address. At a sign-up rate of 10 you'd be getting 500 new opt-in subscribers per week, or 6,000 per year With each sale you capture the buyer's email address and add them to your opt-in list or newsletter.

Many Internet marketers invite visitors to join their mailing lists by offering a free newsletter

Use your newsletter to notify your subscribers about special promotions and sales held by your merchant partners. I personally have my mailing lists set up to deliver a set number of messages after someone subscribes to my list(s). The 'pre-programmed messages' are a series of autoresponder messages that get sent to subscribers at specific intervals. For example, my 'Singles eScene' opt-in list delivers a series of pre-programmed messages related to Internet dating. The first is delivered immediately after sign-up, and then another message in the series gets sent to the subscriber every ten days for the following fifty days. Well, I can also 'broadcast' messages to my list of subscribers at times and intervals of my choosing. So, if comes up with a great offer that my subscribers should hear about, I just blast a message to them at any time. With 70,000 subscribers on that list, the effect is fairly immediate and always positive. Yes, you must build an opt-in subscriber list...

Making Todays Email Marketing Easier

An opt-in list can provide insurance against the whims of search engine traffic, as well as the ups and downs of competing against other sites in our chosen niches. For affiliates who have been through Affiliate Classroom's training program, opt-in lists and email marketing campaigns are essential building blocks of their businesses. As you'll learn in this issue, an opt-in list can provide insurance against the whims of search engine traffic, as well as the ups and downs of competing against other sites in our chosen niches. But for many affiliates, email marketing today can seem to be more trouble than it's worth. Hence the heavy emphasis in this issue on making sure that your emails - newsletters, ezines, or announcements -get delivered reliably. First, in our Letters section we answer many of the questions you've sent us about email marketing lingo, including terms like open rate and whitelisting. Next, our Cover Story focuses on demystifying the many factors that influence...

Autoresponder Programs or Scripts

The other choice for an autoresponder is to purchase (or lease) a program or a script (usually written in perl, requiring CGI access on your server.) Several of these are available. These types of autoresponders allow, potentially at least, for increased flexibility. Some are quite powerful in their own right, while perl scripts can generally be modified to suit your needs for a fee. A good example of a script-based autoresponder that you can install on your site and never pay monthly fees to use is Autoresponse Plus at Autoresponse Plus offers the advantages of a system you can own along with all of the flexibility. It is available at a very reasonable price and most of the complexity often associated with such programs can be almost completely eliminated because professional installation is available for a small fee. If you don't want to deal with the headaches of setting up your own profit-pulling autoresponder campaign, I've developed a service that sets up an...

If your website is related to the content of this ebook you can give away this PDF file Dotcomology The Science of

Similar mediums to email discussion lists are newsgroups and online discussion forums. Remember that you cannot advertise your newsletter directly in any of these mediums, but listing your website in your signature is perfectly OK (in most cases). The amount of subscribers you get through your forum signature file will depend on the quality of your post. If you post interesting and useful information, people will think that your newsletter website will also be helpful. Apart from these, ad swaps are a very effective way to gain subscribers. You should find other publishers with newsletters similar to yours and trade ads with them. You run their ad and they will run yours. This helps both parties. You should swap ads with publishers who have a comparable list size to your own. Another method of swapping would be to have the other webmaster recommend your newsletter in the confirmation email he or she sends to people who have just subscribed, and you in turn could do the same for them.

Mobile Email Tracking

As with any email campaign, you should be tracking the number of emails sent, received, opened, and bounced, as well as the response rate to those emails. Because email cannot be directed to a mobile device in one instance and a traditional computer in the other, the email might be received on a traditional computer, a mobile device, or both places. This can make measurement a bit complicated the following companies should be able to help with mobile email optimization and tracking. mobileStorm As with other email platforms, mobileStorm enables you to create and segment subscription lists and monitor the success of your campaign. In addition, mobileStorm specializes in mobile marketing, so it offers a variety of other products and services that companies can use to set up mobile-friendly email campaigns, track their success, and personalize responses. These campaigns can work independently or in tandem with SMS campaigns, and the two can be combined to grow your subscribers' lists.

Building an Email List

In part one of this eBook I introduced list building to promote Forex products. But you can and should build an email list for every niche that you want to target. If you have a large enough list, you can create money on demand. There is only one company that I can recommend for hosting your email list Aweber. On forums you often hear people yapping about other services that supposedly do the same thing for less money. Only problem the emails from any other autoresponder service do not reach their recipients. If you do not believe me, just subscribe to the mailing lists of the major players in the internet marketing arena and you will see that 99 use Aweber. There is a reason for it. On forums you see a lot of wanna-be's that pose as experts, but that have only discovered the internet a few weeks ago and are surfing from a free computer in their local library. The services from Aweber are actually not expensive. For 19 you get everything for up to 500 subscribers. Once you have 500...

Personalization in Email Marketing

Perceive themselves as part of a group. These are only some of the psychological factors that come into play when using individual message personalization as a part of your email marketing campaigns. When done correctly, personalization can be a powerful way to reinforce the bond between your company and your customer. However, poorly personalized messages can just as quickly sever that connection that you have worked so hard to establish.

Mailing Lists

The single most important factor in selling by mail is the mailing list. According to a Dun & Bradstreet online report, other factors being equal, the list contributes 60 percent to the success of your mailing. Offer is given 20 percent copy, 15 percent and format (design, envelope, art treatment, etc.), 5 percent. The art and science of selecting lists lie in our ability to match the recipient with the offer to mail only to those most likely to buy. No matter what we are selling no matter how appealing the offer if the recipient is not in the market for our products, nothing else matters. We're not going to sell dog food to cat fanciers we're not going to sell chain saws to apartment-dwelling couch potatoes. From the marketers' standpoint, a mailing as well as any other promotion becomes junk when it is targeted at the wrong audience or when the quality of the mailing gives the wrong image of the sender. Note that the wrong image may be too rich as well as too poor There is no better...

Double Optin

Marketing by email can attract new customers, keep existing ones, up-sell, cross-sell, and cut costs. E-merchant, for example, found email campaigns drove twice as many best prospects to their site compared to banner ads or other Internet marketing activities. If executed improperly though, email campaigns can backfire with disastrous business consequences. How to minimize the risk and maximize the return Part of the answer is a common sense approach called permission or opt-in marketing, in which customers or prospects volunteer to receive email. Continuing on the lines of opt-in marketing, one of the most successful methods is the double opt-in technique. In double opt-in a user elects to receive email newsletters or standalone commercial messages. A confirmation email is sent to that user, who is now required to take one more action to be included on the list. The person must click the link within the confirmation email to affirm their intent to join your mailing list....


Autoresponders If you're wondering how on earth you could manage sending an email to 30,000 or more people, then the answer lies in a service known as an auto-responder. It manages your list of people and allows you to create emails that can be sent to your subscribers once they sign up. The two leading autoresponders in the industry are Aweber and GetResponse To be honest, I've only used Aweber so I can only give my biased opinion but I understand that GetResponse offers the same service with a slightly different interface. They are not free, around 30 per month but as you saw from my earlier example, this is nothing compared to the money they generate. How to Write Your Follow Up Emails


Some may equate autoresponders with those nearly useless instant-reply messages you receive whenever you send an e-mail to a company (i.e., Thank you for your question. Someone will reply to you within 2 business days ). Actually, they can often be effective in that they can be used as an extra arm to maintain contact with the customer. Anytime you are asked to send information, an autoresponder can do that for you. Web Ad.vantage lists these benefits of autoresponders

Market Through Email

Send out an email campaign to potential app buyers. The best list is your own list if you have developed one for other products or apps. You can also purchase lists from list brokers such as, which allow you to filter to specific categories, including contacts by industry, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), size, job titles, spending, location, and more. You can also purchase millions of consumer email contacts by location, age, income levels, hobbies and interests, ethnicity, religion, household occupant info, and so on. As we have said before, use caution buying email lists because this marketing approach can eat into your profits, especially on a low-priced app. Many other agencies (chamber of commerce, business communities located around airparks and in most towns, and so on) have databases of subscriber email addresses and will usually let you have access to their lists if you join their groups. Sometimes there are costs to join, so make sure you spend your...

Permission marketing

Permission marketing is a significant concept that underpins online CRM throughout management of the customer lifecycle. 'Permission marketing' is a term coined by Seth Godin. It is best characterised with just three (or four) words Permission marketing is Godin (1999) notes that while research used to show we were bombarded by 500 marketing messages a day, with the advent of the web and digital TV this has now increased to over 3000 a day From the marketing organisation's viewpoint, this leads to a dilution in the effectiveness of the messages - how can the communications of any one company stand out From the customer's viewpoint, time is seemingly in ever-shorter supply, customers are losing patience and expect reward for their attention, time and information. Godin refers to the traditional approach as 'interruption marketing'. Permission marketing is about seeking the customer's permission before engaging them in a relationship and providing something in exchange. The classic...

Permission challenges

SPAM, unsolicited commercial e-mail, is the main barrier to the acceptance of e-mail marketing, and is well-known and reviled. Likewise, the need for a permission-based approach is well-recognised. Rather than taking up too much space repeating these well-known problems, we will concentrate on giving detailed guidance on how to achieve permission marketing. What exactly does this mean when you are designing an online form for collecting customer needs What are the options which are legal, which are ethical and which will result in the highest response rates

How To Build An HTML Ezine People Actually READ

HTML email is more likely to be caught in spam filters than plain text. Spammers, phishers, and other online scum use HTML extensively in many nefarious ways. 2. Most people who can read HTML email like it better than plain text. Some people even say plain text is too hard to read. 2 - Most people who can read HTML email like it better than plain text. Some people even say plain text is too hard to read. For me the disadvantages of HTML email outweighed the advantages, and I stayed with plain text for years. About six months ago, I finally moved my three newsletters to HTML kicking and screaming. Mostly I moved because readers were starting to request it and because I switched to a service that made it much easier to send HTML.

Obtaining email addresses of prospects

Here, as for conventional postal direct marketing, the company will contact a list broker or list owner and purchase e-mail addresses of individuals who have agreed to receive marketing e-mails. They will rent a list of e-mail addresses which will be used to run the campaign. Potential customers may have agreed to receive e-mails if they are subscribers to a magazine, or have entered an online competition on a web site such as E-mail Inform (, which is owned by Claritas interactive and has been

Professional Training Best Practices Bigger Checks

Why Even SEO Experts Need Email Marketing You should never put all your marketing eggs in one basket, but diversify so your traffic comes from many difference channels, including PPC, article marketing, content marketing, and yes, email marketing. Q Brad, I just made a bet with my best friend and only you can settle it. My friend claims that email marketing is dead and that SEO experts rely almost entirely on traffic from organic search listings. But I have a different opinion - that SEO experts have a big ADVANTAGE in knowing how to get lots of free traffic from search engines, but that they also use other ways to get traffic, including opt-in marketing. You probably can't settle this issue for ALL SEO experts, but could you tell us whether YOU use other marketing methods besides SEO You should never put all your marketing eggs in one basket, but diversify so your traffic comes from many difference channels, including PPC, article marketing, content marketing, and yes, email...

But what about

The success of early adopters of e-mail marketing has encouraged many other companies. Targeted campaigns to opt-in lists can achieve double-figure responses, at a lower cost than traditional direct marketing. Research shows that US e-mail advertising revenue is projected to reach 1.26 billion in 2002, up from 948 million in 2001 (Gartner G2, 2002). By 2005, e-mail advertising revenue is forecast to total 1.5 billion. Of course, this is a long way short of the direct mail market, even though the report is entitled 'E-mail savings threaten a 196.8 billion direct mail market'. The report states that direct mail has reached its peak and will account for less than 50 of mail received by US households by 2005, down from 65 in 2001. Denise Garcia, research director at Gartner

Marketing Campaign

An email opt-in list is one of the most powerful Internet marketing tools. Not only are you in direct contact with your target market, but you're building a long-term relationship of trust with your subscribers. It's not unheard of for Internet marketers to sign up for programs just because they know that they'll make hundreds of sales to the program's current lists. The first thing you need to do is to plan your list building strategy. Your plan needs to be long term and focus not just on acquiring names and email addresses, but on how and what you are going to email the list members. You need to keep members interested and get them to trust you and this all takes time and planning. The key to a successful list is relevance and responsiveness. It's fine having a list of 10,000 addresses but if the subscribers aren't interested in what you're promoting it's worthless. Let's look first at techniques you can use to build your mailing list. Choosing An Autoresponder The first and most...


Notice the importance of incentives at each stage. Which incentives have you or your partner offered during your relationship In the context of e-mail marketing, the incentive is used initially to gain a prospect or customer's e-mail address and profile them. E-mail is then vital in permission marketing to maintain the dialogue between company and customer, and to offer further incentives and learning about the customer through stages 1-5.

Optin and optout

Opt-out has an additional meaning as described above it refers to the start of a relationship, it means opting out of an e-mail marketing dialogue before it has started. However it can also refer to the end of a relationship here opting out refers to the customer deciding to end an ongoing e-mail marketing dialogue. If, for example, you have been receiving a monthly e-mail newsletter or promotional emails for a few months, but find that they are not delivering value to you, you can tell the company that you no longer wish to receive further e-mails. The opt-out process is usually referred to as unsubscribing. It can be achieved by replying to an e-mail with the word 'unsubscribe' in the subject line of the e-mail or clicking through to an opt-out page. No further e-mails should then be received. I say 'should', since many companies are not effective in making this process work. Opt-out is also part of the overall permission marketing concept you are withdrawing your permission. See...

Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition involves techniques used to form relationships with new customers leading to a sale. It involves using marketing communications to convert potential customers into actual customers. Figure 2.5 shows the well-known funnel model applied to web marketing. This model, which applies particularly well to B2B permission marketing, shows how e-marketing is used to gain new customers. The web site is at the heart of this model as a lead-generation tool. Lead generation happens as prospects become registered site visitors in response to offers on site, such as a free newsletter or web seminars in return for providing their contact details and profile information. For this lead-generation tool to work to maximum effect, it first needs as many targeted visitors as possible. This is where a range of e-marketing techniques is used to drive suspects to the site. Once on site, the site design and offers should be constructed to maximise capture of customer details. A combination...

Whats Your Companys Marketing Success

How do you do it Like the consultants in Chapter One, you cannot just send brochures to a purchased mailing list, then sit back and wait for clients to call. To be a successful consultant, you must market your services getting the word out to the right people. Granted, you may market to whomever and to whatever extent you would like. But you cannot successfully market to the world. You must get the word out, but you need to narrow your scope.

Actual Value Analysis DryCleaning Example

You can collect information on your competitors' performance by trying their services yourself or by having a friend, family member, or employee do so. Many banks ask some of their employees to open accounts with competing banks. As faculty director of several executive education programs for a university, I made sure that I was on the mailing lists of my competitors other universities providing programs similar to the ones I was managing.

Creating Valuable Content

Facebook is a highly competitive and fast-moving channel. Each piece of content you post needs to be quickly digestible and easily recognizable in a busy newsfeed. Above all else, it needs to fit the unofficial model of a Facebook post. Do not copy and paste from your website or email campaign. Each post should be specific to your Facebook Page. Keep it short and to the point. Add media to spice things up, and make it clear what action you want users to take.

High octane 2 Concentrate on the best customers

Let's say you are planning a direct mail campaign, and you're using the names of your captured customers for a mailing list. In the 'Old World' you might send a sales letter with discount coupon to every name on the list. Many of those names will be those of customers who are, frankly, more trouble than they are worth. But because you are blind about who's good and who's bad, you have to send to everybody and hope for the best.

The Changing Face of Telecom

As many households eliminate land lines and switch to mobile phones and VoIP, traditional phone service suppliers are struggling to maintain their sources of revenue. Similarly, as many homes and businesses turn from copper-wire broadband Internet access to wireless broadband, traditional ISPs become more concerned that they will not be able to recoup their investment. Cable TV companies are threatened because people are accessing TV and movies on the computers and mobile phones. Even mobile networks are threatened by pressure from other carriers to decrease the cost of mobile data communication and, further, by subscribers who rely more heavily on data than voice communication. Some mobile subscribers even use their unlimited data plans with VoIP technology to totally circumvent the need for carrier-provided voice communication. The good news for mobile marketers is that many of the key players are looking to advertising and marketing as their saving grace. Each of the different...

Affiliating vs Reselling

As resellers handle product fulfillment themselves, they collect names and email addresses from those who buy their products, in addition to those who sign up for their opt-in lists on their sites. This benefits the reseller in that they can do follow-up or 'back-end' sales to existing customers.

Overview of the Business Building Process

Promote Site - Get the word out and draw huge numbers of surfers to your site. Have them sign up for your newsletter and build a huge opt-in list. Watch your visitors buy copious amounts of your affiliate products and services. Deposit numerous checks in large amounts into your checking account. Contact newsletter subscribers with new offers and deposit more checks into your bank account.

Lets talk about your specific tactics First of all going into the marketing forums What kinds of things are you posting

One of them was like about, for example, I went in and asked about autoresponders for emails and I put them on the forums just generally asking what do people think about autoresponders, what are the best ones out there, what are the good and bad points. You know, those kinds of things. If you go in there with an honest attitude and ask very straightforward questions, then those are fine.

Why Bad Things Happen

Maybe your autoresponder server crashes. and you lose your list. Or you're blacklisted because some hysterical spam-a-phobic forgets they signed up for your ezine five different times, with five different email addresses. Or your PC crashes. and you don't have backups of your affiliate IDs, address book, or keyword lists. Or for some weird reason, your favorite search engine strips you off the first page of results and banishes you to nowhere-land. Third, does your significant other, spouse, partner, or best friend know where to find your affiliate IDs and online contacts if you're injured or sick Do they know what to do with those commission checks Can they at least send a broadcast email to your subscribers, to explain that you're out of commission temporarily Too Much Debt Maxing your cards out on PPC, outsourcing, or the latest 999 marketing course Stop. If you must get into debt, use it for first-rate hosting, a top quality autoresponder service, search engine friendly design,...

Have you started experimenting with optin lists

Well, let me step back a minute. I have done it for that astral realm site thing I have on the side. Actually I have an opt-in list on that, but generally no, and as matter of fact, I'm glad you asked that questions, because that was one of the things that. that was one of my goals here this spring was to get the opt-in list going, because I know how important that is. And it's funny because on one of the forums, I put out a question to the forum asking what were their biggest mistakes and one of the responses was that. an internet marketer said that he made over a million dollars on a product but he didn't have an opt-in list. He said had he had an opt-in list, he probably easily would have doubled his money. So I was just kind of surprised by that response. It just shows how important it really is to have.

Importance of Backend Selling

How do you make backend sales There are several ways. When you order a product from a mail-order company, they'll send you a catalog along with your order, or put you on a mailing list and send you new catalogs from time to time. They might also send you a sales letter for another product. This may be related to the first product in some way. Many companies implement such a strategy.

Could you give us a brief background of yourself and your websites

The first website which I started, it was a free portal, which has free email for people. I had an interest toward just having a website where I can have some opt-in through email. So, I had quite a few people maybe a 100 to 150. 200 about 1998. Some of them were just really repeated, you know But fortunately I learned that when you have an opt-in mailing list, it's an advantage. Without an opt-in mailing list. if I have a website that, I don't have a good sales letter, I can advertise that site through the search engines or whatever, but I lose the people by few seconds when they are with my website, they usually go away. I went to purchasing an autoresponder, and from there I started to do a lot of advertising of affiliate programs and all that. And you see if it's useful, and you just mention that after, what you feel about that program. And you leave them themselves, they'll especially when you have an opt-in list, usually people, they have already trusted you, they usually buy...

Is giving me a lot of free products free reports and I am learning They will make risky sort of investment on that

So, people have to wait and see the situation, not just jump in and sell it the same as that. Sometimes you can have your product fairly expensive though. Can, that's what I said. Can, depending on the type of product and what you are in the market. How trustful are you with them and usually comes in, well like in your opt-in mailing list.

How and When to Pursue Legal Action

This fact pattern involves one of my early applications called Private-I. Private-I is an application is intended to help iPhone users recover their lost or stolen iPhone. The application features an intentionally intriguing icon with the word Private displayed in red letters. The icon is intended to lure someone that finds or steals the user's iPhone into opening the app to find out what the user considers private. When the app is opened, it displays a loading screen that appears to be loading some private information, when in reality it is secretly sending the iPhone's owner an email message with a map to the phone's location. I had modest hopes for the application, since it was inherently limited

Note Pad is a nice simple text editor and is probably installed on your computer if you are running Windows

Text editors eliminate many of the 'formatting characters' that are embedded by more sophisticated word-processing programs. These 'formatting characters' can sometimes cause havoc with the appearance of email messages, so using a simple text editor eliminates the worry about sending messages that look like a bunch of gobbledy-gook.

What specific products do you promote right now

OK, you mentioned that you are giving free stuff to your list, what exactly do you give them to get them just to sign up for your opt-in list I tell them OK, for example, you have an e-book now, or you have the e-covers worth actually so-and-so amount, but I am giving you for so-and-so amount, you can just get them. Same thing that you have there, and after that I can sell them something else also, and then they can go to the mailing list to manage or whatever.

Squeeze Layouts All Others

But don't worry about that now as it's really just your job to begin making the best squeeze pages you can possibly muster, because like we talked about earlier, you're going to get cracking on this email subscriber list right from the get-go. It's bad enough growing old and grey. You don't want to be growing old and grey and also without an e-mail or subscriber list. That's no way to age.

Well Internet marketing is my favorite one actually I do a lot of

Also I have another good thing that I found out. If you have an opt-in, I think I should have talked about ClickBank more than opt-in, but actually they go related because without an opt-in email, you are going to pay more than that you are selling in your ClickBank. So, what's having an email They say, having your own opt-in or mailing list is like having gold. And they say the money is in your list, usually they say, every program I go in, they say, the money is in your list, and they give us why is the reason you have to have people with you. How big is your opt-in list right now So, when you first started out trying to make money on the Internet, and you were starting to build your opt-in list, how long did it take you to get to the point where you were making thousands of dollars a month, thousands of dollars a week

Revising your road map

Web site generates significant subscribers to your zine and several leads, continue that program. Constantly measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. If you run a workshop, measure how many prospects subsequently contact you and the quality of those contacts. When you send direct mail, note how many responses you actually receive. Also measure the number of subscribers to your zine, hits on your Web site, and telephone inquiries.

Most networks consolidate your earnings from affiliated merchants into a single monthly paycheck Access your statistics

Each affiliate network is set-up and operates differently. So in the section you'll find information about the network URL, signup restrictions, program types, minimum payouts and payment processes, tracking, the availability of multi-tier programs and whether email marketing is permitted at the 'Net's top affiliate networks.

Combined On and Off Deck Solutions

The difficulty of working with carriers and advertising on carrier decks has driven many mobile advertisers off-deck, and unless the carriers' business models change, this trend is likely to continue. Just as the lines between on- and off-deck Web access have become blurred, so have the lines between off- and on-deck mobile advertising. In many cases now, mobile ad-serving networks provide access to audiences that are both on- and off-deck. This is especially true of the search engine ad networks, such as Google, Yahoo , and JumpTap. The trend has also been pushed by ad networks that sell advertising within free downloadable applications when viewing the ad, the subscriber is neither on-deck or off-deck. The lines between on- and off-deck Web access are further blurring, as many carriers have opened up their carrier decks, sometimes referred to as a walled garden WAP decks to the rest of the Internet. Some carriers are working with top search engines to provide both on- and off-deck...

Things to Know about Using Lists

When using more than one list, the possibility of duplicate mailings becomes increasingly likely. Through a computerized system called merge purge, most of this duplication can be eliminated. But before deciding to use this program, discuss the process and costs with both a mailing list expert and a mailing service. Cost alone lists, printing, mail handling, postage may not be the key factor Recipients may Some Legal Limitations on the Use of Mailing Lists

Yeah its almost like people think just buying the product they can almost download the information into their mind like

Your website have got genuine information for people who are trying, who are new. I think they should go if I have to advise anyone, I'll advise them to come to your website first thing first, to learn something what's going on there in it, and what problems people are facing, before they start wasting their money that's the thing, they can just go through to our website, will get some free information there. I'll give our mailing list, and you can direct them to us here. Your website is very beautiful.

Advertising via Email

European Commission, in its directive concerning personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronics communications sector state recommendations on how member states should act against spam. Article 13 states that The use of or electronic mail for the purposes of direct marketing may only be allowed in respect of subscribers who have given their prior consent. Among other rules, the user has to be always given the right to opt-out of the list and not receive any other unsolicited e-mail from a particular company. Moreover, it is up to national legislation, if opt-in principle is applied. In such case, a prior consent of the recipient is always required prior sending any unsolicited e-mail. (EU Directive, 2002)

Mobile Coupon Delivery

Initially, SMS was used as a way for carriers to communicate with their subscribers. Later, SMS began to take off as a means of person-to-person communication. It offered a significant cost savings over traditional voice calling and allowed recipients to view and respond to the text message at their discretion. In North America, the first cross-carrier SMS marketing campaign was run by Labatt Brewing Company in 2002. Now, in 2009, it is estimated that more than 74 of mobile subscribers are active users of SMS, and more than 90 of the mobile marketing revenue comes from SMS messaging. the phone numbers of their subscribers to third-party advertisers. Many mobile carriers in the United States and Europe now police their own networks, to prevent SMS and MMS SPAM from reaching their subscribers. In December 2005, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) outlined Consumer Best Practices Guidelines, which included instructions for SMS marketers. This document is updated twice a year, and is...

Case Study I New Scientist magazine Live forever with the New Scientist

Background The magazine was being re-launched and the publishers wanted to do something that would get people talking about science and the New Scientist again. Outside of its core of loyal readers and subscribers, many people didn't fully appreciate the magazine and what it did. The re-launch was also hardly the stuff of which headlines are made a change of typeface, some new editorial sections and thought-provoking columns contributed by professors.

Stimulate dialogue with readers

It's essential to get feedback on every aspect of your zine, including content, quality, format, and frequency of publication. You should regularly ask subscribers for their opinions on these elements. But asking for feedback is not enough. The most effective way to stimulate dialogue with zine subscribers is through your point of view. Take a stand and state your opinions as strongly as you can without compromising your honesty. Defy conventional wisdom. Be provocative, controversial, and evocative. Take on current issues in your industry and let readers know exactly how you feel. You might alienate some subscribers, but others will line up to shake your cyberhand. Expressing what you believe will spark excitement, generate questions and comments, and give your readers something to think about.

Hit your target markets

Even if you publish the world's most engaging, valuable, professional-quality zine, it won't do your practice any good if no one knows it's available. Promotion is essential to reach potential readers and to build a base of subscribers. That effort starts, naturally, on your Web site. Especially in the start-up phase, it's worth the investment to list your zine with zine directories, major Web search engines like Google, and on other Web sites, such as You will have to pay small fees for some of these listings, but your investment will pay dividends in the form of new subscribers. You can also pay for subscribers by making arrangements with companies that promote zines and send e-mail subscribers to you. Often, though, these subscribers are untargeted and not likely to become clients, so tread lightly with this option.

General population omnibus surveys

Facts International Led, Facts Centre, 3 Henwood, Ashford, Kent TN24 8FL (Tel 01233 637000, Fax 01233 626950). TeleFACTS is a telephone omnibus covering the whole of the UK, using next-number digit dialling to ensure a complete representative sample of all telephone subscribers householders. Information is collected by a computerized telephone interviewing package. Questions by Thursday, results on the following Monday. Sample size of 500 or 1000 adults.

A brief history of viral marketing

Aside from Hotmail - who simply added a short line of promotional text to the bottom of every email message sent via their service, clocking up 12 million sign-ups within 18 months from a marketing spend of US 500 000 - other high-profile early adopters of viral marketing included Budweiser and John West Salmon. The latter two campaigns consisted of allowing digital video files of cool and funny TV ads to 'escape' onto the Web before they became available via other media. This seemingly unintentional approach made the material exclusive and therefore more desirable to online users, giving them a kind of cachet among their contacts. It caused them to talk about it and pass it on in droves. As a result, the catchphrase 'Whassup' became widely known in the UK even before the planned TV campaign was aired there, while the John West Salmon 'Bear' ad has become a classic of its kind.

Ezines and Newsletters

Advertising in an ezine, or electronic newsletter, is one of the most recommended forms of Internet advertising. These forums are highly targeted, are relatively inexpensive, and typically have a higher return on investment than other ads. Because subscribers join or opt in to these newsletters, this is not considered a form of spam, or unwanted communications. Michael Southon, publisher of the Free Directory of Ezines, offers the following 10 tips for successful ezine advertising

Do I Get Credit for Recurring Sales

However, there ARE affiliate programs that pay commissions on all recurring charges, such as monthly newsletter subscriptions and web hosting packages. As long as your customer keeps ordering the product, you get residual commissions that keep coming in month after month, after you made the initial sale.

Few Avoidable Errors

Many websites do not have an opt-in list. Create an opt-in and opt-out list for your visitors. Without these, there is no way of following-up with potential customers. Visitors should be allowed to opt-in at any time as well as opt-out at any time. Banners or text links that expire are guaranteed to eventually send your visitor to a broken link or show a broken graphic on your page. Time-sensitive advertising is best used only in email campaigns.

The Who What When Where Why of Squeeze Pages

WHO An increasingly large amount of people, even though a squeeze page could help everyone develop a potentially strong base of an e-mail subscriber list that you can in turn monetize in many different ways several years down the road. WHAT Squeeze pages are used created to squeeze information out of a web visitor. The most popular kind of squeeze pages are the ones that are used to collect e-mail addresses. These e-mails are then eventually used to send periodic e-mails telling the subscribers about a product or service and thus, monetizing from those subscribers who purchase the aforementioned product or service. WHY We talked a lot about this earlier, so we won't go into too much detail again here. The ways to monetize an email list are limitless and are constrained by just your imagination.

Are Sales Tools Offered

Easier than creating a page for your site with banners and text is sending a promotional email to your list of subscribers. Easier still is not having to write it yourself Really smart merchants write their own advertorials and format them both in HTML and in plain text for distribution via email. Really smart affiliates customize these emails and give it their own 'voice'. They recognize that hundreds of other affiliates will be using this material in their own campaigns, and that it makes their efforts look somewhat cheesy if they're caught trying to pass off someone else's material as their own. Shorter than advertorials, classified ads are presented in plain text to be' copied and pasted' into your newsletter. The following is a classified ad for Corey Rudl's affiliates to promote his 'Internet Marketing Tips' package. Because it sounds like a personal endorsement of his product, your subscribers will never know that Corey's team of professional copywriters actually wrote it...

Visitortosale conversion rates

We can run tests to 5 10 15 test lists, which consist of anywhere from 10,000-15,000 opt-in subscribers each. In less than 48 hours, we can generate test results and uncover new strategies that would take most small business owners with their lists of 1,000-2,000 subscribers MONTHS to figure out. How you can grow your opt-in list like crazy -- even if you get almost NO traffic * The idea that I can't build my list because I don't get enough traffic, but I can't get enough traffic because I don't have a big list is a MYTH And we'll show you why Why the autoresponders most people use are a waste of time, which ones maximize your sales and how to get them free every month. Discover the 7 BASIC RULES you must follow to avoid being accused of spamming Without these 7 rules, you are in danger of being shut down by your ISP, being blacklisted by the spam police, and worst of all, damaging your reputation with your subscribers

FREE Keyword Elite ECourse

This is a real Squeeze page that I used to promote Keyword Elite which converted a good portion of my visitors to leads subscribers. The techniques I learnt for creating a squeeze page and how to write your follow up emails can all be found in an Ebook called Inside the List. If you have read and enjoyed Beating Adwords. then this was written by the same authors. Having a good squeeze page and follow up emails is the key to making lots of money from email marketing. List Building Aweber

A proactive approach to reach efluentials

In these opt-in lists have already identified themselves as active information seekers. They are therefore more likely to be an e-fluential than the average Internet user. As an initial step in identifying and reaching out to e-fluential stakeholders among a company's larger audience, website visitors, online community members and e-newsletter subscribers who have agreed to receive communications from the company can be invited to participate in an online survey. The survey should consist of three main sections

Renting or Buying Lists

Many marketers peg acquisition-based email response rates at historically low levels, primarily due to the high volume of messages in everyone's inboxes these days. Some believe that allocating any percentage of a marketing budget to acquisition-based email is waste. However, this is not true. Although the true response rates for 0 With email, just like direct mail, how precisely the list is targeted to the marketer's offer is critical to the success of the email campaign. The marketer will need to test a variety of email lists in order to find the most responsive names for their offer. Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value are important within email lists. Thus, where applicable, focus on lists of recent online buyers or registered users. 0 More importantly, when researching email lists, focus on the origin of the list to ensure compatibility with your offer. Make sure you obtain names from branded, well-recognized sites or sources. Since an outbound email announces to the...

PVRs May Change the Future of Television Advertising

The Future Advertising

Not everyone agrees with these predictions Many argue that television is a passive medium and viewing habits will not change easily. A TiVo senior vice president notes There's tremendous inertia associated with watching TV. There's no other human behavior that's as entrenched. We've been watching TV the same way our whole lives. However, as prices of the devices come down and they become easier to use, there is a strong chance that sales will take off. Thus, many marketers view the PVR as a very serious threat to TV advertising and are searching for ways around the problem. TiVo is encouraging marketers to experiment with extended-form ads and other types of advertain-ment that can be shown to its subscribers. The company feels that viewers may choose to watch advertising if the content is as compelling as the programming.

Study of potential segments

However, the lead-user approach can also be used in consumer markets 18 . For instance, the wireless division of Verizon, the biggest U.S. operator with more than 29 million subscribers, applied this approach to select the best interactive game to include in its service offer. The firm believed that wireless games could boost wireless services the same way games did for the home PC market in the mid-1980s. Verizon found that the interactive-game users corresponded well with the early adopters of its wireless data offerings, and the company relied on the feedback of those users to make and fine-tune its selection of games, with action games coming first.

Recommendations for identifying online public opinion leaders

Generate list(s) What channels can you use to create an opt-in list of people who might fit the opinion-leader profile You can screen for opinion leaders among stakeholders who agree to receive communications from your company by registering on the company website, giving their information at a conference booth, or signing up during an industry event.

Analyzing App Ranking Statistics

Iphone Marketing Statistics

APPlyzer is a popular web-based source for free and paid app ranking statistics (see Figure 2-7). It's a subscriber-based service for tracking paid apps, but it offers the service free for tracking free apps. This site really provides an extensive amount of information for both regional App Stores and overall worldwide stats, so it's well worth the small fee to upgrade to the premium service.

Where do you get the content for that

You know, some of them, I don't do a lot of content. One of them, I have a huge newsletter that I started a long time ago that has to do with entertainment and DVDs, and it's got, I don't know how many members, like 40,000 subscribers or something, and what I did is I didn't want to develop all this content and keep worrying about having to send it out, so I set up autoresponders. And then under that I took an article that I got for free from I think, there's a lot of places you can get free reprint articles and I just set up. I took about a day and a half and I set up 25 of them, of these pages, and then I put the links into my autoresponder so that every two weeks, it says, you know, your newsletter is here, click here, takes them to the web page. It's got updated news on it. It's got an article, it's got a free software so it's got some value and then it promotes some programs.

And then through that it promotes different Click Bank products

And the only reason I haven't done any more is that I've just been too lazy to keep writing more offers. But you know, once you get that email address, it's totally amazing because you can market to them anything you want, and once you get enough subscribers, just about any time you send something out, you'll make money. I mean, I can only remember once that I sent something out and made nothing. And I was totally shocked.

Email Content Text vs HTML

This is every email marketer's dilemma. More so, due to the fact that there is no clear majority of people preferring one format over the other. Some people will always prefer text to graphics, and some email readers only support basic text. A prominent Internet marketing website recently carried out a survey asking not only which format was preferred but why one format was preferred over another. Over 600 people, mostly marketers and small business operators, responded. The most popular reason for choosing plain text over HTML was an interesting one. People were clearly expressing a desire for email layouts that focused on the message, and they often saw HTML emails as containing elements that distract from the content the content being the reason they signed up for the email in the first place.

How many products do you promote each time you send out an email

Through a lot of testing and trial and error, because I've done a lot of email marketing for the past several years. And I notice I always, always without a doubt, always do better if I have just one totally focused offer on one product. Always. And I'll include the link like twice in the email. And always.

ACORN and Related Classificalorv Systems

Databases are now available in all the large economies. ACORN has been joined by FIN (Pinpoint Identified Neighbourhoods), Mosaic and Super Profile. In the Netherlands, the Post Office and Dutch Reader's Digest have produced Omnidata based on telephone subscribers, and, in Sweden, Postaid is run by a subsidiary of the Post Office. Both these systems arc voluntary, and are sold to consumers as away of avoiding junk mail. The power of basic geodemographic databases is being increased by linking them to consumer panel databases. This allows trends to be tracked for example, over a four-year period, 28 per cent more people living in 'less well-off public housing' took package holidays.17 CCN Marketing has since extended this process to cover the EU using its EuroMOSAIC (Table 9.2).

Charity uses lifetime value modelling to assess returns from new eCRM system

A charity is considering implementing a new e-mail marketing system to increase donations from its donors. The charity's main role is as a relief agency which aims to reduce poverty through providing aid, particularly to the regions that need it most. Currently, its only e-mail activity is a monthly e-newsletter received by its 200,000 subscribers which features its current campaigns and appeals. It hopes to increase donations by using a more targeted approach to increase donations based on previous customer behaviour. The e-mail system will integrate with the donor database which contains information on customer profiles and previous donations.

Creative Segmentation

Since prospects and customers are always more likely to respond to messages that match their interest sets, it makes sense to chop the database into smaller, segmented slices based on preferences and past behaviors, making email messages as relevant as possible to each group. You may use historical data to apply what you know about the likes and dislikes of your target market segments, and develop your messages and offers to fit.

Good Program to Join

Terminated, forfeiting all outstanding referral fees. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated. However, do not get this confused with PROPER WAYS to promote our products. Please recommend the course in your autoresponders, in a personal email to your clientele base, your lead lists, people that contact you and you stay in touch with, a newsletter list, at your website, even in appropriate email discussion list, etc. This is not spamming.

Customer experience the missing element required for customer loyalty

We have in this chapter shown how delivering relevant timely communications as part of permission marketing is important to developing loyalty. However, even the most relevant communications will fail if another key factor is not taken into account - this is the customer experience. If a first-time or repeat customer experience is poor due to a slow-to-download difficult-to-use site, then it is unlikely loyalty from the online customer will develop. The relationship between the drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty is shown in Figure 6.16. In the next chapter we review techniques used to help develop this experience.

Just one Well Ive made a ton of mistakes You know one of them is just not having a system You know not having a plan

Another one is not backing up all my stuff, and another one is not starting and collecting an email address earlier, or for various different niches. That really should be your primary focus because if you have that email, you know, I was even thinking today, because I had a large email list a long time ago, that I lost because I didn't back it up.

Avoid Looking Like Spam

These days, many people's email inboxes are protected by some sort of spam filter. The purpose of the filter is to block spam email from arriving in the user's inbox. One of the methods used by spam filters is to identify certain words, known as spam triggers , found within your message. If your email contains too many spam triggers, it will automatically get deleted before reaching your subscriber's inbox.

Want to play Four good reasons why

A proven tenet of email marketing - and fast becoming one of mobile phone marketing - is the power of forward-to-a-friend. People are much more likely to open a message from somebody they know and trust, such as a friend, associate, or family member. Digital promotions of games via MMS, SMS, microsite email functions, or plain email marketing, can facilitate this type of peer-to-peer interaction and generate a level of third-party endorsement that is unheard of in traditional media.


Not to sell or rent the email addresses of any Newsletter subscriber to any third party. This site gives users the following options for removing their information from our mailing list database to not receive future communications or to no longer receive our service. You can send email to by clicking here. 6. Email Capture Newsletter SignUp - This point is critical. Because visitors will land on pages other than your homepage, place a signup form for your opt-in mailing list or newsletter on each and every page of your site.

Tracking Performance Measuring Useful Metrics

Tracking and analyzing the actions of your customers and prospects is critical to your success. After deploying several campaigns, you will have generated a mountain of response information that reveals invaluable data enabling you to create new and more effective approaches and offers. There are many software tools easily available that track, record and analyze all data pertaining to your email marketing campaign. Many sophisticated analysis tools predict future actions based on past behavior. Such tools are crucial for your campaign as response data is meaningless unless it can be analyzed and turned into valuable customer knowledge. Once you have the capability to track the vital statistics of your email marketing campaigns, the inevitable question becomes how well are my mailings doing Here are some guidelines on what information to gather and how to measure the performance of your campaign from the gathered information. There are a wide range of results that can be measured for...

Marketing Requires an Audience So Invest the Time to Find Yours

Even though developing an attractive web site always takes longer than you think it will, if you were really pressed for time, you could probably construct a decent site in only a matter of days with a little web design expertise. But what does require a much longer gestation period is the time-consuming job of growing your online audience. This audience usually consists of not only influential bloggers and journalists but also your own Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Linked In connections, blog readers, and email newsletter subscribers. To a social media newbie, this may all seem a little overwhelming, but don't worry. Later in this chapter, I'll be explaining how to take advantage of these powerful tools and relationships in extensive detail.

One of them is that its easy I dont want people to say its easy I

Another myth is that affiliate marketing is dying. You might hear this from people saying, oh, you know, that's starting to go away because email is going away . No it's not. I told you I made 30 some thousand dollars last month, it was simply thanks to email. Because we did what I call buzz marketing, which is where you push the product, we created a bunch of buzz about it, and then I sold it to my existing lists. I could never have done that kind of revenue had I not had those lists. So that's another myth that email marketing is dying.

Call to Action Closing the Deal

When you begin preparing your email copy, you have to know exactly what you want the user to do as soon as he finishes reading. You can have the most amazing headline and the greatest product described in the finest email ever written, but if the reader doesn't know what to do at the end of the email, you've wasted your time.

Merchant Copy and Sales Tools

Email Promotions - Easier than creating a page for your site with banners and text is sending a promotional email to your list of subscribers. Easier still is not having to write it yourself Really smart merchants write their own advertorials and format them both in HTML and in plain text for distribution via email. The following is a classified ad for Corey Rudl's affiliates to promote his 'Internet Marketing Tips' package. Because it sounds like a personal endorsement of his product, your subscribers will never know that Corey's team of professional copywriters actually wrote it unless of course they subscribe to a number of other Internet marketers' newsletters who recently used the same ad.

When you first started out how long did it take you to get to the point where you were bringing in enough money so you

How much easier would that process have been if you had created an opt-in list and a squeeze page instead of doing it manually like that And if they bought product x, it'll put them into autoresponder y, send out x email, blah blah blah, depending on. I mean it's genius, but you know. yeah you're right, I could have kept it even simpler, but it would have been harder for me to build that autoresponder because there was no way to place someone into it after they've purchased, because you know, I'm an affiliate, I'm not the merchant but using this script, I as an affiliate of ClickBank can place people into specific autoresponders, even after they've purchased through me as an affiliate. I'd be careful doing that because, you know, you don't want to put people in autoresponders without having them opted into it. So you can send them a follow up email especially if you're going to give them something for free, or you know, give them a little bonus, 'cuz who's going to complain. But then...

Out of all those strategies that you mentioned which ones do you personally use

Personally I'm a big, big, big fan of the opt-in list building strategy. And what I'll do is I'll take a site. I'll just tell you what I did with the most recent site, because this is exactly what I do. I take a site, build up a really nice homepage. I start adding original content, articles, and what I'll do is I'll create a separate folder. For example newsletter. That page, the newsletter page, is just going to be a really small opt-in page. It fits on one screen. You don't have to scroll either way, and it's just a headline, couple of bullet points, name, email. And what I'll do is all the traffic I paid for, Pay per Click, email marketing, you know, solo ads, banner ads, forum marketing, anything to do where I have a direct traffic, I'm going to send it to my newsletter page.

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