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This is, in short, a comprehensive guide to drop-shipping made especially for beginners. The guide was written by Fred Lam, and in it, he explains the significance of owning an e-commerce website and how you can leverage ads to drive loads of traffic, and a step-by-step guide to opening a Shopify account. In the book, the author explains how you can earn 6 to 7 figures per year and how huge the internet business industries are. The author has lots of experience online and over the years has trained many people to become successful online. Fred shows exactly what he would do if he was to start all over and how he would earn from online. The audiobook is not based on theories, nor does it contain any fluff, instead it delivers actionable steps you can use to also start from zero. Starting From Zero Audiobook is a about drop-shipping business. The author Fred Lam) talks in depth about e-commerce industry, its size, and how can succeed. I highly recommend this product because it has countless positive testimonies. The author has a proven track record for working and helping users or students create huge success online. Continue reading...

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I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

When compared to other ebooks and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

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Managing Electronic Commerce And Online Marketing

Technology is expanding direct marketing into new electronic arenas. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) describes a wide variety of electronic platforms, such as the sending of purchase orders to suppliers via electronic data interchange (EDI) the use of fax and e-mail to conduct transactions the use of ATMs, electronic point-of-sale terminals, and smart cards to facilitate payment and obtain digital cash and the use of the Internet and on-line services. All of these involve doing business in a marketspace as compared to a physical marketplace. 14 Although consumer buying over the Internet is growing rapidly driven by purchases of computers and related products, books, CDs, toys, and videos the volume of business Internet transactions is growing even faster By 2003, U.S. business-to-business e-commerce is projected to reach 2.8 trillion.15

Why should someone do business with you

Write tight, get right to the point, be keenly aware of the audience for the page, and don't use a three-syllable word when a one or two-syllable word will do. Use call-to-action language and be interesting. The page should be so clearly organized that, in seconds, visitors can understand and get convinced to buy your product and be able to anticipate where a hypertext link - or a Continue button -will take them. Studies show that ease of use is the winning factor on an ecommerce site.

Marketing Management Professional

Innovative and intuitive marketing talent with proven leadership skills and a strong blend of expertise in classical marketing and new channels (electronic commerce, Internet extranet marketing, global business integration). Effective manager and project leader skilled at developing collaborative working relationships with internal and customer teams. Record of leadership in sales force and marketing automation, sales, and strategic business planning.

The Benefits of Free to Promote Paid Versions

When Apple announced the inclusion of the new In-App Purchase feature in the iPhone SDK 3.0, developers were hopeful that maybe it would finally solve this problem, but that was not quite the case. Even though In-App Purchase does enable users to purchase App Store items within an iPhone application, Apple is very particular about how In-App Purchase is utilized. Free apps are now allowed to offer In-App Purchases, but this built-in ecommerce API cannot be used to unlock previously crippled features, because apps are still prohibited from presenting features as disabled. If a feature is included in the free app such as a button in the toolbar then it must be a functional feature. The current implementation of In-App Purchase enables developers to provide additional features that are not currently included in the app, such as subscription services, new content, and add-on game levels. Even though In-App Purchase does not

Perfecting Your InApp Sales Pitch

If people can't find the buy button, they can't purchase your app. Don't rely on them remembering to manually visit the App Store on their own. Odds are, they might forget, and then you've just lost those potential customers. When it comes to selling anything, especially software, make the act of buying your product as easy and painless as humanly possible. And unlike most online ecommerce systems that overly complicate the process with too many steps, Apple has designed the iTunes App Store to be the simplest, most convenient way to buy software, so you really have no excuse. If someone loves your free lite version and is interested in upgrading to the paid version, that next step should only be a finger tap away. Marketers are always debating whether buy or purchase is more effective. In a global marketplace, most ecommerce sites tend to gravitate toward the word buy. The iTunes App Store uses a Buy App button, so when in Rome Besides, the shorter word buy is a lot easier to fit...

Review Of Internet Marketing With References

Berryman, K., Harrington, L., Layton-Rodin, D. and Rerolle, V. (1998) Electronic commerce three emerging strategies, McKinsey Quarterly, No. 1, 152-9. Moe, W. (2003) Buying, searching, or browsing differentiating between online shoppers using in-store navigational clickstream. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 13 (1 2), 29. Timmers, P. (1999) Electronic Commerce Strategies and Models for Business-to-Business Trading. Wiley, Chichester.

Online market research

As electronic commerce is slowly but surely taking off, on-line testing happens to be a useful alternative or add-on to traditional market research methods. And package-goods companies are taking advantage of what the Web has to offer from speedier results to global reach so they can race to market and gain competitive advantage.


Database management database marketing delivery services direct mail direct marketing direct response ecommerce fulfillment electronic marketing electronics data interchange fulfillment foundation fulfillment operations global fulfillment services incentive programs information systems interactive voice response international shipping Internet business internet fulfillment Internet marketing internet promotions internet sweepstakes inventory management lead management mail order mail order shipping mail order fulfillment marketing services material handling merchandise fulfillment merchandise shipping merchant accounts online retail online retailing online shopping operations management order entry

Structure URLs Correctly

Structure URLs correctly and you may see an increase in both your rankings as well as the percentage of people who click your link, called your click-through rate. Search-engine marketers have long recommended inserting relevant keywords into page URLs, and although the positive effects of this may not be as prevalent today as they were in the past, you will want to structure your URLs in an organized, hierarchal manner. Both search engines and search-engine users alike take URL structure into consideration when they make decisions about your Web site's relevancy and authority. As mentioned in the previous chapter, you should organize your Web site into themes or categories that contain individual Web pages full of content relevant to the parent theme. Regardless of whether your site is an information portal or an electronic commerce platform selling thousands of products, the same best practices apply. Think of your Web site as being broken down into

The Power of Simplicity

Since all In-App Purchase transactions are done through the App Store, they retain the same business terms as purchasing standard apps within the store. You, the developer, receive 70 percent of the In-App Purchase price, and Apple keeps 30 percent as a service fee. Although some developers may cringe at giving up 30 percent of in-app purchases, you need to remember that not only does this cover credit card fees, fraud protection, and refund-related chargeback fees, but it also provides an elegant microtransaction model in the secure, trusted environment of the App Store. There's no need to maintain your own customer account and ecommerce system. The Store Kit framework makes the transaction process seamless for your customers, enabling them to use their existing iTunes login account for a quick and painless purchase experience.

Delivering values in the dotcom future

The Internet has gone through a number of stages. First, it was used as a marketing tool to stake a claim in cyberspace. Initially many companies simply put their brochures on the Web and, as a consequence, often put files on the Web which took forever to download. Over time this approach became more sophisticated, and companies better presented their image identity. At the next level, the Internet became a one-way transactional vehicle for clients to supply information to an organization or for the organization to distribute information to its clients. This, for some companies, leads to electronic commerce (e-commerce). Since 1998 UPS has been moving into e-commerce and as their vice president of marketing stated (McGovern, 1998) 'UPS is moving beyond the shipping room, beyond facilitating the physical flow of goods. Through alliances with leading e-commerce providers, we are positioned to facilitate the flow of information and funds, the other two elements critical to commerce'. UPS...

Sloan Management Review For Internet Marketing

Berryman, K., Harrington, L., Layton-Rodin, D. and Rerolle, V. (1998) Electronic commerce three emerging strategies, McKinsey Quarterly, No. 1, 1S2-9. Kumar, N. (1999) Internet distribution strategies dilemmas for the incumbent, Financial Times, Special Issue on Mastering Information Management, no 7. Electronic Commerce (

External value chains and value networks

Electronic communications have facilitated this shift to outsourcing, enabling the transfer of information necessary to create, manage and monitor partnerships. These links are not necessarily mediated directly through the company, but can take place through intermediaries known as value-chain integrators or directly between partners. In addition to changes in the efficiency of value-chain activities, electronic commerce also has implications for whether these activities are achieved under external control or internal control. These changes have been referred to as value-chain disaggregation (Kalakota and Robinson, 2000) or deconstruction (Timmers, 1999) and value-chain reaggregation (Kalakota and Robinson, 2000) or reconstruction (Timmers, 1999). Value-chain disaggregation can occur through deconstructing the primary activities of the value chain and then outsourcing as appropriate. Each of the elements can be approached in a new way, for instance by working differently with...

Location of trading in marketplace

The new electronic marketspace has many alternative virtual locations where an organisation needs to position itself to communicate and sell to its customers. Thus, one tactical marketing question is 'What representation do we have on the Internet ' A particular aspect of representation that needs to be reviewed is the different types of marketplace location. Berryman et al. (1998) have identified a simple framework for this. They identify three key online locations for promotion of services and for performing ecommerce transactions with customers (Figure 2.11). The three options are

Dollar Templates httpDollar Templatescom

Without a penny paid for pay per click advertising (I love alliteration, don't you ), these ecommerce neophytes are getting excellent traffic to their sites in a very short period of time, and generating good sales results. Not only is an excellent business-building system for newcomers to affiliate marketing, but the SBI ecommerce package will serve you well as you grow your business to include your own products.

Examination questions

1 Contrast electronic commerce to electronic business. Hoffman, D.L. and Novak, T.P. (1997) A new marketing paradigm for electronic commerce, The Information Society, Special issue on electronic commerce, 13 (Jan.-Mar.), 43-54. This was the seminal paper on lnternet marketing when it was published, and is still essential reading for its discussion of concepts. Available online at Vanderbilt University

Conclusions and implications

In conclusion, this paper has explored the factors influencing the choice of e-business models and provided insight into the current practices of Australian agribusiness in relation to the selection process of e-business models for conducting B2B ecommerce. The findings have highlighted the relative importance of those influencing factors and help to provide a framework to agribusiness organisations in assisting them to make decisions on the selection of the most appropriate ebusiness model. From this framework, managers are able to consider and examine the relevance of these guidelines and criteria, and determine the essential factors that require consideration during their selection processes. The guidelines can also assist managers to determine the level of resources, technological infrastructure and knowledge and the understanding of e-business models, required. For example, managers from SMEs might consider resources available to be critical to their selection of models whilst...

International Advertising Regulations

In the European Union, the EU Internal Market Commission is keen to resolve the patchwork of national advertising regulations and to bring some order into the EU's ecu75 billion advertising agency. The advent of online interactive media and electronic commerce means that cross-border advertising will develop further, but until the problem of different rules is ironed out, advertising campaigns can never be truly pan-European or global. Thus although advertisers may develop global strategies to guide their overall advertising efforts, specific advertising programmes and executions must usually be adapted to meet local cultures and customs, media characteristics and advertising regulations.

Executive Summary

Electronic commerce describes a wide variety of electronic platforms. Commercial on-line services offer on-line information and marketing services to paid subscribers the Internet is an international web of computer networks that makes instantaneous and decentralized global communication possible. Companies can go on-line by buying space on an on-line service by selling through another site by opening their own Web sites by placing ads on-line by participating in forums, newsgroups, bulletin boards, and Web communities and by using e-mail to targeted audiences. Direct e-mailers that want to avoid being perceived as a spammer can use permission-based marketing, requesting the customer's permission before sending any e-mail offers. On-line marketing is leading to disintermediation of certain middlemen, even as infomediaries are starting to establish themselves as new on-line intermediaries.

The Promise and Challenges of Online Marketing

Online marketing offers great promise for the future. Its most ardent supporters envision a time when the Internet and electronic commerce will replace magazines, newspapers and even stores as sources for information and buying. Yet despite all the hype and promise, online marketing may be years away from realizing its full potential. And even then, it is unlikely to fulfil such sweeping predictions. Instead, eventually, online marketing will become another important tactical tool, much like the television or telephone, and should work alongside other tactical elements in a fully integrated marketing mix.

Guide to syndicated research services

KMR (Kantar Media Research), London (Tel 020 8566 5000, Fax 020 8579 9208). Advertising, Branding, Children youth, Information technology, International, Internet ecommerce, Media TV radio press. 67. Michael Herbert Associates, London (Tel 020 8749 7001, Fax 020 8749 8566). Advertising, Business-to-business, Direct marketing, Finance investment, Internet ecommerce, Telecommunications, Travel tourism. 68. Millward Brown, Warwickshire (Tel 01926 452233, Fax 01926 833600). Advertising, Automotive, Business-to-business, Children youth, Consumer, Customer satisfaction, Drinks (alcoholic), Drinks (non-alcoholic), Employment human resources, Energy, Fashion textiles, Finance investment, Food, Information technology, Internet ecommerce, Media TV radio press, Pharmaceutical, Printing packaging, Product 96. Scottish Opinion Ltd, Edinburgh (Tel 0131 332 7799, Fax 0131 332 9129). Advertising, Business-to-business, Consumer, Government politics, Internet ecommerce, Media TV radio press, Public...

Priceflexibility Strategy

Willingness to adjust prices or profit margins on specific products when market conditions have varied, this kind of flexibility is now being carried to the state of high art. As a matter of fact, electronic commerce is further likely to accelerate the flexible-pricing trend. The Internet, corporate networks, and wireless setups are linking people, machines, and companies around the globe and connecting sellers and buyers as never before. This is enabling buyers to quickly and easily compare products and prices, putting them in a better bargaining position. At the same time, the technology allows sellers to know customers' buying habits, preferences, and spending limits, enabling them to tailor products and prices.19 The concept of price flexibility can be implemented in four different ways by market, by product, by timing, and by technology.

The Information Technology Boom

Using today's vastly more powerful computers, marketers create detailed databases and use them to target individual customers with offers designed to meet their specific needs and buying patterns. With a new wave of communication and advertising tools - ranging from eel phones, fax machines and CD-ROMS to interactive TV and video kiosks at airports and shopping malls - marketers can zero in on selected customers with carefully targeted messages. Through electronic commerce, customers can design, order and pay for products and services -all without ever leaving home. From virtual reality displays that test new products to online virtual stores that sell them, the boom in computer, telecommunications and information technology is affecting every aspect of marketing.

Rapid Growth of Online Marketing

Electronic commerce A general term for a buying and setting process that is supported by electronic means. Just as television hurst on to the media scene and dramatically revolutionized marketing 40 years ago, so the explosion of Internet usage heralds the dawning of a new world of electronic commerce. Electronic commerce is the general term for a buying and selling process that is supported by electronic means. Electronic markets are 'market spaces' in which sellers offer their products and services electronically, and buyers search for information, Identify what they want and place orders using a credit card or other means of electronic payment. For example, a reporter wants to buy a 35 mm camera. She turns on her computer, logs on to the Shopper's Advantage Web site, clicks on cameras, then clicks on 35 mm cameras. A list of all the major brands appears, along with information about eaeh brand. She can retrieve a photo of each camera and reviews by experts. Finding the camera she...

Reference Of Grehan 2004

Hoffman, D.L. and Novak, T.P. (1997) A new marketing paradigm for electronic commerce, The Information Society, Special issue on electronic commerce, 13 (Jan-Mar), 43-54. Hoffman, D.L. and Novak, T.P. (2000) How to acquire customers on the web, Harvard Business Review, May-June, 179-88. Available online at

Emergence of Cybermediaries and Content Providers

Sarkar et al. remark that the Internet offers opportunities for cybermediation -emergence of new types of intermediaries operating at electronic markets (Sarkar et al., 1995). Cybermediaries, or sometimes also called infomediaries (Jacobs, 2002), are organizations that perform the mediating tasks in the world of electronic commerce and it is anticipated that their influence will increase (Sarkar et al., 1995). In spite of growing importance of cybermediaries, their role in promoting products and services on the Internet is not explored sufficiently. OECD states in its report about impacts of electronic commerce that the role of intermediaries will be crucial in the future development and it should be more researched (OECD, 1999). Jacobs also mentions that little have been written in the area of marketing communication via cybermediaries and further research in this field should be conducted (Jacobs, 2002).

Web Copy

Your website copy plays a major role in establishing and growing your customer base. Website copy creates the voice of a company, just as the look and feel of a site put a face on the company and on otherwise intangible products and services. On an ecommerce site, the copy plays a key role in closing sales as well as in up-selling and cross-selling products and services. Good website copy delights first-time


Many have been disabled by unexpected barriers that incumbents had long learned to live with. These constraints serve as isolating mechanisms that impede competitive moves. Protected niches within a market - stemming from longstanding relationships or regulations designed to protect some players in a value chain - are among the signals of these killer constraints. These signals were frequently downplayed by ecommerce challengers during the optimism of the boom period


This book will also be of relevance to students studying e-marketing, including professionals studying for awards from professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Institute of Direct Marketing postgraduate students on specialist masters degrees in electronic commerce, electronic business or e-marketing and generic programmes in Marketing Management, MBA, Certificate in Management or Diploma in Management Studies which involve modules or electives for e-business and e-marketing and undergraduates on business programmes that include marketing modules on the use of the digital marketing.

Further reading

Financial Times Prentice Hall, Harlow. See Chapter 4, The marketing environment. Porter, M. (2001) Strategy and the Internet, Harvard Business Review, March, 62-78. A retrospective assessment of how the Internet has changed Porter's model, first proposed in the 1980s. Timmers, P. (1999) Electronic Commerce Strategies and Models for Business-to-Business Trading. Wiley, Chichester. Detailed descriptions of different B2B models are available in this book.

B2B and B2C context

Researchers believe that e-commerce on the internet goes beyond simply buying and selling electronically as it involves a wide variety of pre- and post-sales activities, such as advertising, maintaining business relationships, and enhancing business communication (Zwass, 1996). Based on the parties involved in the business transaction, ecommerce can be divided into

Offthepeg research

The Internet Advertisers' Bureau is a trade association for interactive advertising, ecommerce and online marketing. Its site offers a wealth of information relating to the ecommerce marketplace. Users must register to become members to obtain more detailed information. However, even when not registered, a large amount of valuable information is accessible.

Part latrodtictioTi

The last decade has seen a revolution taking place in the field of communications and telecommunications technology, which has had a significant impact on marketing activities. Telephones, televisions and computers are becoming important channels for selling products and services these media are increasingly used not just for communicating messages to customers, but for interacting with and doing business with customers. Chapter 22 explores the ways in which direct, non face-to-face forms of marketing can help organizations reach specific target markets quickly. Technologies such as TV Web boxes and the Internet are creating new challenges and opportunities in electronic commerce for firms. More and more companies are setting up stores' on the computer and virtual shopping is now a reality. In this final chapter we see how organizations conduct online marketing, and we speculate on future directions for this emerging channel for marketing.

Exhibit 164

Still yet to come is electronic commerce. The Internet is going to change where and how consumers shop and retailers sell. It will become the location to buy almost anything a person wants fast, easy, and whenever he she wants it. But that does not mean that traditional retail stores will become relics. For one thing, it is going to be a long time before the majority of consumers do most of their shopping on the Web. Further, the physical limits of buying on the Web mean that not every product is suited to online purchasing.11


Since the Internet supports the global marketplace it could be argued that it makes little sense to introduce tariffs on goods and services delivered over the Internet. Such instruments would, in any case, be impossible to apply over products delivered electronically. This position is currently that of the USA. In the document 'A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce', President Clinton stated that

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