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The man behind this great innovation goes by the name of Adeel Chowdhry. For over ten years, Adeel majored in creating awareness to people by educating them about online marketing not only how they can earn money but also how they can build their brand. The unique features about the software attract the attention and use from authors as well as bloggers throughout the world. Some of the unique features include the availability of professional templates and layouts. Another feature is the ease to customize the content created. The software enables users to create eBooks, and reports in just 60 seconds without requiring any technical knowledge as all the steps get explained in details. Based on the many unique features and advantages of the sqribble software product, I highly recommend the product to every user who has not yet tried the product. Continue reading...

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How To Write Your Own Ebook In 7 Days

How To Write Your Own eBook In 7 Days is an eBook that aims to assist authors in writing and publishing their works on the internet. This is a creation of Jim Edwards, an individual who has been heavily involved in advising how to write an eBook in only seven days and get it on Amazon and get paid. Jim advice on how you can convert your writing expertise into revenue, without any direct promotion. He has helped many to attain financial independence and passive income in site stream through the sale of popular eBooks. The author has had tremendous achievements in the writing industry. His success has been proven and has assisted over 1,000 authors to promote, publish and write eBooks, audiobooks and print books. He has ten years' experience as a newspaper author and columnist and has a legendary online reputation in writing eBooks. The program shows how authors can target all the customers on the internet. Millions have benefitted from this program. You, too, can significantly benefit. All you need to do is to make the buying decision. Continue reading...

How To Write Your Own Ebook In 7 Days Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Jim Edwards
Official Website:
Price: $29.00

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Ebook Compiler Awardwinning software Recommended

Http This is used to create professional quality e-Books rapidly. The software is very easy to use. Ebook Compiler provides plenty of professional grade options. The result is cleanly formatted high quality books that the customers demand. Download a fully working version of the software for free. You do not need to pay a penny until you're absolutely convinced that this software is for you http

HTML Easy eBook Creator

4-10200434.html Let us see how you compile your own e-Book with Easy eBook Creator the SMALL brother of Easy Ebook Pro . But before you compile your ebook you should convert your ebook into html .You can use any WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor .Download a free editor by clicking the link below 1. Create a new directory on your C drive called ebook_Project or whatever you like. C ebook_Project the first field where it says - Compile Directory and Contents 6. Now create another directory on your C drive and call it ebook_exe . C ebook_exe eecbook.exe . (Where eecbook.exe is the name of your e-Book) 9. Voila Your e-Book is in the directory C ebook_exe and entitled eecbook.exe. Just double click on the file to open it or right click and OPEN.

Viral Marketing through EBooks

Viral marketing can be performed in several ways. Many of these different forms of viral marketing have enjoyed enormous success over the years. One proven application for viral marketing is ebooks. Ebooks or electronic books are self-contained files usually in PDF format exactly like the document you are reading now. The document could be a website you've created in HTML, a Microsoft Word file or nearly any other digital media format. When downloaded, the file opens up on your client's computer, usually using the Adobe Reader software application that can be downloaded free from Ebooks are very similar to normal physical books in the sense that they are rich in content. They are a huge resource for information. Anything you can put in a physical book, you can put in an ebook and it costs practically nothing to compile your ebook. If your site is about An ebook basically is a packaged document that allows authors a great deal of flexibility in presentation of content....

Tips for Creating an Ebook

The most important aspect of an ebook is the content. Unless the content is well written and interesting, you will find it hard to attract customers. So the first rule of thumb is to produce useful content. The format of the ebook is also very important. I recommend that any ebook you develop be created as a PDF file. The main advantage of using PDF is that it works with almost all operating systems whereas many other types of files cater only to Microsoft Windows users. Additional tips to consider when creating an ebook include 0 Allow icon customization (allow using custom icons for your ebooks). 0 Allow resizing of the compiled ebook to the preferred size. Resizing and icon customization basically allow your customer to change your ebook according to their own preference. You could allow your customers to reformat and edit content from your ebook. However, care should be taken that they are not allowed to delete advertisements and links to your website. Making links and...

Using Ebooks for Affiliate Marketing

If you've been delving into affiliate marketing at all, you're no doubt aware of the viral potential for ebooks. It's the affiliates who make them viral, after all, passing the word about the product to their website visitors, ezine subscribers, and clients, with the goal of earning a commission from a sale. This is, after all, exactly how the Dotcomology ebook has become so popular. The possibility of re-branding the ebook (that is, customizing certain portions of it, or changing the affiliate link coding so that the current host of the download can gain from the affiliate commissions) adds pass-along momentum as discussed earlier. Let me explain the concept of re-branding further. If you've created a useful ebook which also promotes your products or services and where affiliates can change the links in your book to point to their affiliate links, you can let your affiliates give this book away to their visitors and subscribers as something useful for them, as well as something that...

Why are ebooks an effective viral marketing tool

Here's how viral marketing with ebooks works. First of all, it is essential that your ebook contains interesting information. It's pointless to market something that is of no use to anyone. Readers of your ebook should learn something from the ebook. In this sense it is very similar to a physical book. A reader would throw away a book after reading a page or two if she finds it to be boring and dull. The same is the case for ebooks. No one would want to download your ebook if it is not rich in practical content. In other words, your ebook should have some useful information that the reader wants. To use ebooks effectively as a viral marketing tool they should be offered to visitors of your website for free. The production and distribution costs of an ebook are generally very small. This is what makes it an effective tool for viral marketing. As you can see by reading my Dotcomology ebook, viral ebook marketing is not just something I talk about. It's something I practice in my own...

Enhancing your eBooks appearance

When you design your e-Book, try to avoid using anything that requires a special plug-in as far as possible, such as Flash. A dynamic presentation looks nice to those capable of viewing it however, not everyone has those capabilities. Flash is very slow to load. This can easily frustrate the readers who are trying to load your eBook.

What in the world is an eBook

The fundamental concept An e-Book is just like a traditional paper book in an electronic form. It is read by using a computer. It does not require that the computer be connected to the internet. One way to view an e-Book is through a floppy disk. This eliminates the need for complex plug-ins of reader software. E-Books are full of life and combine media to deliver text, video and audio. Hyperlinks connect various sections of the ebook. It also has links that can connect the ebook to the internet for related articles, programs and even other e-Books. Hence, all the required information comes from a single source. average sized novel and the required reader program. This is way ahead of the Adobe's PDF option. A PDF document can also be considered an e-Book but the reader program Adobe Acrobat needs to be installed separately. Adobe Acrobat reader software occupies around 12 megabytes when installed. An Adobe e-Book reader is available and has the capacity to read HTML, PDF and other...

Free eBooks

To download these eBooks below 'right click' and then select 'Save Target As' from the popup. 33 Days to Online Profits by Yanik Silver This wonderful eBook also comes with three bonus eBooks Killer Mini Sites, Warp Speed Info Product Creator Pack, and Insider Conversations with Internet MarketingPros. A Complete Guide to Self Publishing eBooks

Ebook Starter

Http Take your time and select the best affiliate option for your business. If you'd rather not take the time to run your affiliate program, you may want to use one of the third party affiliate companies. This is the easiest route and will enable you to concentrate on more important things -- like making more sales and writing new eBooks. In order for your potential customer to gain access to these chapters they will be required to purchase the full version. You can include an order form and instantly take orders, right through your free trial Ebook. When you receive an order, you simply send your customer a predefined user ID and password that you set up when you create it.

Internet Marketing Complete System

This Ebook must not be edited, sold or copied. However, using the appropriate branding software provided, there are designated Clickbank affiliate links that can be changed to your own so that you can freely distribute the Ebook and receive revenue. The author of this Ebook has used his best efforts in preparing this Ebook. The author makes no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability or completeness of the contents of this Ebook. The information contained in this Ebook is strictly for educational purposes. Therefore, the reader assumes responsibility for the use of the

Technique 3 Compile articles written by various known authors focusing on a particular topic

This is the simplest technique in this ebook. This is because you can have your ebook ready to sell without any writing on your part. The work gets completed easily and quickly and best it's FREE. Firstly, look around for good articles to use. Next, send an e-Mail to the author. You should make a request for permission to use the article written by the author in your ebook. You can find articles with their corresponding authors in discussion boards, reports, information audios and videos and many other sources. All you have to do is ask authors for the right to use their articles in your ebook or report. Just a few points that will help convince the authors to give you permission - Issue free advertisements for the authors business, product or website on your ebook or website - Give a free copy of your ebook to the author Every ebooks or digital information products that you create will become your exclusive, intellectual property. By assembling your own unique product using the...

Profit Potential Lets Do the Math

In the following example, you'll see how I use an Excel spreadsheet to calculate profitability. You can use a piece of paper and a calculator, but using a spreadsheet makes the job much easier. If you are new to Excel and want more detailed instruction on its use than is offered below, I recommend that you grab a copy of Richard Kraneis' ebook, 'The World's Shortest Excel Book' at

Concept to Try on Your

Let's begin your first profitable affiliate program together. As mentioned before, information products pay high commissions. You can earn 50 commissions promoting this eBook. That's over 22.00 per sale, which is a great commission. Clickbank manages my (and many others) affiliate program. All you have to do is become a member of Clickbank - it is free and fast. Click Here to go to Clickbank and join as an affiliate of this eBook. Clickbank will provide you with a link that has your affiliate ID embedded in it. When a customer clicks on that link they are sent to my website On the backend, however, they have passed through Clickbank and your affiliate id has been inserted into the server. When the customer buys the eBook, you receive 22.60.

Hypertext Markup Language Format HTML

E-Books formatted by Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) are a group of web pages compressed into one .exe file. This file can then be distributed. HTML eBooks have a high degree of interactivity with the internet. The books can be both simple and dynamic. HTML files contain live links, graphics, forms, JavaScript, - You maintain complete control over how the e-Book appears and the feel of the eBook.

How to Cash in with High Ticket Affiliate Programs

In this eBook you are going to learn about these various affiliate programs and offers that pay over 100 per conversion. You will also learn how to promote these offers. In the first part of this eBook I will show you many different high ticket affiliate programs and I will use each one to illustrate a certain way of promoting that particular affiliate program. This does not mean that a certain form of promotion or advertising is limited to just one program.

FREE Keyword Elite ECourse

The techniques I learnt for creating a squeeze page and how to write your follow up emails can all be found in an Ebook called Inside the List. If you have read and enjoyed Beating Adwords. then this was written by the same authors. Having a good squeeze page and follow up emails is the key to making lots of money from email marketing.

Planting Knowledge Seeds with OnScreen Tips

Let's say your app is easy to use and does not require a dedicated help screen or tutorial, but there are some advanced power features you want users to be aware of. Displaying on-screen tips in a UIAlertView pop-up is a great way to quickly educate users. Upon launch, the popular ebook reader app, Stanza, displays a helpful tip (see Figure 7-2). The app automatically chooses a random tip each time the app launches. A user can opt to see more tips by tapping the Show Next Tip button or choose Dismiss to begin enjoying the app. Figure 7-2. Upon launch, the Stanza ebook reader displays helpful on-screen tips for using the app. There are convenient options to either disable tips or show more tips.

International Standard Book Number ISBN

When you're ready to order your ISBN, keep in mind, it can never be reused. Once it is assigned to a specific title, it cannot be used again -- even if the title is no longer available. What this means is that if you update your book in any way, you will have to get a new number. In addition, if you're offering your eBook in different formats, you must use a separate ISBN for each format.

How to drive brand advocacy

More examples of how to create brand advocates can be found on the website of Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, authors of Creating Customer Evangelists How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force, where there is a free ebook of case studies called 'Testify' that can be downloaded

Getting Subscribers for Your Newsletter

You should, whenever possible, offer them a free gift if they subscribe, such as a free report or ebook. There a hundreds of free ebooks which you can give away. You are bound to increase your sign-ups by doing this, provided you offer them something related to your site's theme. In fact

So they build the site

I might give away an audio interview, I might give away free ebook, might give away a free e-course. A lot of the times, I don't give away an e-book or anything but I say, hey sign up for this free 7 day course. So over the next 7 days you're going to get an email everyday. That's cool because people won't give you fake emails then.

Choosing the Right Topic

We discussed earlier the importance of choosing the right topic for your ebook. The Internet is primarily used to communicate, entertain, educate and research. It is thus no wonder that nonperishable, information-intensive products including books, travel guides, and magazine subscriptions are the most popular online products at Ebooks and guides on various subjects have been prospering in the recent past. Anything you can put in a physical book, you can put in an ebook. You can sell just about any content as long as you have an offering that has a market and an ability to get it to your customer. Yes, there are exceptions. In some cases you might be competing with big companies with a large chunk of the market share.

There are some templates and rulesofthumb for writing copy that can make your job even simpler

The most popular ebooks about writing that I offer on my site. Anyone I know who is familiar with either of these gentlemen's work loves their easy-going style and readily apparent generosity of spirit. Don't think you're a writer Well you are, and these are the guys who will prove it to you.

Creating a Hot Software Product with No Programming Experience

Producing an information product is easy. If you can read this book, you can write an ebook. There are really no special skills required beyond the ability to write and some basic knowledge about the subject. Producing a software product on the other hand does require some special training. It needs someone who knows how to program, who understands how a computer works, and who knows how to construct software. It's more complex than putting words on a page. It can also be much more profitable.

Promoting Site With Paid Methods

This Ebook concentrates on Google but please note that Yahoo and MSN have their equivalent of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising which you may want to look into. Once you are established within one search engine, looking into other search engines can be a good way of expanding your business. advertising is less than the money you make from the sale. Google Adwords is a very specific and specialised subject which is covered fully in an Ebook I strongly recommend called Beating Adwords.

Email Newsletters or Ezines

The use of newsletters can also help build content for your website which increases search engine visibility. Another great benefit is that your newsletters, ezines or ebooks will proliferate links on many sites that point back to your site. Several leading search engines, including Google, use page-ranking algorithms that measure how many links point to your site and rank your page in search findings

The Right Product Sells Itself

Imagine you know how to build a bookcase from scratch. That already makes you a lot more knowledgeable than me. The only thing I know about wood is that it looks great in my fireplace Maybe one person in a thousand will want to know how to build the kind of bookcase you know how to build. If you're not a well-known carpenter, no publishing company is going to touch you. It's just not worth the effort. On the Internet, one person in a thousand gives you a potential market of approximately 340,000 customers (and that number is growing all the time). If you write a book and sell it online for just 10 per copy you could make as much as 3,400,000. All you have to do is tell people what you know and tell them it's out there. And that costs next to nothing. Information sells like crazy online. In fact, I sell a 47 ebook all day long. The profits from that single ebook could provide a comfortable living for me and my family all by itself. But who wants to stop at one profit stream when you...

How to Get the Most from the Hand Book

By the time you've finished this ebook, you will have all the information you need to start your own profitable affiliate marketing eBusiness. Read the whole ebook before launching into a project. I know that the prospect of starting your own business is really exciting. But before you open an HTML editor or sign up for a bunch of affiliate programs, read The Super Affiliate Handbook in its entirety first.


EBook cover created by Ovi Dogar at http This eBook is Copyrighted by Codrut Turcanu and Heather Vale. The authors and publishers of this eBook and the accompanying materials have used their best efforts in preparing this eBook. The authors and publishers make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of this eBook. The information contained in this eBook is strictly for educational purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in this eBook, you are taking full responsibility for your actions. The authors and publishers do not warrant the performance, effectiveness or applicability of any sites listed or linked to in this eBook. This eBook is copyrighted by Codrut Turcanu and Heather Vale. No part of this may be copied, or changed in any format, sold, or used in any way other than what is outlined within this eBook under any circumstances.


Go to Overture's Maxbid Tool and do a search for mortgage. At the time I wrote this eBook the top bid for mortgage was 12.00 per click. Most of the people bidding on Overture for the keyword mortgage are actually mortgage companies and not affiliates. Don't waste your time looking at them. We want to focus on affiliates. These are going to be sites that compare various mortgage companies or that have a link taking you to a mortgage site's Application Form. At the time this eBook was written there was a bid for 3.05 for a mortgage comparison site, in 10th place on Overture. This

Toolbar Button Icons

App Rejection Warning Use system-provided icons only in the way that users expect them to work. Apple has generously included several icons in the iPhone SDK that developers can use in their own apps, such as Add, Compose, Reply, Action, Search, and many more. This can save you from having to create custom icons for common tasks that are already covered by Apple's system icons. Just keep in mind that Apple provides these icons to represent consistent behavior across all apps that use them. When employing these system icons in your own app, be sure you're using them in their intended manner, or else your App Store submission may get quickly rejected. For example, don't use the Reply icon for a back button, and don't use the Bookmarks icon to open an ebook.

Marketing Campaign

I've set up an example to demonstrate the idea at squeeze.html. The signup box was automatically created by the autoresponder and all I needed to do was to paste it into the page. For the purposes of this demonstration, assume we're selling an eBook about how to solve Sudoku Puzzles. The subscriber is offered an incentive for signing up in the form of some free tips, although in this case it could just as easily been free puzzles or software. The follow up email sent will contain some tips and advice and a further advert for the eBook. The important thing to remember about squeeze marketing is to keep your tactics on topic. If your site is about dog care, then offer a free dog care eBook or report as an incentive to sign up. This virtually guarantees that members of your list will be interested in any dog related items you review or try to sell them. A second method is to enter into joint ventures with owners of large opt-in lists. Taking our mythical Sudoku eBook...

Post Script

You should spend some time and develop your sales page to its maximum potential. It is absolutely essential for your success. Even if you have a great eBook, if your sales copy is poor, your sales will be low. All your effort in creating the e-Book will be wasted. Hence a great sales page that sells is a must.

Commission Junction

To further increase sales, create a sample or limited version of your e-Book. This eBook should be used to intrigue and persuade your readers to purchase the full version. This can be accomplished by allowing your readers to only view a portion of your e-Book. In order for them to gain full access to your e-Book, they must purchase the password.


Now if you are selling something of your own such as a piece of software or an Ebook, you might think that making it dirt cheap will result in more sales. The problem with making it too cheap is the value of the product might be perceived as low also. In everyday life, if you give somebody something, you may not be expecting something back but often that person will feel in debt to you. Some people will give a free piece of software or an Ebook for signing up to their website to build up trust. If the product is good and worth having then it makes sense for the customer to keep an eye out for future information coming from that source. I've probably not demonstrated this very well in this Ebook (ha ha), but if you can add a bit of humour to your content, then it can make things a bit more interesting to read or listen to.

Finding a Writer

If you don't want to do the writing yourself, finding a writer for your ebook is easy. Finding a good writer though is the tricky part. A lot of people think they have what it takes to win the Pulitzer if someone would just give them a chance, but even most college graduates have a hard time constructing a sentence, let alone writing a complete book. And you don't want any old book. You want a book your readers will enjoy reading in a style that speaks to them. In short, you want to find someone who can show you an ebook they've already written, ideally on the subject and with the style of writing you are looking for.

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