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Question 1 What does it cost to build traffic to your merchants sites

There are many ways, both offline and on, to drive targeted traffic to your merchants' sites. This course will show you the most highly profitable, time-and-dollar-effective way to build traffic to your merchants' sites Let's break that down for closer examination. For your affiliate Web site to generate targeted traffic to your merchants, it must do two things well 1) Rank well at the Search Engines so that it pulls in lots of targeted traffic. So far, though, that traffic is still on your site. Therefore, it's not generating income yet. Your visitors are just looking around. So 2) Get those visitors to click through to your merchants. (Some affiliate program models can actually place merchant offerings on your Web site. In this case, your traffic does not actually visit your merchant's site. But you still have to get the click to generate income.) It makes sense, of course, that a Web site is the way to go. After all, this is the Net But there are loads of other ways for affiliates...

Monetize Web Site Traffic

You may not have an e-commerce Web site that has an obvious monetization method. Instead, you may have a great Web site with unique, well-written content that generates a lot of traffic, and you may wonder how you can effectively monetize your traffic. The Internet opens up the door to making lots of money without having to actually sell anything. In fact, with revolutionary money-making models such as affiliate marketing, contextual advertising, and ad widgets, many Web site owners can make enough money to significantly supplement existing income or in some cases support lucrative full-time employment. The most commonly used tool for making money from your Web site traffic is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a contextual advertising technology that serves ads from the Google AdWords Content Network based on contextual relevance. All you have to do is insert a piece of code into your Web site where you want the ads to appear and Google does the rest. The most impressive thing about...

MONiTORiNg Web Traffic

An important aspect of optimizing a web site involves monitoring traffic to the site. Web traffic refers to the number of visitors to your web site and the number of pages visited. Oftentimes, it is measured to determine the popularity of a web site and its individual pages and elements. By including a bit of programming code on each page of the web site, the webmaster can learn a lot about the visitors to the site. This helps the webmaster and other marketing professionals understand which elements of a web site are considered valuable to its visitors and which are not.

Understanding Web Site Traffic Numbers

During November 2004, Gawker served 3,981,801 pages to 833,288 unique visitors. 01 Dec 2004 -00 00 Unique visitors 131968 Unique visitors Unique visitors As you look at the output of any Web traffic tool, you need to fully understand the terms being used to slice and dice the statistics. Three measurements are commonly associated with Web site traffic hits, pages, and visits. Each has its own hidden pitfalls and uses, and none is a sure-fire way to compare your site with another. Most, but not all, statistic-measuring tools give you all three figures.

Tracking Web Site Traffic

In Chapter 7, I expressed how important it is to track iPhone app usage via third-party app analytics, such as Flurry. And it is equally beneficial to do the same with your web site. Tracking site traffic can shed light on where visitors are originating from, the browser versions they're using, when and how many people are viewing your site, which web pages and links are the most popular, and much more. the flip side, site traffic statistics can also help pinpoint design weaknesses by listing which pages are responsible for the most visitor exits (leaving your site). Since English is a globally accepted language, your English-based app can achieve success in Apple's various regional App Stores. But if you're interested in producing localized versions of your app to increase sales in countries outside of your own, which languages should you target first Good web site traffic statistics can tell you which countries your visitors are from. Beyond the United States, are a large percentage...

Build Traffic Through Relationship Building

Time to activate the last of the Big 3 strategies for building traffic. 1) Free Traffic (DAY 7) 2) Paid Traffic (DAY 8) Goal-of-the-DAY Identify a way to communicate with your visitors on a regular basis and build a relationship based on trust and credibility. Become a friend rather than a stranger.

The first step is to record your web site statistics Web Site Traffic

In the table below, I've input the total number of unique visitors to the site, and calculated the average unique visitors per day and per month, as well as the increase or decrease from the previous month. To make these calculations more accurate and fair, I've divided the number of unique visitors by the number of days in the month to arrive at the averages. If I didn't do this, February might always appear to be a dismal month for sales, being between 8 and 10 shorter than the other months of the year. Unique Visitors

DAY 10 Know Your Visitors

Goal-of-the-DAY Familiarize yourself with a good traffic-reporting package. Convert your Theme-Based Content Site's OUTgoing links into special tracking links (no need to do this with Site Build It -- all links OUT are automatically created as tracking links) You have traffic coming into your site (from all your traffic-building efforts) and traffic going out of your site (links to your income-generating sites -- merchant-partners, your own store, or your own sales site). It has cost you time and money to generate your INCOMING traffic. Your OUTGOING traffic generates income for you. You can measure both expenses and income. And, as explained way back in Affiliate Masters Section One, INCOME minus EXPENSES equals PROFITS.

Know Your Visitors

Goal-of-the-DAY Familiarize yourself with a good traffic-reporting package. Convert your Theme-Based Content Site's OUTgoing links into special tracking links (no need to do this with Site Build It -- all links OUT are automatically created as tracking links) It has cost you time and money to generate your INCOMING traffic. Your OUTGOING traffic generates income for you. You can measure both. INCOME minus EXPENSES equals PROFITS.

The WHAT and HOW of PREselling

1) HOW YOU REACH Your Visitor Since the establishment of a successful service business on the Net is as much about credibility as anything else, it's important that your visitors find you in a confidence-boosting manner. And what's that 2) WHAT YOU SAY to Your Visitor forget hard-selling your service. Your visitors do not know you from Adam (or Eve), and they won't even consider making any sort of commitment until you have demonstrated the quality of your service. That means a return to the classic GIVE- then-TAKE scenario. You GIVE first (by providing a content-rich Web site and e-zine which offer solutions for your visitors and 3) HOW YOU REFER Your Visitor to Your Merchant Unless you are referring some of your traffic to non-competing, theme-related merchant partners as an additional revenue stream, this is not applicable to you. However, the way you blend your gentle sales effort into your site's copy, in order to encourage visitors to contact you, certainly does. The...

This is an excerpt from Allans article

A perfect example is Rosalind Gardner, who earns 30,000 to 50,000 a month in affiliate commissions, with a very nice 40 to 50 profit margin. and She explains how she attracts more than 4,500 unique visitors a day and has sales conversions that are 3 to 5 times higher than those of the average affiliate. and This isn't vague theory or book learning, it's real-life, down-to-earth advice from real people like Rosalind.

Basic Web Site Structure

To establish trust and credibility in the eyes of your visitors and search engines, your Web site should include both a company information and privacy page. A company information page helps to strengthen your reputation in the eyes of both your Web site visitors and the search engines. Adding a company information page helps build trust with your visitors by explaining who you are and where you come from by providing company biographies, history, and staff photos. In addition to a company information page, your Web site should also contain a page explaining your privacy policy. A privacy policy page helps to establish trust by declaring that you are committed to protecting the privacy of your visitors' personal information. Try to keep your privacy policy simple and make it easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to find on your Web site. You should consider adding a link to your privacy policy next to a link to your company information page. This way, your visitors can see that...

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization, or SMO, is a form of online marketing that focuses on participating on various social media Web sites to generate traffic, buzz, and links back to your Web site. Social media Web sites include social news Web sites such as Digg, Sphinn, and StumbleUpon video sharing Web sites such as YouTube and Revver and social network Web sites, including MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Various recognized SEO and SMO pundits have MyBlogLog is a free social networking service that includes a popular widget that you can install on your blog that shows your visitors the most recent MyBlogLog members who have visited your Web site, including each member's avatar and screen name. The MyBlogLog community represents an eclectic group of individuals that are interested in finding new Web sites and building friends through social networking. MyBlogLog is a great way to get people to visit your Web site and learn more about your business or hobbies. Social news Web sites such as...

How Do Affiliate Programs Work

From the merchants' perspective, by partnering with affiliates they are able to increase sales, drive traffic, generate qualified leads and extend brand reach through a low cost marketing strategy. 3. Pay-Per-Click affiliate programs are similar to Pay-Per-Lead. Essentially you are paid each time one of your visitors clicks on the link through to that programs site.

Overview of the Business Building Process

Promote Site - Get the word out and draw huge numbers of surfers to your site. Have them sign up for your newsletter and build a huge opt-in list. Watch your visitors buy copious amounts of your affiliate products and services. Deposit numerous checks in large amounts into your checking account. Contact newsletter subscribers with new offers and deposit more checks into your bank account.

Continue doing what is profitable Stop what is not Action Step

Monitor and track your business constantly, especially the more abstract aspects like knowing where your traffic is coming from, the satisfaction level of your clients, the new trends in your field, the effectiveness of your newsletter, ads, etc., etc. Concentrate on actions that contribute positively to your bottom line and drop the ones that do not.

One Concept Not to Consider

If you had written a compelling title and description (as outlined above), I would have certainly clicked to your page. If your content about aggressive forms of investing was high-value, and if you recommended Site Build It as a powerful way for me to build targeted traffic to my PennyGold sales site, guess what Do you teach fashion design Or are you a designer looking to sell your fashion designs on the Web I'm pleased to tell you about the very best, the only system of its kind actually, that will help you attract targeted traffic, people ready to buy. Meanwhile, your fashion merchants are all dying for a way to build targeted traffic. YOU can provide that by telling them all about Site Build It

Time for a philosophical perspective

Instead, warm your visitors by PREselling them with great content that they value, respect and trust. They will contact you with pleasure and with an open-to-hire mindset, anxious to find out more about you and your service. And then it's up to you to close the deal It's your PREsell effort that will boost your traffic and Conversion Rate (CR). Which in turn maximizes your income. This brings us to our second

STEP 1 You PREsell to get an opentobuy clickthrough to your merchant STEP 2 Your merchant gets the sale

First, let's make sure we have our terms straight by examining a real case study. Elad Shippony, from Israel, is an excellent example of an infopreneur. He is creating fun and entertaining content to drive traffic from the Search Engines, and then monetizing that traffic, without selling a product or service.

Lets talk about your specific tactics First of all going into the marketing forums What kinds of things are you posting

Are you able to track those links and see what forums your traffic is actually coming from Do you have any particular favorite forums where you've gotten some good traffic from your natural tendency is to throw in a cost per click that's very high. You know, it might be 50 cents a click or 75 cents a click. And then you'll say, well I'll watch it for a day and see what happens for a day or two, and it's very easy to get sucked into that because it will generate traffic to your site, yet if you're not careful, if you're not really paying attention and tracking the costs per day through AdWords versus your sales, you can lose money very quickly.

Join the 2 Who Succeed

A higher search ranking at the engines makes your site easier to find. Your quality content (your words ) builds credibility in the minds of your visitors and converts them into warm PREsold customers. From there, you can easily get that click through to your monetization model (i.e., how you generate income). That could be your order page for your product, or your merchant's site that you represent as an affiliate, or your contact form for hiring details, or Google's Adsense program, etc. By building a Theme-Based Content Site, you will be growing your clientele (i.e., targeted traffic) from the ground up. Owning your traffic is essential to your longevity on the Net because. If you don't own your traffic, you don't own your business. 4) Use that content to attract your own niche-targeted traffic. 5) Build trust and credibility with your visitors.

Identifying Your Target Audience

As shown in Figure 4.1, there are two ways to focus on driving awareness to your iPhone iPad app. The first way is on the App Store itself, by specifying relevant keywords for searches and deploying other techniques to make your app stand out. The second way is by driving traffic to your own product website and then sending visitors to go to the App Store to buy your app. You will have more influence on driving traffic to your own site than on the App Store. Both of these areas are discussed in greater detail in other parts of this book. However, the focus of this chapter is that identifying your target audience is a vital step to achieving sales success of your app. It also saves you time and money if your marketing efforts are aligned more closely to your most likely buyer.

The Road to Becoming a Master Affiliate

Basically, The Affiliate Masters Course delivers the single most productive approach to affiliate income. It will show you how to PREsell your way to a CR of 5-10 and at the same time, maximize targeted traffic to your site and your merchants' sites (and your other monetization options, if applicable). If you're drawing targeted traffic to your site and if your site is getting a great Click-Through Rate (CTR) to the merchants that you represent (and your other monetization sources) and if you are converting a high percentage of them into sales

Effective Netwriting is something that anyone can accomplish

Building your online business by writing valuable content is nothing magical or complicated. It does not require a special genetic gift. it's about providing the information your visitors are looking for. It's not about cutting-edge design, flashy graphics, bells and whistles.

Developing Great Web Copy

There are lots of different rules and recommendations about how to write good web copy, but the bottom line is that you want to write copy in such a way that it pulls in your visitors. You want to create a statement at the top of your site that clearly identifies what your apps do. Don't make the visitor to your site hunt around trying to figure it out. People will click away in seconds if they don't find a clear explanation of your app. When you write your content for your website, your goal is to get visitors to learn about your app and want to click the Buy Now button that takes them over to the App Store. Figure 5.14 Compelling web copy will keep your visitors' interest and help lead them to the App Store to purchase your app.

Keywords The Foundation of Your Success

It's not only important to find as many keywords as possible, but it's also critical that you focus on the right keywords. One of the biggest factors that have contributed to my success as an affiliate is keyword research. The more (good) keywords you have in your list, the more opportunities you have to drive targeted traffic to your website, which will lead to more commissions.

Use a Specialized Tool

In my experience, that's a waste of time. If your competitors are using certain keywords, it's because they know they work. And if any of your visitors found your site using irrelevant keywords, you're not going to sell them anything. Don't try to reinvent the wheel here just try to figure out the most popular keywords and the best key phrases to put on your site.

Note that file names appear in the searchengine results

Also, make a consistent effort to keep URL lengths as short as possible. It appears awkward to human visitors if URLs exceed a certain length. Often, Web site visitors take note of the Web pages they visit and commit the URLs to memory. A 30-character URL is far easier to remember than a 300-character URL. Always remember to keep your human visitors in mind when you apply search-engine-optimization techniques.

Why you need a great web site

Web sites are often designed either by local programmers using inexpensive cookie-cutter templates or by graphic artists who create eye-pleasing, but sluggish sites. Both tend to drive visitors to your competitors. When you look for help with your site, balance the need for an effective, high-performing site with a design that conveys your professional image. Flanders reminds consultants that people come to your site for one reason to solve a problem. They don't care if you're wonderful and they probably don't care about much of anything other than Can you solve my problem now You've got to convince your visitors that you can solve their problems, so the information you provide should be about that, not about you. shock ware may initially be fun, but they quickly grow old. These annoying, graphic-intensive pages are slow to load, waste your visitors' time, and imply that you'll waste even more of their time once they get past the splash page. If you're trying to...

Ten characteristics of a killer web site

Web site visitors, particularly those looking for consultants, will gladly exchange their time for value and insight. Provide relevant, valuable, and usable content, and prospective clients may put you on their short list. In addition to content such as white papers, some consultants'

Focus on Technology

Without doubt, is popular and successful. The site has over 20,000 unique visitors every day (75 percent of whom are Australians) and over 1 million page views a month. As of September 2008, the site had 30,000 registered users and some 40,000 consumer reviews and ratings on thousands of products.

Optimizing and Monitoring Your Web Site to Increase Visitation

Building a good web site is imperative for being successful on the Internet, but there are also certain modifications to a web site that can generate traffic to the site. Part of that involves adding elements to the web site that improve search engine rankings, called search engine optimization (SEO). Increasing traffic to the web site includes not only SEO, but also creating elements of the web site that will (1) bring in more visitors, (2) retain visitors longer, and (3) create more repeat traffic. Web surfers visit particular web sites because they are looking for something of interest. For music fans, information about music and the music itself play an important part, but it is also about the community and fun. Visitors need a reason to stay and a reason to return. This chapter discusses ways in which a web site can be modified to improve traffic to the site. Contests are a great way to generate traffic to the web site. They provide something of value to visitors and encourage...

How to Generate a Massive Keyword List

When it comes to keyword lists, size does matter. The more targeted keywords you have, the more opportunities you will have to bring traffic to your website. The more qualified traffic you bring to your website, the more opportunities you will have to earn commissions. As you may remember from Section 2, I talked about different techniques and strategies you could use to build a preliminary keyword list. This section will show you how to build a comprehensive keyword list. I will also show you how to use free web-based tools to help you explode the size of your keyword list.

At this point you might be thinking to yourself WOW 69 cents for the keyword wine and 120 for wine making Thats way TOO

Those lower listings often deliver more qualified traffic as well. That's because the surfer who spends more time reading listings will click through to your lower-ranked site because they like what you had to say and want to learn more, and not simply because yours was the first listing on the page.

An Introduction to Basic Web Site Structure

Choosing a good domain name has two potential benefits. First, domain names work towards forming impressions about your online credibility. A well-thought-out domain name gives users the impression of value and trust. The second reason why you need to choose a relevant domain name is that a domain name is often the first thing the search-engine spiders see when indexing your Web site. Search-engine spiders are programs written by the software engineers at the search engines that jump from Web site to Web site, reading content and following links. Search engines and potential Web site visitors view a poor domain name as noncredible and unreliable. Adding a company information section to your Web site enhances credibility and provides visitors with important information about your business's history, your management team, and any notable accomplishments or awards received. The company information portion of your Web site allows users to get to know the people behind the Web site and the...

Optimize for Multiple Browsers

Also, you want to be sure that your Web site is designed with different screen resolutions in mind. If your Web site was designed on a desktop set at 800 x 600 resolution, but the majority of your visitors use 1024 x 768, the Web site will appear different on their monitors. Test your Web site with your computer's resolution set to 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768. These resolutions are fairly common and should take care of almost all your visitors, including those using widescreen monitors and laptops. Overall, computer users are trending toward higher resolutions, so if you are designing your own Web site, do so with your screen set to 1024 x 768.

Is a separate Internet marketing plan needed

Should an organisation have a separate e-marketing plan defining its strategic approach to the Internet, either for the organisation as a whole or for specific markets or brands Consider Figure 4.2. You will be familiar with the hierarchy of plans for an organisation, from a corporate or business plan which informs a marketing plan which in turn informs a communications plan and campaign briefs for different markets or brands. But where does the e-marketing plan fit Does the organisation need one Figure 4.2 suggests that an e-marketing plan may be useful to manage the 'e-campaign components' which refers to online communications tools such as online advertising or e-mail marketing or continuous e-marketing activities which may be conducted throughout the year to drive traffic, for example search engine marketing, affiliate marketing or online sponsorship.

Plan and Design a Web Site Structure

Once you have made a decision on the overall theme of your Web site, your next step is to begin designing the structure of the site. Start by planning out all the necessary categories and subcategories that your Web site will consist of. Think of the planning stage as a blueprint that enables both your visitors and the search-engine spiders to easily navigate your content.

Creating advocacy with Icecards

Mania Adidas

Secondly, Icecards stimulate word of mouth. In research carried out by the Rotterdam Erasmus University on Icecards, it was found that 78 of all Icecards get handed out, and in 65 of cases the handing over of an Icecard triggers a brand conversation.12 In other words, Icecards provide brand advocates with an excuse to advocate your brand. In addition, a weblink (e.g. get your own free O'Neill cards at on every card enables card recipients to order their own cards, adding a viral dimension to the campaign. Thirdly, Icecards strengthen brand loyalty and affinity, making advocates feel part of the brand family. Fifty-nine per cent of people who have ordered Icecards say that the cards improved their perception of the brand. Other advantages of Icecard-type brand advocacy programmes are that they drive traffic to a brand's website, they are

Link within Subject Matter Themes

Most Web hosting packages come with entry-level Web site statistics. Check these statistics often to see if your visitors are receiving any error messages. The problem may be that other Webmasters are linking incorrectly to pages on your Web site. If so, your visitors may be receiving 404 Page Not Found errors which should show up in a Web site statistics package. Incorrect links of this type can be addressed by setting up 301 redirects to the correct pages, which is discussed Chapter 5.

Create a Privacy Policy

The purpose of having a privacy policy is to prove to your visitors that you are committed to protecting the privacy of their personal information. Privacy policies are particularly important if you collect e-mail addresses or any other type of demographic information about your visitors. Do not just copy a privacy policy from another Web site solely for the purpose of having a policy. Besides being unethical, different Web sites often have different policies in place. You are better off seeking professional guidance to ensure that appropriate policies are included. Try to keep your privacy policy simple and make it easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to find on your Web site. Place the policy link next to your company information page link. Be sure to stay current with any changes in your business and the business environment. Update your privacy policy as much as needed to comply with any implemented changes, and always alert your customers when a change takes place....

Ways to Assess a Product or Service

This is the most important aspect of the process. There's no point in examining affiliate program details until you find a product that you know your visitors will love. Would you buy from a site that looked unprofessional, had broken links or was a hassle to navigate Don't send your visitors to tacky sites. Your reputation is at stake.

Easy Ways to Assess a Product or Service

This is the most important aspect of the process. There's no point in examining affiliate program details until you find a product that you know your visitors will love. Here are five things to consider before you place a product link on your site. 2. Is the company's site attractive and functional Would you buy from a site that looked unprofessional, had broken links or was a hassle to navigate Don't send your visitors to tacky sites. Your reputation is at stake.

Multisite online car purchase behaviour

Forrester (2002) has analysed online buyer behaviour in the car industry in detail. They estimate that different sites such as car manufacturers, dealers, and independent auto sites collectively invest more than 1 billion each year trying to turn online auto shoppers into buyers. They recommend that to effectively identify serious car buyers from the millions of site visitors, auto site owners must correlate car buyers' multi-site behaviour to near-term (within three months) vehicle purchases. In the research, Forrester analysed behaviour across sites from three months of continuous online behaviour data and buyer-reported purchase data provided by comScore Networks, extracted from comScore's Global Network of more than 1.5 million opt-in Internet users. To find the correlation between online shopping behaviour and car buying, Forrester observed 78,000 individual consumers' paths through 170 auto sites and interviewed 17 auto site owners and software providers. Behaviour patterns like...

Interactive Internet Marketing

An excellent example of this is the award-winning Whatever campaign developed by Nike and its advertising agency, Weiden & Kennedy, to introduce the Air Cross Trainer II shoes. The ads featured star athletes such as sprinter Marion Jones in dramatic situations, and as each spot ended, the words Continue at appeared on the screen (Exhibit 1-12). When viewers visited the site, they could select from six or seven possible endings to the commercial, read information on the sports and athletes featured in the ads, or purchase the shoes. The integrated campaign was very effective in driving traffic to both Nike's main website and the site created specifically for the campaign. The Whatever campaign was also very effective in terms of sales as it helped make the Air Cross Trainer II Nike's best-selling shoe soon

OK Now you also mentioned the Meta tags how important are Meta tags these days because some people say they are very

Yeah, that would be a good discussion because you kind of don't want to overwhelm your visitors either. You kind of want to give it to them gradually. So, let's say the front page has 3 products. 3 products, or 4 products, or 5 products is good enough. You probably don't want to go further than that, because you don't want to overwhelm your visitors too much. All right, so you are driving the traffic from the blog to your affiliate site, and then from there you are hoping to drive traffic through that site to the vendor page Yeah, that's a good technique too. I guess that's a different technique here in that you can use blogs, you can use your own affiliate websites. Blogs are good for driving traffic you know, because you can. let's say you use right And you want to rank high on a keyword what you can do is name it, whatever

Valuable Content Credible Recommendation Turned ON customer High CR

Don't push your visitors to the click, make them want to click through. It makes all the difference if your visitors feel that it's their idea to deliver your Most Wanted Response (MWR) -- in other words, what you most want your visitor to do on your site. Your MWR is to get your visitors to click through to your order page (or your particular income generation source) so that you can make the sale That's the winning advantage of a content-rich site. It clearly shows to your visitors that you understand their search for quality answers to their questions and that you aim to provide exactly that. A content-rich site builds trust and credibility. In your visitors' eyes, you are a knowledgeable expert who cares Selling is trying to get the sale. Before you sell, PREsell. While selling might be your first priority, it does not come first. Your site's first job is to satisfy your visitors' needs and then lead them to your Most Wanted Response. It's only at that point that selling enters...

Httpwwwnetprofitstodaycom resourcesaffiliatemarketinghtml

The object is to write page content focused on a specific theme, targeting one or two keywords or keyword phrases. Adsense then 'rewards' you with ads related to the content of that page. Because your visitors are already interested in that topic, they're more likely to click on the ad and bingo you earn a commission for the click.


You create a site that really raves about MYSS 2002 and all the other products. Actually, it uses a lot of the principles of MYSS 2002 to sell your visitors. You mean every word of it, of course. And you are really proud of your site and you know that you are doing visitors a favor by telling them about the SiteSell products. It does not matter what you see. If your visitors basically perceive a straight sales effort for your merchants, you're SELLING, not PREselling. That means that the two-step process is now SELL-SELL

OK Now if youre writing reviews of products that you want to sell would you only point out the positive points or do

OK, so some of it's coming from the blogs, and some of it's coming direct from search engines. Is there any other way that you are driving traffic to your sites Let's see, I think that's it. I don't use PPC or anything, because I never really did well with it. I know people that do really well with it, but I was in college, so I had to find free traffic, so the only free traffic I found was from search engines.

Redirect with 301 Redirects

There will surely come a time when you feel a total redesign of your Web site is necessary. Unfortunately, search engines are not necessarily friendly when you make Web site changes. Suppose you move a page from mistydogpic1.html to a more organized, well-structured URL such as If the search engines have already spidered and indexed your original URL and your Web site visitors have added the page to their browser bookmarks, you want to be sure that both your visitors and the search engines know the page has moved. You can set up a 301 redirect to accomplish this task, and both search-engine spiders and Web browsers automatically redirect to the new location. For search-engine optimization purposes, this also preserves most if not all of your search-engine ranking factors.

Case Study 7 Burger King

If the campaign's objective was simply to create a buzz as part of an overall raft of activities trying to breathe life into a brand that was a bit tired and was trying to move away from the kids market and align itself with the slightly older tween demographic, it has been successful. But does the campaign miss a trick or two on the ongoing brand benefit front How many site visitors realized that the campaign was for a chicken sandwich, or indeed for Burger King rather than Kentucky Fried Chicken or A. N. Other And how many went on to recommend and buy the new sandwich As asked ' will it make the flagging burger giant cool again with young men - or even sell sandwiches '.32

Few Avoidable Errors

Many websites do not have an opt-in list. Create an opt-in and opt-out list for your visitors. Without these, there is no way of following-up with potential customers. Visitors should be allowed to opt-in at any time as well as opt-out at any time. traffic from the engines, and they don't convert well to sales. Highly focused theme sites attract traffic and sales. Be cautious about putting affiliate links prominently on your home page. Instead, give your visitors a chance to browse first, sign up for your newsletter and decide that they'd like to come back to your website before introducing them to your affiliates.

Link it from your site

If you're going to host a lot of Events, you should integrate those announcements somehow. Add a page to your website just for Events, and direct site visitors to Facebook to sign up for the Facebook Event there. This way, you won't end up with two guest lists or require users to sign up for a separate site to RSVP.

All right So you created CBNiche Builder to help out affiliates what exactly does it do for them

But after you pick your page type, fill out your affiliate ID, number of links per page you want, and that's it. It generates all those pages within a matter of seconds you just upload that to your website and then you can use, you know, free traffic techniques to drive traffic to those websites, and do different techniques to have a high conversion rate. The keyword software. what you can do is, let's say that you want to. well I'll use the free traffic again, since I've been using it. Let's say that you go to Google, type in free traffic, and let's say you get 4 million searches, and you want to rank high upon that. So, what you want to do is, you want to find keywords. So what it does is, it allows you to take a website, let's say, search free traffic , pick a website on there, type the website in my keyword search tool, and what it does is, it finds the Meta tag for that keyword.

Create Payper Click Campaigns

Once you have spent a reasonable amount of time getting to know the inner workings of a PPC account, you are ready to deposit money and begin generating targeted Web site traffic. Keep in mind that you will be charged for all clicks in real time. Make sure you set strict budget limits at first and go slow. Your methodology and diligence will determine your ultimate success, not how many keywords and campaigns you have active at any given time.

Promote the Application on Your Website

Again, use compelling text and screen shots that will help readers understand the value that your application will provide and help those pages rank well in search engines such as Google and Yahoo . This is your chance to really use the search engines to create awareness for you application. If you can get the listing in the App Store and a listing on your website to both rank in Google search results, you will be doing a lot to drive traffic to your application, while also decreasing the traffic to competing applications. All the traditional search engine optimization strategies will help the promotional page on your site rank in search engines, so include the name of the application and top keywords in the title tag on the page and throughout the text description on the page.

A proactive approach to reach efluentials

As an initial step in identifying and reaching out to e-fluential stakeholders among a company's larger audience, website visitors, online community members and e-newsletter subscribers who have agreed to receive communications from the company can be invited to participate in an online survey. The survey should consist of three main sections


So keep your visitors in constant focus and. 1) PREsell don't sell Use great content to create an open-to-buy hire mindset in your customer. Warm up your visitors first. 2) Maximize profit by maximizing your traffic (by delivering lots of topical content) and Conversion Rate (CR). Reach targeted traffic in a reputable fashion (ex., visitors find you via the Search Engines).

Alternative pricing structure or policies

Different types of pricing may be possible on the Internet, particularly for digital, downloadable products. Software and music have traditionally been sold for a continuous right to use. The Internet offers new options such as payment per use, rental at a fixed cost per month or a lease arrangement. Bundling options may also be more possible. The use of applications service providers (ASPs) to deliver service such as web site traffic monitoring also gives new methods of volume pricing. Web analytics companies such as Indextools ( and Webtrends ( charge in price bands based on the number of visitors to the purchaser's site. Further pricing options which could be varied online include

Choose a Domain that is Short and Easy to Spell

When selecting a domain name you need to remember that many of your visitors will type your domain directly into their address bar to find your website. If you choose a domain that is too long, it may be prone to typos. If you choose a domain that is hard to spell, visitors may misspell the domain and never find your site.

Secure other Domain Extensions and Common Variations

The reason for doing this is to prevent your competitors and typosquatters from leveraging your marketing efforts and hijacking your traffic. If you don't secure these additional domains nothing will stop your competitors from registering and using them. You may be able to take legal action against a company that violates your trademarks, but I would much rather pay 8 per additional domain than pay 500 for a lawyer to draft and send a Cease & Desist letter.

Good Program to Join

We recommend that you link to us on your main page because of the exposure. You can have one of our banners on your site as the link to one of our products OR you can have a text link to us directly from your main page, your 'other links' page, or wherever you deem appropriate at your website. For example, if your site has a 'main menu' format on your home Page you could have us listed in your main menu (if applicable). We recommend the main page because it has the highest exposure to your visitors, and of course, the more people that link to Connected Satellite web page, the more people that buy, and the more money you make. Most associate members have a banner on their main page and then on a few other sub-pages at their website. On the main page we recommend that you list us as high on the page as possible OR close to the links that go to other parts of your site as that is where your visitors are looking and will see the link. No matter how you integrate it into your website, we...

Reading Your Log Files

If you have your own Web hosting solution, you have access to your log files. A log file is simply a recording of every hit registered by the Web server. They are the raw, unfiltered base that most site traffic tools use to serve up traffic reports. I'll be honest here Few bloggers look through their raw log files. However, knowing what information they contain is helpful, so you know what you can get out of your traffic tools. 1 Date Inside the brackets is the date. You can see what day of the week, or what hour of the day, your traffic spikes happen. You can use this information to make strategic decisions about posting entries when your blog is busiest and running site modifications when things are slowest.

Virgin Atlantic Fly Free For Life

Creative Landing Page

Mails to bought-in lists (Figure 1.5), banners on various sites, the flying club newsletter, a radio campaign and poster site driving traffic to a specially built microsite. To maximise exposure, it was expected that the campaign would take off virally (i.e. the game would be forwarded by e-mail to friends to play, and they would forward it on, etc.). The main objective of the campaign was to sign up customers to the site-registered base, to receive e-mail alerts on Virgin Atlantic offers and news.

Using email for promotion

Perhaps one of the most successful marketing strategies brought about by the Internet is the use of e-mail to effectively target and promote commercial enterprises. The use of periodic mass e-mailing allows an artist to announce new recordings and live appearances, contact the press, disseminate news and accomplishments, and keep fans coming back to the web site. The effective use of e-mail requires that you develop a list of interested fans, keep the list updated, and correctly target portions of the list for appropriate e-mail announcements. Research has shown that e-mail is very effective in driving traffic to the web site, but only if the e-mail contains something of interest for the consumer. While it is important to provide web site visitors with the opportunity to submit their e-mail addresses when they visit the web site, it is equally important to provide sign up opportunities at gigs and in retail settings. Always provide an e-mail sign up sheet at the bar or the front door,...

Collect Only Relevant Information

While requesting a visitor to sign up, collect information that is relevant to your business. A recent study lamented that most of the corporate probing was unnecessary, given that most companies never act on the information they extract from their customers. It is crucial that you know exactly what you intend to do with the information you're going to collect. Moreover, you should also be able to prove to your visitors that information you would be collecting from them is actually vital for your business.

File Storage and Data Transfer

When a visitor comes to your website, all the text, pictures, and other files that make up your web pages are transferred to your visitor's computer. Data transfer is a measure of the total amount of information your visitors view each month. If you have large image, audio, or video files you may need more data transfer. High traffic websites that receive hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors may also need more data transfer.

Knowing When to Comment

After you spend some time lurking, you can add your own voice to the mix. The contribution you make by creating your own blog is important, but the interaction with other bloggers is equally so. When you add a comment to a post, you become part of the dialogue. You can distinguish yourself with smart comments that bring up new points or add new information. Or you can brand yourself a flack by blatantly trying to drive traffic to your own blog or Web site. You definitely want to bring readers to your site, but you need to do it by creating genuine interest rather than using a straight-out advertising message. You must create buzz by demonstrating your expertise and knowledge, and by simply getting people interested in what you have to say.

Make Your Forum Successful

A community forum provides you with the ability to better communicate and interact with your Web site visitors, while enabling your users to generate substantial amounts of relevant content. Because the content generated by your users is likely to be fresh and substantial, a community forum is a good way to rank higher in the search engines. Creating a community forum has numerous potential benefits. Having a community forum encourages user interaction and participation on your Web site. You can use your forum as a tool to communicate with your visitors frequently and closely. For example, your forum is a Having a forum allows you to understand more about your visitors by reading the conversations and discussions between them. Your visitors are likely to talk about your products, services, and Web site, which is hopefully a good thing. Regardless of whether it is good or bad, consumer feedback can be invaluable and can help you market your products or services more effectively. Keep...


Just before you register, think about expandability and brand. Generally, you should start narrow-niche and then expand when all goes well. And, as said earlier, when the time does come to grow beyond pricing, you should not add fulfillment or customer support to your pricing site. You'll dilute its Search Engine effectiveness, not to mention cloud the message to your visitors.

Add Reviews to Your Web Site

Adding reviews on your e-commerce Web site can have a positive impact on your search-engine rankings, while enhancing the overall credibility and sales of your Web site. Reviews provide an opportunity for your Web site visitors to learn from previous customers, while providing you with fresh usergenerated content, which search engines love.

Mining Additional Revenue with Affiliate Programs

Most bloggers and web site owners are very familiar with Associates, one of the oldest and most popular affiliate programs online. If your site visitors follow your affiliate link to and purchase products there, then you'll earn a commission on that sale (typically 4 percent or higher, depending on the products). Earning a 5 percent commission on digital items that may only be priced at 99 cents does not sound like a windfall of money, but just like low-priced app sales, this business model is all about volume. If you're sending app users or site visitors to the iTunes Store and Apple's making money from your links, why shouldn't you be compensated for the sales you're generating for them It's hard enough to make money in the App Store if you're not in the Top 200, so why would you ignore an easy option to earn some extra cash As a software business owner, you should be looking for any and all possible

Search It Site Legalities STEP 1 Trademark Check Us Step 2 factoryoutletstorescom STEP

Just before you register, think about expandability and brand. Generally, you should start narrow-niche and then expand when all goes well. And, as I said earlier, when the time does come to grow beyond pricing, you should not add fulfillment or customer support to your pricing site. You'll dilute its Search Engine effectiveness, not to mention cloud the message to your visitors.

External value chains and value networks

Examples which illustrate the importance of value networks to Internet marketing are the affiliate networks and ad networks described in Chapter 8. Rather than working directly with individual publishers to drive visitors to a site, an online merchant will work with an affiliate network provider such as Commission Junction ( or ad network such as Miva ( which manages the links with the third parties.

The opposite of the mall approach is having a plethora of sites all around the same theme or topic

First of all, when you use pay per click advertising services, you may advertise a keyword or keyword phrase only once with the same service. For example, if you have 10 sites focused around dating service affiliate programs, you may advertise the keyword 'dating' only once. So, to which site do you send your traffic Also, you'll have to work harder to get multiple sites listed with the search engines. Concentrate your efforts on getting traffic to a main site focused on a single theme, and you will be rewarded with higher listings in the engines.

Creative Segmentation

If you look at the overall behavior of all of your website visitors, you'll be inundated with a ton of information. Trying to distinguish and identify patterns among such a large group is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Segmenting your website visitors allows you to develop a clearer overall picture of your site's performance. If the metric you're trying to measure is how many people buy a particular product, it makes sense

Add Emphasis with Header Tags

Beyond using header tags to highlight text on your pages, you can use them to logically format your content into hierarchal topics and subtopics. For example, if you are writing an information page about PPC management, place that key phrase in a header tag like ppc Management . If within that same topic there is the subtopic PPC management services, place that key phrase in a subheader like PPC Management Services. Do not expect drastic increases in rankings for keywords and phrases highlighted by header tags, but always try to use them wherever appropriate in your Web page creation. You are providing a service to both the search engines and your visitors by visually emphasizing the important topics.

One Topic Multiple Domains

For example, if you have 10 sites focused around dating services affiliate programs, you may still only advertise the keyword 'dating' only once. So, to which site would you choose to send your traffic Also, the more sites you have, the more work you have to do to get your sites listed. You might as well concentrate your efforts on getting traffic to only one main site, than duplicate your efforts several times over trying to get traffic to several different domains with the same topic.

Web Usability Guidelines

When designing a website, it's more important to use web standards than it is to try and be original. Assume nothing about your visitors design for the lowest common denominator. This means that 99 of the web population should be able to view and use your website as it was intended, with no fixes or workarounds.

An Introduction to Google Analytics b

Knowing what is currently working for your Web site, you have no idea what areas need to be improved, or what successes can be expanded upon. The use of Google Analytics presents you with multiple advantages as a site owner, from the ability to track goals and sales to the knowledge of where your visitors exit your Web site. The first step is to ensure you properly install the tracking code on your Web site. Next, you begin the process of learning how to use Google Analytics as a tool to improve your Web site performance. If your Web site includes some sort of lead generation such as a newsletter subscription, catalog request, or even something as simple as a contact page, goal tracking can make gauging the success of your online marketing campaigns simple. Any goal action can be traced back to the original source of the visitor, which allows you to determine what traffic sources are working for your site, what search keywords are performing the best, and what methods are ineffective....


Instead of using clickable email links, I recommend you use contact forms for two reasons. First, forms eliminate a lot of the spam that you get from the idiots who use email address harvesters. Second, your visitors' email software won't be popping open when they least expect it.

Dont Be Afraid to Try New Things

If your traffic could be higher and your readers don't seem enthusiastic about your blog, try something new You generate conversation and attention when you do, even if the attempt doesn't succeed (or doesn't accomplish quite what you thought it might). In Chapter 11, I discuss how to promote your blog, drive traffic, and generate user interest and participation.

Knowledge Is Power Tracking App Usage Through Analytics

Any successful web developer understands the immense value of tracking web site traffic statistics with tools like Google Analytics or Site Meter. Mobile applications are no different. Which devices and OS versions are they currently running How much time do they spend using your app Which features are popular, and which ones are rarely accessed The more you know about your users' demographics and their usage patterns will help you make better development and marketing decisions. Having this kind of knowledge at your fingertips will empower you with the ability to improve your app's user experience and sales potential.

Spreading the good Word

Feature testimonials on your Web site, where customers have few other ways to gain personal confidence in your brand. Create a page full of testimonials and endorsements, but also incorporate them throughout your site so that site visitors can see summaries of real-life experiences that encourage them to make a purchase or obtain more information.

The Structure Of Your Site As A Pyramid

These pages are where you generate income, so you want to lead your visitors to your highest-potential pages ASAP. SBI makes site navigation easy. With the click of a few buttons you can make sure your visitors go to the right (i.e., profitable) pages in the right order on your site.

Offsite SEO Ranking Factors

The higher the quality and relevance of the site that is linking to you the more value it will give you in search results. Links from websites that have nothing to do with your website, or from websites that get minimal Web traffic or have low search engine rankings will pass minimal value. Whenever you can, encourage links from high quality sites that have content that is related to your product or service. The best way to encourage links such as that is to have good mobile content and a good

RiSe And PopulariTy Of SociAl Networking SiTES

The first significant social networking site was, founded in 1995. allows for high school and college classmates and graduates to stay in touch. The site is still going strong today but has been joined by, among others,, founded in 2002, MySpace, founded in 2003, and Facebook, founded in 2004. According to Hitwise, a company that specializes in online web traffic and marketing, visits to social networking sites accounted for 6.5 of all Internet visits in February 2007. At that point in time, MySpace accounted for 80 of the market share, with Facebook holding 10 of the market. Other services such as Bebo, BlackPlanet, Classmates, Friendster, Orkut, and imeem accounted for less than 1 each. The same press release stated that Buzznet and iMeem are succeeding in building communities around music socialnetworkingmarch07.php). By April 2007, Facebook had grown its market

In What Searches Do I Want My Mobile Site to Rank

The search engine had no idea that the company was actually selling scented candles or jar candles because it was not written on the site. It only knew that they sold house warmers, and while the idea of creating warmth in a home may have been appealing, it is not what they were searching for they were searching for scented candles or jar candles. Adjusting their product names and descriptions helped increase the Web traffic dramatically.

Exclude Traffic from a Particular Domain

Including this type of data may skew important reporting data such as average time on-site and visitor loyalty. Therefore, you may choose to filter out traffic coming from any network to which you may be connected. You must use caution when using the Google Analytics domain exclusion filter because you may end up excluding significant traffic sources from your analytics reports. For example, if you were to exclude all traffic from, you would in effect be excluding the data from any of your visitors who have Comcast Internet service. This type of exclusion could have a very large effect on your reporting data, which may skew your numbers.

Dont you hate being on the receiving end of a sales pitch Youre not alone Most people do

Writing the recommendation takes time and care. You need to carefully consider all you want to say and anticipate your readers' reactions. When you anticipate your visitors' concerns, you are able to address them before they become unanswered questions that cause them to click away.

Content is not just text anymore

But right now, while we're on this subject, I have to tell you about a recent experience I had that really piqued my interest in this area, - and further cemented the awesome advantages of delivering content to site visitors in different ways. It's time to realize content is more than just text on a page, and by adding of a few photos, a short audio and maybe even a little video you maybe able to better communicate your ideas with your visitors.

Include Only Certain Directories

Discussed in the task Track External Links. Applying the filter and tracking a directory separately allow you a quick look at the performance of that part of your Web site. Having certain directories sectioned off also allows you to share reports about just that portion of your site, without sharing the information about your entire domain. Similarly, you can add an additional user to this profile, giving her access only to the directory you want her to see. The Google Analytics directory exclusion filter also gives you a quick way to view reports on incoming traffic sources, as well as external clicks for a particular directory. This information is very useful when negotiating rates with potential advertisers. For example, being able to accurately report the traffic volume of specific areas of your site allows you to provide prospective advertisers with detailed statistical information, which is vital to maximizing the amount of money you can charge for advertising space.

Cross Promoting Content on Facebook

Given its status as the world's largest social network, Facebook is one of the most important and common ways people share content with their friends on the Web. As such, it represents an amazingly large audience for your off-Facebook content. Even when you're creating content outside of Facebook on your own site, you should strive to encourage sharing. Cross-promoting content and driving traffic from your website to your Facebook Page (and vice versa) is an important part of a Facebook marketing strategy. This chapter demonstrates how you can promote your blog and website content so that it gets shared on Facebook.

Set Up ECommerce Tracking

In order to properly gauge what traffic sources are the most successful for an e-commerce Web site, you must track all your Web site transactions. Tracking e-commerce transactions allows you to attach a solid dollar value to each keyword that brings visitors to your site, as well as an average value per visit from each of your traffic sources. Once you have e-commerce tracking properly installed, you can order your traffic sources and referring keywords by their dollar value. This process allows you to prioritize the most valuable keywords and other traffic sources for your Web site. Before you can track any of your Web site transactions or view reports that attach dollar values to your traffic sources, you must first correctly set Google Analytics to catch the order data from your shopping cart. The first

Research Question 2

Effectiveness is measured carefully, with the crucial ratio claimed to be the conversion rate - number of leads divided by number of website visitors. Other ratios are not very important. If the conversion rate is low, interviewee investigates the reason and makes appropriate changes on the website to increase it. In a broader view, the financial criteria (thus return on investment) are the most important criteria.

Ezine Newsletter SignUp on Every Page

Did you know that just about every page on your Web site is a possible initial landing entry page for your visitors That's right, visitors from the pay per clicks and other search engines will often land on pages other than your homepage. So, be sure to offer them the same opportunity to join your newsletter for free site updates, as those who start out on your homepage.

An Introduction to Social Media Optimization

This chapter outlines how you can use social media Web sites to generate traffic and buzz, and to build links to your Web site. Social media optimization is an extension of your search-engine-optimization (SEO) efforts, emphasizing the use of social media Web sites to build links that can get your Web site ranked well organically in search engines. MyBlogLog is a popular social networking service that includes a popular Web widget that you can install on your blog or content Web site, and that shows your visitors the most recent MyBlogLog members who have visited your Web site, including each member's avatar and screen name. The MyBlogLog community represents an eclectic group of individuals that are interested in finding new Web sites and building friends through social networking. You can use the MyBlogLog widget and community to increase traffic to your Web site and build buzz around your Web site content. In addition, having a MyBlogLog profile page establishes you as a content...

Getting Subscribers for Your Newsletter

You should, whenever possible, offer them a free gift if they subscribe, such as a free report or ebook. There a hundreds of free ebooks which you can give away. You are bound to increase your sign-ups by doing this, provided you offer them something related to your site's theme. In fact

Using Technology Effectively

Sometimes getting traffic can be as much about technology as it is about content (but don't tell your blogger that ). I probably don't need to point out that sites that don't display correctly in the browser, contain broken links or nonfunctional tools, or that aren't reliably available don't get read or book-marked. Your technology sends a message about your competence just as much as the quality of your posts. This concept is especially true for a business blog, which can't look as amateurish as ones written by, well, amateurs. i Syndicate your site. Make sure you're registered with Web sites that syndicate or aggregate blog content. These sites are clearinghouses for people and search engines looking for the latest blog postings, so letting them know when you post or registering your RSS feed with them can greatly increase your traffic.

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