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Digital Camera Exercise

Let's say that you're interested in digital photography. You aren't really an expert, but 6 months ago you spent a lot of time researching and planning your own digital camera purchase. Maybe you went to a few review or shopping comparison websites. Maybe you went down to your local electronics store and chatted with the Salesman. In any case, you probably know a little more than the average person does about buying a digital camera. As you were researching your digital camera purchase, you stumbled upon several different camera brands. You probably learned a little bit about the various features and benefits of digital cameras too. Now, let's come up with a quick list of potential keywords we could use to evaluate the demand for digital cameras.

Of our career is how we present out photographs to our clients

We absolutely guarantee that you will be thrilled, not just satisfied, with your photographs. If you do not cry tears of joy when you see them for the first time, then we will give you all of your money back. No hard feelings. No hassles. If you're not thrilled, we don't deserve to have your money.

Adding photographs

In the right blog, photographs can add interest, information, candor, and color and hopefully generate some business. Not every photo is worth 1,000 words in the blog world, but they can sometimes be the fastest, simplest way to explain something to your audience, and photos sometimes get more reaction or attention perhaps you're launching a new logo, testing customer reaction to the playback controls of your new phone, or want to show the new artwork in the lobby of your headquarters building. Or perhaps your company's softball team just cleaned the field with the competition. Whatever the use, if you're going to use photos on your blog, you need to be able to turn images into Web-ready artwork and then display it in your blog.

Conclusions about Measuring Demand

The above examples only give a small sampling of the total search volume for keywords related to digital cameras. All we did was take one digital camera brand, one camera type, and one accessory, and we were able to generate a keyword list with over 200,000 monthly searches. Keep in mind that this search volume only represents one search engine. Could you imagine how high the monthly search volume would be if I included all digital camera brands, types, and accessories across all search engines I guarantee the number of searches would have totaled several million per month. Not every category has this kind of search volume. In fact, digital cameras happen to be a very popular item for search. You may find that the product or service you want to promote has only 1,000 total searches in a given month. Don't overlook these opportunities. I make a lot of money in several categories that have less than a 1,000 monthly searches.

Production Considerations for Photography and

Use existing photographs or art, or use graphic materials from one of your suppliers. They may be overly familiar to you, but they'll be entirely new to your audience. 4. Stock art. Use stock photographs and illustrations pictures that can be used by anyone for a set fee. There are numerous sources, Such as Stock Suppliers will work with you to find a picture that fits the mood or subject you specify. Usually, they will also send you a variety of pictures from which to choose. These photographs can be cropped that is, only a portion of the photo need be used, for added impact.

Google Paid Search Example

This screenshot shows related keywords, advertiser competition, and search volume. As you can see, the generic keywords have more competition and higher search volume, while the more specific keywords have less competition, and less search volume. There is definitely a great deal of opportunity with some of the low-volume keywords related to digital cameras.

Good marketing is not an expense its an investment

There have been 500,000 new commercials on TV and 10,000 new shopping malls. The Internet as we know it has sprung into existence, and the wonderful world of digital photography has come into being. No wonder we have such a difficult time keeping it light in the face of such radical changes in our world. But you know what Life is a matter of perspective, and our thoughts can keep us healthy or can make us ill. It's all up to us.

Know What You Are Getting

Many click-through or shrink-wrap licenses will not include these types of warranties or indemnification. The result is that you alone may be responsible if something harmful is included in the code provided by a licensor. Freely available code, like Joe Hewitt's Three20 framework, are incredible resources, but it is important to understand that code like Three20, licensed under the BSD license does not come with any warranties. It is effectively as-is, which means that although it is a great way to save time in your development of apps, you alone will be responsible if that code fails, includes a virus, or infringes. Surprisingly, the same applies to most artwork that you license through stock photography sites, like iStockphoto.com. This is not to say that you shouldn't use Three20 or stock photography, but only that you should be aware that there is a risk that your company bears by doing so.

Im actually selling clients that emotional symbolism

It makes it a lot easier to sell them It relates back to the theory that if you're priced higher, there will be a bigger demand for your services. Emotional symbolism actually is an incredibly powerful sales tool. You educate the client about the value of the image that you're making as it relates to their emotional return. Mrs. Jones, you know, this portrait is going to give you such enjoyment. Every time you look at it you're going to remember, and you will get goose bumps. I'm actually selling clients that emotional symbolism, and it has worked extremely well.

Elements AND content for AN ARTiST Web

Tour dates, set lists, driving directions to venues, photographs video from live performances, touring equipment list. An artist web site is one part press kit, one part electronic store front, and one part social networking site. One of the most challenging aspects of creating a new web site is building up the assets that will be used on the site. The earlier section on basic design rules discussed how to take the content and design a site using storyboarding. The previous section included a list of potential items that may be incorporated into the web site, but how are these assets developed The publicist is the best person to create these assets. He or she knows how to craft stories and select photographs that depict the artist in the image that best suits the artist's career. Do not leave it to the webmaster to create and select these assets this is not the webmaster's area of expertise.

Choosing a graphics program

A number of other graphics programs can produce Web graphics, interface with a scanner, and import photos from a digital camera. Here's a quick selection of those programs 1 CorelDRAW Essentials 2 CorelDRAW Essentials has great tools for correcting and enhancing photographs, whether scanned or taken with a digital camera. The program also contains drawing and illustration tools and includes the ability to utilize a library of clip art images. CorelDRAW Essentials comes with an interactive training CD to help get you started. www.corel.com drawessentials2 1 JASC Paint Shop Pro 9 You can import photos from your digital camera, scan in printed documents, and turn them all into Web graphics. JASC Paint Shop Pro deals especially well with photo touch-up problems graininess, white balance, color adjustments. The program allows you to create graphics using standard tools such as the pencil, pen, paintbrush, and text


I Comstock Comstock offers a wide selection of royalty-free, flat-rate, and rights-managed stock imagery. Its special Ask Angela feature can suggest suitable images based on your search. Be sure that you buy the right license for the image you want to use. www.comstock.com i GettyImages If you're looking for something very specific, try the Getty-Images vast database of royalty-free and rights-managed photographs. It has a great news and film archive. Be sure that you buy the right license for the image you want to use. www.gettyimages.com i Hemera Hemera sells clip art and stock photography compilations. Buy a CD or search the online database of images in Hemera Images Express for what you need. You can buy unlimited access for one month or one year, or purchase single images. www.hemera.com

Focus on Technology

With so many choices available, the decision process for consumers can be daunting, especially for high-risk purchases. Looking for a new digital camera, computer, sunscreen, or coffee maker Product reviews abound that provide information on products in just about every category. In Australia, ProductReview.com.au pays visitors for reviewing everyday products from cars to TVs. Reviewers select products that they have bought and then review them and receive reward points. The reviewers also get paid for referring buyers to a Web site.

Commissioned Projects

Showing the client builds as you go is a bit like showing expectant parents photographs of the fetus inside the womb it's not such a surprise when a boy or a girl arrives. Whenever a client asks for anything new or novel, clever software houses win their client's approval on an installment basis by demonstrating progressive builds or prototypes. The client will then appreciate from the outset that you cannot deliver a bull's eye the first time any more than he can give you a complete brief in every respect. Sharing progress makes clients feel that they are part of the creative process, and once you have got them on your side, you may be surprised how imaginative and supportive they can be.

Be thankful that things are so difficult If it were easy everybody would do it

So if you want to do the very finest work and have the finest successful business, you have to limit the number of hours you put into it. So if I can show you how to earn a really, really incredible living from your photography on thirty-five hours a week, then you're going to be so much happier because you're going to have other things to do that keep other parts of your brain stimulated. And when you are at the studio, you're going to be doing amazing work, because you're not burned out. You're not sick and tired of it. You're not worried about money problems, and you're going to become a better photographer for it, and a better person, a better father, a better husband, a better brother. That's what I'm all about.

Identification by market and by product

Previously, Dell followed the path of Compaq to overtake it. Started as a PC vendor, Dell sold only through direct marketing, first to consumers, then to small businesses, and finally to larger organizations. Then Dell managed to move successfully up-market by offering workstations first and then servers, storage, and networking to its corporate customers. But Dell is also expanding in other markets. First, in March 2003, Dell made the decision to challenge HP and IBM by rolling out inkjet printers. Then, in September 2003, it announced it was entering the consumer electronics market, selling MP3 players and flat-panel TVs on its popular Web site. Dell was not the first computer firm to go into this new business dominated by Asian companies, such as Sony, Samsung, and Matsushita. Gateway was the first to act in 2002 when it started marketing large-screen plasma TV monitors and took the biggest market share in the United States in less than 1 year now Gateway is also selling digital...

Product Mix Decisions

Product Mix Decisions

A company's product mix has four important dimensions width, length, depth, and consistency. Product mix width refers to the number of different product lines the company carries. Sony markets a wide range of consumer and industrial products around the world, from TVs and PlayStation consoles to semiconductors. Product mix length refers to the total number of items the company carries within its product lines. Sony typically carries many products within each line. The camera and camcorder line, for instance, includes digital cameras, camcorders, photo printers, memory media, and tons of accessories.

Creative Tactics for Television

Needledrop is an occupational term common to advertising agencies and the music industry. It refers to music that is prefabricated, multipurpose, and highly conventional. It is, in that sense, the musical equivalent of stock photos, clip art, or canned copy. Needledrop is an inexpensive substitute for original music paid for on a one-time basis, it is dropped into a commercial or film when a particular normative effect is desired.30

It has been said that the sales process ends when the client writes you a check

Let's continue the process as we head into the camera room. This is a difficult one we all get a bit lazy when it comes to maintaining our camera rooms. I have a tendency to put all of my equipment, filters, and film on one shelf, so after a while it begins to look very cluttered and disorganized. At the end of each shooting day, I force myself to put everything back where it belongs. It only takes me a couple of minutes. How is your camera room organized Are the backgrounds neatly folded, or are they thrown into a corner because you don't have time to fold them during a session How about your miscellaneous equipment shelf If it's in the line of sight of your customers, how does it look to them Could it benefit from a little time spent in organization and rearranging

Study of potential segments

When considering radical innovative consumer products such as the first DVD recorder by Panasonic in 2000, or the first Camera Phone by Sony Ericsson in 2003, one must note that the high introductory price (due to the need to optimize R&D costs and to the lack of an economy of scale at the beginning of the manufacturing process) immediately limits the market to consumers with a high purchasing power. It is not always easy to identify precisely these potential customers even though in the industrial market the number of actors is much more limited. The identification process often requires a long and complicated analysis of several files. However, when making a first estimation of potential segments, one possible short cut is to stick with the consumers who are currently using products that will most likely be replaced. Actually, digital cameras have nearly replaced sales of reloadable film cameras (not including single-use cameras), the computer ousted the calculator, and the compact...

Managing a products physical attributes

The average development time for a new camera-phone is 4 months and, a PC is 11 months, a knowledge-based engineering (software development) system ranges from 2-4 years. However, while some vendors need to freeze their product design 5 months before market launch, the most successful companies, like HP or Samsung, manage to refine products until 5 weeks before launching. Consequently, they can include the most recent changes in technology and customer requirements in the development process and deliver a superior solution to the market on time.

Are You Sure You Are in the Business You Think You

Kodak thought it was in the paper processing business and diversified into cigarette papers. While it seemed not a bad move at the time it was made, the philosophy, attitudes, and priorities that went with it led Kodak to miss the chance of going into digital cameras. If only they'd realized their real business was information storage.

Process of market positioning

Positioning involves making a clear choice of the target segment to be served, the points of difference compared to competitors and the frame of reference for customers. Every successful product offers more than a single benefit and appeals to more than one segment of the market. It is important, therefore, to choose the key benefit carefully and to identify for whom it has greatest appeal. Positioning also allows the organization to choose with whom it competes. A hypothetical example based on Nikon's 'Coolpix 5000' digital camera as an example illustrates how the framework can be applied

Benchmarks for Graphic Design

Photographs should be incorporated effectively, to illustrate the gorgeous venue or the face of a famous keynote speaker. Photos without a purpose, or used simply to fill space, are often impediments to easy reading. Finally, clip art should not be used on major pieces. Readers know that it is a cheap computer contrivance, and that will make your brochure seem cheap as well. 5. All photographs, artwork, and illustrations must be used with the proper permission from creators or producers. 9. Not all of the space need be filled with text or photographs. Blank areas (or white space ) should not be overdone, but a strategic allocation of white space will make the reading easier on the eyes.

Channeldesign decisions according to the size of the market

Since the onset of the 1990s, large computer firms that want to reach a greater variety of market segments have to manage different marketing structures. These companies sell some of their smaller products, such as servers or PCs, through authorized dealers, establish marketing agreements with distribution chain, such as Comp USA, Computown, or U.K.-based Tiny Computers, and are in contact with dealers in the used computer market. For consumer goods such as MP3 players, digital cameras, or PDAs, vendors such as HP, Samsung, and Sony also use electronics retailers. Major electronics retailers in the United States are Best Buy (500 stores), Radio Shack (5,300 stores), Musicland (1,100 stores), Tweeter, and Ultimate Electronics.

Exploring Employee Blogs

Spend much time in the blogosphere, and you come across bloggers who lost their jobs because of postings to blogs that employers objected to. The quantity of discussion would lead you to believe this happens all the time, but I suspect that the medium simply finds the topic fascinating and that it isn't all that common. Nonetheless, it is true that employees have posted criticism, photographs, and company information on their blogs and then lost their jobs over it. There's no positive aspect to this completely preventable issue The company loses a valuable employee, and the employee loses a job.

Managing the Pipeline

Everything you post on Twitter (not counting retweets) should drive traffic back to your web site. That includes any photos or videos you tweet. It's true that many of the Twitter client apps make it extremely easy to upload photos from your iPhone camera to mediasharing sites like Flickr.com, TwitPic.com, and yfrog.com, but that's not an optimal use of your tweets. If people are interested enough to check out cool screenshots or video play from your app, you should be hosting those media files on your own web site, within web pages that provide additional information about your product. Even if you're showing very early alpha screenshots that you don't want published on your main web site, just link to a stand-alone page on your server that serves as a sneak preview for your tweets. This way, you get to control the message and content on the page. Plus, it can be designed to reflect your app's visual branding, rather than the generic pages of third-party media sharing sites.

When I get referrals I sell the benefits of hiring my studio not just the features

Yes You should schedule a time to work on your business. Otherwise, it's too easy to just put it off. You can say Oh, I'll do it next week, or I'll do it tomorrow, then something happens tomorrow. Schedule time where you're working on your business, not just in your business. And stick with it. Don't give that time up. That's as valuable a use of time as your photography itself.

Choosing the Primary Screenshot

Apple recommends removing the status bar from your screenshots, but looking around the App Store, it's apparent that advice is rarely heeded. Apple also recommends capturing screenshots directly from an iPhone or iPod touch, instead of the iPhone Simulator. To do this, when you're ready to take the shot, hold down the device's Home button and Power button at the same time. The screenshot is saved to the device's Photo Library. Although you could easily email the screenshot from the device's Photo Library to your desktop computer, that delivers it as an attached JPEG image. JPEGs typically include compression that lowers the image quality to reduce the file size. To avoid any loss of quality, it's best to sync the device with your desktop iTunes. With the device connected, launch the Mac's iPhoto application and import the saved screenshot. This will provide you with a pristine, high-quality PNG image. An alternative option is to capture screenshots from a connected device within the...

New reality 2 Great expectations not so great budgets

Polaroid tried this solution in late 2003. The brand was emerging from bankruptcy with a Board determined to climb out of the hole but without incurring major costs. From a broad perspective, the goal was to re-establish the brand's reputation for innovation, something that would be necessary to keep the company afloat in the competitive technology sector, and to lay the groundwork for the launch of a line of newly designed products in spring 2004. But, their immediate goal was to stem the decline of instant film sales. Compounding their financial restraints were two perceptual problems (1) some people assumed Polaroid was obsolete, and (2) others were not really sure how Polaroid might be relevant to them in today's age of tiny digital cameras and camera-phone hype. Polaroid was a retro icon in need of an immediate infusion of relevance and currency to buoy the brand until the new products were on the shelves.

Brand Exposure Was Maintained on Television and Radio

Exposure for Player's Ltd. was obviously not limited to TV coverage of the auto racing events because photographs of the winning driver often appear in magazines, newspapers, and television newscasts. Competing tobacco manufacturer, Rothmans, Benson & Hedges, observed that, over the past 23 weeks and with three quarters of the Player's season completed, Imperial Tobacco has amassed an average of 4 broadcast hours a week that does not include Player's advertising and news coverage (cited in Pollay, 2002, p. 47).

Helping Your Company Site to Rank Well

As mentioned on page 112, relevant external links to your site are an important factor in how search engines decide how to order search results. By raising awareness about your brand and product on a site such as Digg or Flickr, you increase the chances that others will mention (and link to) you in blogs, forums, and social networking sites. The key is targeting an interested audience. While Digg has a large audience, it may not include very many people who are interested in your industry and who are likely to, in turn, blog about it.

Evaluating Public Relations Resulls

Media coverage included 3,500 column inches of news and photographs in 350 publications with a combined circulation of 79.4 million 2,500 minutes of air time on 290 radio stations and an estimated audience of 65 million and 660 minutes of air time on 160 television stations with an estimated audience of 91 million.

Online goods for sale in the UK

According to Verdict (2005) almost 10 of books sold in the UK are now bought over the Internet, with close to 11 of CDs and DVDs now bought online. Furthermore, white goods are becoming increasingly popular to buy online, with Internet sales now accounting for 6.6 of the market and online shopping continues to grow. UK retailers are expecting online shopping to rise by between 23 and 40 for Christmas 2005. Independent Media in Retail Group, a body that represents online stores, estimates that this will be overall 9 of retail sales at Christmas, as consumers increasingly order from home to avoid trudging around the shops. The winners in the online product categories are electrical goods. IMRG estimates that 20 of electrical goods will be sold online at Christmas compared to zero five years ago. The reason is thought to be that electrical goods are bought by brand name and model number, with little differentiation between stores other than price. Major high-street chains such as Dixons,...

If you insist on selling based on price your customers will buy because of price

There are several major factors that will affect your ability to have a successful pricing strategy in today's competitive marketplace. These include the quality of your photography, the branding and marketing that you are currently doing (or not doing), having a highly defined Research Other Photographers in Your Marketplace. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of great price lists already in the market, you just need to get your hands on them. It may be as simple as picking up the phone, calling some other photographers in the area, and saying that you want to get everyone together for a planning session. Have everyone bring their price list, some marketing materials, and a business card. There really isn't any secret way of making money in our industry. The more we can share with other photographers, the better we can become. If this idea doesn't appeal to you, how about calling some of your photography friends from outside of your area and asking them to do an...

Pricing complementary products and tiein offers

When considering the pricing of complementary products, some companies tend to favour the razor and blade strategy, modeled on Gillette pricing strategy where the main product is priced cheaply, according to costs, while add-ons are sold at value price to captive customers (see also Section 7.3.5). For example, HP has successfully applied this model for developing its printer business and its digital camera business.

From New Art to Film or File

Reproducing something in color for film or file begins by separating the original image into its four process colors. For instance, an ad or catalog page that is reproduced from a combination of type, drawings, photographs, and slides is quite typical. Each of these preliminary scannings must be correctly sized, then positioned for printing. There are two ways of doing this 2. Digital photography. In the 1990s, computerized film preparation revolutionized the prepress (preprinting) process. Computer-prepared type and art, plus digital photography elements, are combined onto a single com-

Proofing before Printing

When two or more colors are to be printed, a color proof shows how the printed piece will look and how it compares with any original art or photographs. This comparison is not checked on the computer screen. To show what the finished piece will look like, this proofing is done on standard proofing paper or, through waterproofing, on the same paper on which the project will be printed. The comparison to the original art and design should be made under industry-specified controlled lighting to give specified, uniform conditions for comparisons, rather than the random light sources that are available wherever you happen to be. Your prepress firm will have such a light source. For multicolor projects, it is quite common to begin with a random proof. This shows, to size, the illustrations and photographs only, before they are placed into position. These are viewed and corrected for color density and detail. Any substitution or other change at this point is less costly than after everything...

Identifying the Companys Competitors

Companies must avoid 'competitor myopia'. A company is more likely to be 'buried' by its latent competitors than its current ones. For example, Eastman Kodak worries about growing competition for its film business from Fuji, the Japanese filmmaker. However, Kodak faces a much greater threat from the recent advances in 'digital camera' technology. These cameras, sold by Canon and Sony, take video still pictures transmitted on a TV set, turned into hard copy and later erased. What greater threat is there to a film business than a filmless camera 2

Managing distributors of hightech products

However, customer service is a basic necessity for succeeding in high technology because customers must be assured of quality products that confirm their confidence in the manufacturing company. The best marketing plan for a highly technical product can be instantaneously ruined by a distributor whose customer service does not respond quickly and correctly to the frantic telephone calls of a customer demanding the repair of his or her DVD reader, digital camera, or 3G cell phone. Usually, the solution is to train technicians to make them more competent, but if their compensation is based on the quantity of services delivered rather than the quality, extra training may backfire and create a negative feedback cycle, as illustrated in Figure 7.3, because it erodes their working time and puts them under time pressure. Accordingly, technicians will make a slapdash diagnostic, falling short of detecting problems early and, hence, leaving customers more unsatisfied than before. High-tech...

Expanding the Total Market

The leading firm normally gains the most when the total market expands. If people take more pictures, then as the market leader, Kodak stands to gain the most. If Kodak can persuade more people to take pictures, or to take pictures on more occasions, or to take more pictures on each occasion, it will benefit greatly. Generally, the market leader should look for new users, new uses and more usage ofits products.

What has SIA gained from the alliance with Movenpick

When dealing with marketing, the Scandinavian group of partners have occasionally co-ordinated the promotion material. Movenpick does supply them with photographs of the products, but no co-ordinated marketing strategy exists. The sales force focusing on retailers and caterers, work with the complete range of products offered on the Swedish market, giving the company substantial large-scale synergies.

Agreement for Wedding Photography Coverage

Simultaneous photographic coverage by another contracted photographer shall release Yourtown Photography from this agreement, and the professional fee will be retained. In addition, we request that guests and professional videographers not take pictures of our setup posed groupings doing so may delay the process and affect the quality of or ruin your photographs. Due to the fact that weddings are uncontrolled events, we cannot guarantee any specific photograph or pose. We will, however, attempt to honor special requests. In addition, meals must be provided for the photographer and assistant (if applicable) on events lasting over 5 hours. the product purchase. Note that 50 percent of the final purchase price must be paid before we can begin to design your album. Therefore, if your final price exceeds your credit, you will need to submit an additional payment. The remaining balance is due upon approval of the proof. The selection of the bridal album photographs must...

P T Barnum And The Ringling Brothers

Today, you can find Web sites with photos posted by people who take pictures of the train as it passes through their communities such is the power of imaginative target marketing. People who could not attend the circus performing miles away could at least be a part of it as it graced their town by just passing through. This was a brilliant marketing strategy, designed to attract national attention despite the fact that it was essentially a product that was offered locally. And then, to gain even more publicity, their producers staged a parade from the train station to the circus site, bringing throngs to see the animals, costumed performers, and clowns up close even before the first tent had been erected. To this day, this combination of street stunts and parades attracts the attention of millions, most of whom cannot attend the event itself.

Publicity Public Relations

Publicity Publicity refers to nonpersonal communications regarding an organization, product, service, or idea not directly paid for or run under identified sponsorship. It usually comes in the form of a news story, editorial, or announcement about an organization and or its products and services. Like advertising, publicity involves nonpersonal communication to a mass audience, but unlike advertising, publicity is not directly paid for by the company. The company or organization attempts to get the media to cover or run a favorable story on a product, service, cause, or event to affect awareness, knowledge, opinions, and or behavior. Techniques used to gain publicity include news releases, press conferences, feature articles, photographs, films, and videotapes.

Our Top Niche Picks For 2005 And Beyond

For example, you could concentrate on U.S. Civil War battlegrounds or civil war era photographs. With this approach your income will probably come from search engine traffic. That means you'll need to have plenty of pages backed up with serious keyword research. Make sure these sites are designed for optimal advertising click-through.

Preannouncement in the communication plan for hightech products

Preannouncement can help to fuel demand by creating some buzz in the market, as mobile telecommunication operators manage to do with photo messaging through camera handsets. This service was preannounced in 2001. It was introduced in Japan and Europe in mid-2002 with great success photo-messaging Vodafone live signed more than 2 million customers in United Kingdom alone within 1 year, while in Japan, DoCoMo sold more than 10 million camera phones in 11 months.

The Promise and Challenges of OnLine Marketing

Consider mySimon (www.mysimon.com), which acts as an intelligent shopping agent for consumers looking for the best buys in categories such as books, toys, and computers. A shopper seeking a digital camera can go to mySimon, click on cameras, then digital cameras, scan the listing of makes and models, and locate the merchant offering a particular camera at the lowest price. Similarly, DealPilot (www.dealpilot.com) helps buyers compare prices of books, videos, DVDs, and CDs, while Point.com (www.point.com) helps buyers compare cellular phone service offerings.

Identifying Competitors

Identifying competitors isn't as easy as it seems. For example, when film cameras dominated, Kodak saw Fujifilm as its only major competitor. But its real competitor turned out to be digital imaging, including other digital camera makers and a host of digital Image developers and online image-sharing services. Companies must avoid competitor myopia. A company is more likely to be buried by its latent competitors than its current ones. For example, it wasn't direct competitors that put an end to Western Union's telegram businesses after 161 years it was cell phones and the Internet. And Kodak's film business didn't suffer at the hands of direct competitor Fujifilm it lost out to competitors that Kodak didn't see coming Sony, Canon, and other digital camera makers, along with a host of digital image developers and online imagesharing services. Perhaps the classic example of competitor myopia is Encyclopaedia Britannica 3

Make Your Blog Successful

A proven effective approach to marketing your blog is through participation on social media Web sites such as Flickr, StumbleUpon, Digg, Technorati, MySpace, YouTube, Bloglines, and others. For example, if you use images on your Web site, you should also upload those images to Flickr, which is a popular photo-sharing Web site. If your blog post is especially provocative, you should definitely make sure one of your readers submits it to Digg, a popular social news Web site that can have a profound impact on your Web site traffic if the Digg community embraces your content. Submitting your blog to Technorati is another great way to market your blog. Technorati is a popular blog search engine that millions of potential readers visit every day to find interesting and informative content. See Chapters 10 and 13 for more about social media Web sites and Technorati, respectively.

Warning For Doityourselfers

Video editing requires the standard SMPTE frame-by-frame time code, produced automatically while shooting. Most consumer-grade cameras, however, do not have a time code that is readable for editing When planning in-house shooting, check with your production company on the compatibility of their editing equipment with your camera. It's much cheaper to rent the right camera than to retime all your shooting

The History of Mobile Network Technologies

Mobile Network History

Developed in 1994 but popularized in the late 1990s, Bluetooth technology uses radio broadcast to allow multiple proximal devices to recognize each other and send information between them wirelessly. When multiple Bluetooth devices are linked in a group, it is called a personal area network (PAN). Bluetooth can connect many devices, including mobile phones, computers, printers, digital cameras, and video game consoles, and allow them to pass information back and forth.

Environmental Changes

Playboy is a victim of the social changes it helped promote. Attitudes toward sex have evolved rapidly since the days when the magazine could shock millions by publishing two photographs of an undraped Marilyn Monroe. Today, Playboy must compete, not only with countless far more lurid skin books, but also against the popular media. Rock songs may have X-rated lyrics and an episode of Dynasty may be nearly as titillating as a centerfold.

Expanding Market Share

Market leaders also can grow by increasing their market shares further. In many markets, small market share increases mean very large sales increases. For example, in-the U.S. digital camera market, a 1 percent increase in market share is worth 90 million in carbonated soft drinks, 720 million 15

Use a Prebuilt Website Template

If you lack design skills, but want a professionally designed website at a reasonable price, I highly recommend using a pre-built template. These website templates come complete with home page designs, sub-page designs, stock photography, and fonts. All you have to do is edit the copy


MySpace was founded in 2003, which allowed casual users to build a web page for themselves and build social networks online. Flickr launched in early 2004, giving users the opportunity to store and share photos online. Yahoo bought Fickr in 2005. Other Web 2.0 innovations include Craigslist, Ebay, Digg, Facebook, YouTube, Second Life, etc. In 2006, Time Magazine awarded its person of the year award to you the creators on Web 2.0. Time describes Web 2.0 as a tool for bringing together the small contributions of millions of people and making them matter. By 2006, there were also more than 92 million web sites online. Flickr Post and share digital photos online. Google Earth Create mashups of aerial photographs overlaid with photos and descriptions.

Case Study 2

Brief To create a hard-hitting campaign which would drive home the 'Kill your speed' message. To engage the audience in a real-life, hard-hitting way by moving away from conventional shock tactics and or two-dimensional exhibition displays containing bloody photographs and horrifying statistics. The aim instead was to create a live interactive experience that would be relevant to the target audience, highlighting the dangers of speeding and promoting safety cameras as a deterrent.

Acquiring photos

1 Digital camera These come bundled with graphics software of some kind, and they definitely come with a way to transfer images from the camera to the computer. 1 Scanner If you already have your prints back, or if you have a paper document you want to display, you've moved into the realm of scanners. Web images are rarely very high quality, so if you're going to be scanning photographs or documents and only displaying them online, you can find an inexpensive flatbed scanner quite easily. Scanners also frequently come bundled with graphic software that walks you through scanning in photographs and documents.

Need Recognition

A need can also be triggered by external stimuli. Anna passes a bakery and the smell of freshly baked bread stimulates her hunger she admires a neighbours new car or she watches a television commercial for a Caribbean vacation. At this stage, the marketer needs to determine the factors and situations that usually trigger consumer need recognition. The marketer should research consumers to find out what kinds of need or problem arise, what brought them about and how they led the consumer to this particular product. Anna might answer that she felt she needed a camera after friends showed her the photographs they took on holiday. By gathering such information, the marketer can identify the stimuli that most often trigger interest in the product and can develop marketing programmes that involve these stimuli.

Adding images

Blogger does not allow you to post images on its server, so you need to place your images online in another location. For example, you can put your image on your own Web site or use a photo service such as Flickr (www.flickr.com) or BloggerBot (www.hello.com) to post your images online. Some of these services, like Flickr, resize your images for you.

Personal interview

In a personal interview there is the opportunity to show supporting material, such as examples of a product or still photographs from advertisements. Open-ended questions can also be included in the questionnaire design as the interviewer is present to record the answers verbatim.

Where to send It

The Ezine Directory has a listing of many of the better-known music e-zines, along with descriptions and ratings of each (www.ezine-dir.com Music). The goal is to find those with the correct target market and submit articles, music, and photographs to the editor, encouraging him or her to include a link to the artist's web site. Some e-zines have submission forms available on their web site, whereas others are not as specific about their submission policy. But don't give up Dawes and Sweeney (2000) suggest sending an e-mail to the editor to inquire about the potential to have your artist featured in the publication. Provide editors with writeups to make their job easier. When these reviews and articles appear, place a link on the artist's site directed to the specific page on the e-zine site that includes the article. To find a list of e-zines, try one of the directories, such as the ultimate band list or www. ezine-dir.com.

Social Media

Social networking media (in addition to blogs) present a variety of ways you can develop a relationship with your customers or potential customers. They include MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Gather, Classmates, LinkedIn, Xanga, Squidoo, Twitter, Orkut, Bebo, Ning, del.icio.us, Second Life, Flickr, and YouTube, and by the time this book is published, probably another dozen new media may have appeared (and perhaps others disappeared).

Product style

Miniaturization and compactness comes into play more for consumer products than for business products, especially in electronics with the constant downsizing of microchips. According to Philips, in the not-too-distant future the DVD player and set-top box will be replaced by an integrated entertainment hub around a DVD recorder hooked up to entertainment devices, from a hi-fi system to digital cameras and MP3 players. PCs could handle the same functions, but Philips claims that multimedia chipsets for DVD recorders, TVs, and mobile phones cost just 15 to 30, making them a fraction of the price of computer-based microprocessors. In addition, semiconductors in PCs, notebooks, camcorders, digital cameras, cell phones handsets are constantly getting smaller, both for the convenience and pleasure of the customers, who can carry them more easily. Indeed, for European and Asian customers, the product's value is almost in inverse proportion to its size the smaller a product, the more valuable...


The best prizes are those that relate to the product, such as a free scanner with a new laptop, and they only work then if the lure is sufficiently tempting. The prize isn't necessarily something expensive. New technology is often appropriate for software. Digital cameras attracted a lot of recipients when used as prizes until the prices dropped.

Application Search

If there are mobile search applications related to your industry, product, or service, it is important for your website or company listing to rank well in searches within those mobile applications. Frequently, top mobile search applications have promotional websites where you can get insight into how the application receives and ranks the results it provides. In some cases, the owner of the application will have created a unique index, such as the SuperPages mobile application or the Flickr mobile application. In other cases, such as UrbanSpoon, the results are a combination of search data from Yelp, Yahoo , and the site submission on their own website. Flickr Picas


The HADW design team set out to create a cool, masculine, contemporary look that was slightly edgy. They locused on 20-something males and developed a readily identifiable six-pack carrier. The team added lighthearted touches throughout the design solution. Filtered photographs of cocktails illustrate both the pack aging and supporting materials. The brand's upside-down A resembles a stemmed cocktail glass. Pickup lines are printed on the inside of each bottle label, and the beverage's taglines drive home the brand's essence cocktail in a glass and liquid entertainment.


Other areas of marketing have existed in the gray area of ethics to where a certain amount of deception is now considered standard. When nine out of ten doctors recommend a certain product, you have to wonder who those nine doctors are and who they work for. In advertising, celebrity spokespeople are hired and paid to endorse products, product features are enhanced, photographs are manipulated to show products in the best light, and press releases are created to spin information in favor of the company sponsoring the release.

Work Full Circle

The second part of the cycle of successful wedding photography is maintaining customer service on the wedding day. You can accomplish this task by implementing public relations in your business. When you add the very important customer service task of maintaining public relations to your photography, you arrive at the full-circle approach to customer service photo relations Photo relations (like public relations) means maintaining a positive relationship with your clients and the industry through your images and your attitude on the wedding day. Applying your critical thinking and communication skills is paramount in maintaining good photo relations with your clients. However, it is also imperative to create a proactive and unobtrusive style of work on the wedding day, and to deliver images that meet or exceed all of your client's diverse needs and desires. As you endeavor to work full circle on your photo relations, combining styles to create unique images for the needs of each...

Mobile blogging

Mobile blogging, or moblogging as it's usually called, is the fine art of posting to your blog from your phone (mobile or land line), PDA, digital camera, or via e-mail. Moblogging is a favorite tool of bloggers who also have camera phones, but its real strength is that you can post to a blog even when you're not sitting down in front of a computer with an Internet connection. BlogPlanet (www.blogplanet.net) Write, edit, and delete posts to several different blog hosts from your phone or Palm PDA. Some hosts and devices also support uploading camera phone images in your posts. The software will set you bakc 10 euros.

Pictures Sell

The most effective way to increase your odds of auction success is to include photographs of your items in the auction listings. Shoppers like to see pictures of things before they buy pictures definitely add to the appeal of any auction item. To add a picture to your listing, you first have to have a photograph of your item. The easiest way to do this is with a digital camera make sure the photograph is sized to no more than 300 x 300 pixels. (If you can't set picture size from within your camera, use a photo editing program such as Photoshop Elements to perform the resizing.) Once the picture file is on your hard drive, you can add it to your item listing from the Sell Your Item page. to supersize your pictures (another 75 cents). If you have a lot of photos, the better option is eBay's Picture Pack, with gives you up to six supersized photos for a buck. Let eBay host your pictures Figure 16-6 Add up to six photographs to your item listing. eBay will now automatically upload your...


Facebook users are looking at user-generated content, so your ads should reflect that. Stay away from highly polished stock photography. They're also looking at mostly pictures of people, so you'll do well to use images of real people in your ads. Remember the visual context surrounding your ad. Facebook is mostly white and blue, so experiment with photographs in contrasting warm colors. Sometimes, louder tactics such as three-dimensional-looking buttons, bright red borders, and lens flares can work, but use these sparingly and test frequently.


What about doing your own catalogue Just about all major catalogue companies started out with a single product, and built its business from there. It can take years to build a customer base, a mailing list and a line of products numerous enough to fill an entire catalogue. Once you get to the level where you have enough items to fill a catalogue of several pages, you're already most likely making good money Putting together a catalogue is more than just listing all your products - you need to write persuasive ad copy for each item you sell, you need photographs, layout, printers - and it's unlikely you can do all this yourself. That means hiring a variety

Search Engines

IMAGE TAGS List your keywords once inside of an image which you have on your page to give you one more extra chance of being listed under those words. People will see these tags before your pictures become visible so make sure you use them in a sentence that makes sense and that you don't just list them over and over (Spamming the search engine with them).


Everybody knows what a brochure is, but just about everybody makes poor use of them. Why Because everybody makes the same mistakes. They forget that a brochure is supposed to sell something, and not merely show the product, and make the owner look good. Most brochures are printed with glossy paper, contain colour photographs and are filled with 'me oriented' copy. There's nothing especially wrong with glossy paper and photos, but the most important aspect of the brochure is to get prospects to take action to come in, buy or both. Most brochures highlight features, rather than benefits. That's a critical mistake.

Razor Technology

To fully comprehend Gillette's research and development inroads, one must visit its research facilities in South Boston. Displayed there are pictures taken through a field emission scanning electron microscope that can magnify objects 50,000 times. The photographs showed tiny sections 1 10,000 of an inch of the edges of razor blades

Case 7 TrolIAEG

Designs very similar to Troll's, Some even used Troll products to take the photographs for some competitor's catalogue. By the end of 1991, between 25 and 30 Spanish lamp manufacturers offered virtually identical, standard accent lighting elements. The resulting price war severely eroded sales margins from about .30 per cent in 1988 to about 15 per cent in 1991.

Media Kits

A media kit (see Figures 12.3 and 12.4) is a package of materials that both includes and expands on your news release. It may contain an expanded news story or feature article. It will contain photographs, charts, and other pertinent illustrative materials for print media. Less often, it also holds audio and video materials for radio and television. It may contain a variety of background materials about your organization, including human interest stories about the people you want mentioned.

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

Although we usually tend to think of the digital camera as the best thing since sliced bread, there are both pros and cons with its use. Nothing is available on the market that does not have both a good and a bad side, but the key is to weigh the good against the bad in order to come up with the best of both worlds.

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