Conclusive research design

3.1 Chapter summary

In previous chapters we discussed marketing research process and problem definition (chapter 1) and research design focusing especially on exploratory research design (chapter 2). In this chapter the topic of research design will be extended to the conclusive research design. The chapter will focus on both descriptive and causal designs. Furthermore, it will specifically elaborate on survey methods and observation as they are one of highly used research techniques for collecting data in present day field of marketing.

Exploratory Research Design

3.2 Conclusive research design

In the earlier chapter on exploratory research design one could observe that the findings derived from such techniques should be approached with caution due to the issues of generalizability, reliability and validity. However, one also has to remember the depth of insight available from such techniques. Conclusive research design provides a way to verify and quantify the insights gained from exploratory research. Techniques relating to conclusive research are specifically designed to assist the manager in determining, evaluating and selecting the best course of action to take in a given situation.23 The techniques used in conclusive research contrast with exploratory research as they are typically more formal and structured. Most conclusive research techniques are based on large representative samples and data obtained through is subjected to quantitative analysis. As the findings represent a larger group of respondents many times they are directly used for managerial decision making. At this juncture, it has to be noted that even if the sample used is large, it does not mean that the findings are the voice of all the consumers but this kind of studies provide a general guideline regarding the consumer and market behaviour. In some instances, the research may come close to suggest precise consumer and market behaviour; however in other cases, the research may partially clarify the situation and much will be left to the manager's judgement.

As discussed in chapter 2, conclusive research is classified into two major categories, descriptive and causal. The table below provides the basic differences between exploratory, descriptive and causal designs.

Table 3.1:

Comparison of research designs

Table 3.1:

Comparison of research designs

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