Working with Lower Budgets

Having close to a zero budget doesn't mean you're restricted from all promotional activities. It simply means that your options can't include expensive space and time. Advertising without using paid spaces in papers and magazines or slots on commercial radio or TV is known as below the line advertising. To get the best from it, you will have to engage the brain to compensate for lack of money in the bank. Your largest investment will be the value of your time.

Below the line promotions do not have to be expensive. They can only be used to contact a limited number of people. However, you can do more to ensure that the people you do contact are genuine prospects, and you will have better opportunities to explain the advantages of your product in reasonable detail. So what you lack in numbers you can make up in quality. The secret of success lies in providing genuine help by having an accurate knowledge of the target's situation and needs and behaving with courtesy. There are eight particularly useful below the line tools that you can deploy:

♦ Specification sheets

♦ Sales leaflets

♦ Press releases

♦ Newsgroup activity

♦ PowerPoint presentations

♦ Personal letters

♦ Exhibitions

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