Winners Winners


Anyone can have a good idea. Don't let anyone talk you into thinking otherwise. It is just that novelists, inventors, and composers have developed the knack of leaving their creative taps on. Even then, ideas don't exactly gush. They tend to appear when your attention is elsewhere, tiptoeing into consciousness, so to speak. At the germinal stage, they easily vanish. A harsh word or shrug is sometimes all it takes. Even as they disappear, you may sense a loss of some merit. So do not to be too hard on your thoughts, however ungainly. Gather them reverently, and allow them to settle and find a niche. Once you have enough, you are in a position to pick and choose. Sometimes a concept arrives like a scissor blade, useless in itself. Other times, ideas surface in installments. Occasionally, they arrive fully-fledged. When the right one comes, you'll know. Even before friends stop saying "Bah!" and start saying "Oh!" and you begin to get positive reactions, give some thought to your destiny. There's absolutely no point in having an idea if you don't do something about it.

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