Whistle Blowing

Programming is essentially like a one-track railway. If anyone gets stuck, at some point, it's often hard for the whole team to get much further ahead. It's vital, therefore, that the obstacle is resolved in the minimum time possible. Don't imagine that if the person who encounters the problem pretends it isn't there the problem will resolve itself or that they will suddenly think of an answer. Tinkering usually makes matters worse. As soon as anyone hits a problem they must blow the whistle for help and ask their colleagues, the project leader, or anyone else in the organization who can lend a useful mind. If no one else can suggest an answer, post a newsgroup message ASAP. Don't be afraid to ask for outside help. If there is an answer (and there usually is), someone somewhere knows it.

Tip If you look at your schedules, you should know what you are working on the next day. If your are doing anything with which you are not familiar, post a newsgroup / question the night before asking for general advice and the best approach to issues that give you concern. Next morning there's normally a queue of spot-on advice. This way you won't waste a day.

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