What a Sale Really Is

From a legal point of view, a sale is nothing more than an exchange of money for goods or services, but if you interpret it that starkly, you are endangering your own economy. An initial sale is the opportunity to start building a relationship. You don't just want to sell a customer your new products. You want to sell them the upgrades and major releases, add-ons, and new products that the company develops. You want them to be so pleased with their purchase they recommend it to their friends and colleagues. In a nutshell, you want them to help you sell your product. This can only happen if you look at the sale as a long-term relationship from the beginning.

The beauty of software production is that it normally gives a salesperson seven follow-up opportunities. On the back of the original program, these are:

♦ Maintenance and support contracts

♦ Lateral developments

♦ Custom-made developments

♦ Consultancy

♦ Bulk/OEM licensing deals

As you may appreciate, it takes time to build up the skills to orchestrate the spectrum. Even then, individual salespeople tend to have favorites.

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