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Where software can be dispatched electronically, Internet-based distribution is an obvious solution. There are two types of distribution via the Web: traditional and facilitators.

Traditional distributors use their Web sites simply to sell products and take orders. The goods are stored, shipped, and invoiced manually. Shareware sites such as Tucows also list, review, and make software available for download and purchase (if found acceptable).

A newer phenomenon is that of facilitators. They sell the product. You ship directly to their customer. Invoicing, licensing, and cash collection may be handled by either party.

It is here that traditional retailing breaks down. Several Web-based distributors have taken to selling directly to the public at prices that are frighteningly close to wholesale. So the market and margins previously enjoyed by dealers are being eroded and they are casting around for other ways to make money. This may create an opening of one kind or another for you. With traditional distributors less keen to take on new companies and the ease of setting up your own Web site, there is nothing to stop you from becoming your own distributor. However, it might prove naïve to bypass the other avenues of distribution that could add more power to your elbow.

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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