Two Tier Distribution

If the volume of sales your program can sustain is larger than you can cope with yourself yet falls short of universal, consider sub-contracting your sales. Appointing dealers gives many more prospects access to your program. There are more places where it can be seen and many more salespeople to help you, more than you will be able to afford yourself for a considerable time. With dealers, all the premises, organization, recruiting, and management are done for you. Web sites, such as online shareware vendors, bring instant outlets for low-cost programs and provide an excellent discovery point for reviewers.

As previously mentioned, specialized software is often better sold through dealers that specialize. These may be chosen for their location, customer profile, or technical expertise. Working upstream from similar or related software will usually guide you to them. While getting software accepted by a Web site is a relatively swift operation, finding, vetting, establishing, and supporting a network of dealers takes time.

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