Turning on the Sales

Although it is amazing how much can be achieved with modest marketing budgets, you're going to have to use marketing differently as your program and markets mature. The examples and explanations of launch marketing described in Chapter 14 are designed to give your baby the best chance of a successful birth. However, below-the-line campaigns can never build national recognition. You are going to need to soften up much larger numbers of prospects by laying the foundation of a desirable brand image. This does not mean opening the financial floodgates but beginning to put your toe in the public arena. Seek some professional marketing help perhaps to develop your Web site, to make the best use of a notable space at a major trade exhibition, or to create a little cinema advertising. Or devise some clever teaser posters. You may want to alert your public to new releases or to synchronize a competitive launch with your own special offer. The important point is to make the move to being professional.

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