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You obviously need top people in the skeletal team from a very early stage, and the project manager is a key position. The project manager is your full-time product champion, whose task it is to supervise the encoding and assembly of the program so it matches up to its specification in word and spirit. In an embryo firm, it's usually the marketing manager who assumes this role.

Having a great project manager is your best way to ensure that your project will come in on time. He or she will know how to manage and schedule your project. In addition to doing his own share of the coding, he will help and advise programmers with new approaches and techniques, as required. Equally important, the project manager enables everyone to focus on the same dream and ensures that less tangential coding is accidentally produced.

The project manager holds the pearls of wisdom about what the product does, how they're going to write it, and why it is so important. He interprets the company's vision of the program for the programmers in relation to screen layouts, screen messages, and displays of the corporate and product logo. He also sees that only the authorized version ever gets out of the programmer's room.

Some firms believe, with good reason, that the more sensitive parts of this role are better managed by a senior person who is not directly involved in day-to-day coding. This person may also be tasked with supervising beta testing.

The caliber of person you can attract for this role depends very much on the size of your organization and what you are able to offer. It also depends on the job's implicit opportunities and rewards.

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