The Positive Effects of Advertising and PR

Advertisers (as opposed to advertising agents) can tell you that advertising often works better as an accelerator and brake than as an ignition button. It's easier to speed up or slow down sales. The hard part is getting them started in the first place. With software, of course, you haven't got a fixed assembly plant that limits production. Your least likely problem is being unable to keep abreast of demand.

The most costly advertising and PR task is the product launch, not just because launches need bigger and more frequent spaces to get noticed, but also because they need to get across the program's new benefits. Furthermore, launches can go wrong. The neatest, most effective exposition of a product is rarely developed on day one.

The truth is that software has a much more complex educational task than supermarket products. With hindsight, you may be delighted with what advertising and PR have done for you. However, the most you should bank on in advance is that if advertising and PR are effectively employed, they will firm up realistic estimates.

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