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The process is the mechanism of getting from the start to the end of the coding. Nearly everyone has their own theory about it. The most important thing is to pick a working method that gives you the best chance of winning. A lot of the components typically associated with process, such as project feasibility, risk assessment, team structure, and project schedules, have already been sorted out in the project plan.

Process in reality is often a succession of developments that cover the lifetime of the product. The initial process produces the first release and subsequent processes produce its successors. The merit of using a process is that, once it has been explained, everyone understands their responsibilities and knows who is doing what.

The golden rule about starting is not to rush in. Go over your project plan and check carefully that nothing needs to be brought up-to-date. All sorts of things can creep in between the time a project is first planned and the time everyone is ready to start. So walk yourself through it. Some changes that necessitate adjustments will stand out like sore thumbs. Perhaps you have eight people to complete a task envisaged for 10. Perhaps the timeframe has been shrunk by a couple of months. Perhaps there is less money in the kitty than you thought. Items like these are easy for you to spot, but make sure that you also double check that nothing subtle and or apparently innocuous has been altered.

Read carefully through all the contracts into which you have entered. One of the backers of one public service project added a sentence just towards the end of a very long plan that said, "This project must be undertaken using the following proprietary software . . ." Inserting this without telling anyone wasn't very clever; the entire architecture of the solution had to be reconfigured.

As a standard precaution, the project manager should e-mail each member of the team asking if he or she is aware of any changes between the original project plan and where you stand now except those that everyone has already been made aware of (and list changes you are already aware of). Do not proceed until you receive categorical replies from all members and are agreed on what should be done.

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