The First P Is People

For all the specific positions you hear bandied about, there are fundamentally only two roles: managing and developing. One administers the process and the other does the work. Specific job titles vary according to the scale of an operation. The terminology also varies from firm to firm. At the time of writing, some job descriptions that go with management and planning include the following:

♦ Project managers

♦ Chief technical officers (CTOs)

♦ Technologists

♦ Architects

♦ CEO engineering

Counterparts on the programming side include the following:

♦ Senior developers

♦ Developers

♦ Documenters

There is nothing to stop people from having a role in both managing and programming, or indeed handling more than one task area. However, it is as unusual for information technologists to excel at management as it is for managers to be more than pedestrian programmers, unless they have had considerable experience. So be realistic about your own capabilities. Don't bite off more than you can chew.

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