Telephone and Video Telephone

Support is particularly useful to users who have no real knowledge of computing and need to speak to someone who can explain how to escape their predicament in plain language.

Tip It is common to record telephone support (they always say for "training purposes"), but if you do, remember that in some countries it is legally necessary to make cus' tomers aware that you are doing so.

In time, it is likely that video will enter the help equation, allowing support staff to see what is on the customer's screen and prompt them through corrective steps. Until then, the needs for a good telephone help line are the same as for other help media.

♦ Widely publicize your Help hours.

♦ Don't keep the customer waiting longer than three minutes.

♦ Have the answer (or find out and phone them back).

♦ Be polite regardless of the provocation.

♦ Have good search systems on your side.

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