Step 7 You Are Only Human

As you soar to paradise, remember, human error is the last thing to fall away.

However flattering people are about your idea, you are always prone to error. You can't even predict what your best friend will choose on a restaurant menu. They may always start the meal with shrimp cocktails. But don't bet on it. He or she is bound to eventually crave something else.

The only person whose actions you can begin to gauge in advance (and then not always) is yourself, and if you rely entirely on your own evaluation of your product's possibilities, you could end up with a market of one. The path to Silicon Valley is paved with self-declared geniuses who never amounted to more than road kill on the Internet Super-Highway. Your future, your time, your whole style of life deserves better than that. So don't skelter out with your golden idea. Be objective. Test the water, one toe first. You are only just coming out of the conceptual stage. It's time to do some proper research.

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