Step 2 Familiarize Yourself with HTML

Fortunately there is only one universal language of the Web, irrespective of the search facility, hardware, or operating system anyone uses: Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML).

HTML was created by Sir Tim Berners Lee and his colleagues at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland in 1989.

To create a Web site and appreciate its scope and limitations, you must understand the vocabulary (HTML syntax). (It's not difficult.)

HTML is essentially a set of simple instructions that sit among the text and images that you wish to create. You can see the HTML by viewing the source in your browser (select View O Source in Internet Explorer or Views O Source Code in Netscape and Firefox). Scanning the code will give you a pretty good idea of what they do as well as what is and isn't possible.

Designing a Web site is a naturally self-contained project. If no one on your team has the time or aptitude, and you have resources or friends schooled in the task, it makes sense to parcel this out. To speed the process, take a tip from most professional site designers and use a Web generator such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage.

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