Step 1 Sit Down

The early green pasture days of IT, if they ever existed, are over. You will want to avoid the pitfalls that have snared so many of your predecessors. History hasn't recorded how many promising ideas fizzled out for poor presentation. Thinking things through is now the only way to win. Keep the following in mind:

♦ Bosses want solutions, not problems.

♦ Investors can't afford half-baked ideas.

♦ The public won't tolerate software that doesn't work properly the first time.

To succeed you must develop a successful idea. So the last thing you want to do is rush in on your boss. Imagine being the person who dreamed up the concept of the Web browser and dashing into your vice president's office saying, "Hey, I've got this idea of viewing Web pages through a software program!"

What do you think the likely response would have been? He'd probably have looked up from his desk and growled, "What's a Web page?"

If you had thought the idea through in advance, you might have explained that you had come up with a unique idea that would supersede print, which would allow total global information to be accessed from anywhere.

Then he might have been more likely to have said, "Pull up a chair and tell me more!" If he had any sense, he'd be counting the dollars before you'd even finished and asking how to patent it.

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