Staff Relationships

Allowing relationships to develop organically is leaving your greatest asset to chance. Staff relationships matter. They can make or break a company, especially small ones. Work out at the outset how you will manage others.

Some people are born managers. Others are able to manage with training and support. Most prefer to be led. Quite often the people who have the ideas prefer to just carry on with development. They are often the first to admit it if they aren't natural leaders.

If you don't have the time or inclination to deal with your staff, appoint someone who does. It leaves you free to concentrate on what you do best and, if you have chosen your partner(s) wisely, it strengthens your project.

While there are hundreds of books on management that can help you hone your skills, always keep one thing in mind: People who are natural managers have one thing in common. They like and respect the people they work with. This doesn't mean the manager always has to agree with them, or that in an adverse situation employees shouldn't be fired; but it does mean that the manager intuitively understands what makes people tick and can tap into a common bond between your needs and theirs and, with a deft touch, generally bring out the best.

Couple this with strong organizational and communication skills and you have a real buttress to your business.

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