Specification Sheets

Specification (spec) sheets are primarily aimed at convincing the technical advisors in a client company that the advertised product is worth recommending to management. Spec sheets usually run to one or two sides of paper. They are the one area where technical jargon (within reason) has a place. They describe the main features to build confidence in a product of which the potential buyer may have little or no direct experience.

Spec sheets are aimed at those who consider themselves immune to sales pressure, so they never try to sell the product off the page. Instead, they allow a physical description of the product to speak for itself. They explain its weight and dimensions, describe its features and the full installation requirements, and give the reader a point of contact for further inquiry. Pack and screen illustrations are often included to show details and scale. As a rule, these technical descriptions are distributed in advance of a sale, although they sometimes accompany the product as well. The responsibility for producing spec sheets is often delegated to the developers or project managers.

Do not let your developers or project managers volunteer more information than you need in the spec sheet. It is easy, out of sheer pride, to offer such a wealth of details that they would save any competitor reading them thousands in research and development.

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