Some Keyword Dos and Donts

Following is list of things to keep in mind when settling on your keywords:

♦ Use lowercase throughout.

♦ Make sure every page is different.

♦ Use the find words that customers use.

♦ Plant keywords in every title, header, subhead, frame, tag, text, and picture caption.

♦ Make sure the keywords are relevant; tailor them to the context.

♦ Eschew hype. No advertising or slogans.

♦ Keep common misspellings and variants in mind.

♦ Limit titles to 20 meta words.

♦ Delete spaces around commas.

♦ Limit text to 300 words a page (1,024 characters max).

♦ Give every frame a page title.

♦ Program each page so it can be summoned from any of its frames.

♦ Add dynamic data to a standing template with all indexable data.

♦ With animation, caption every clip.

♦ Link widely and wisely flit from one address to another.

♦ Include a thumbnail map.

♦ See that titles and contents correspond.

♦ Test the lot before you finalize.

The Keyword Research Bible

The Keyword Research Bible

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