Site Visits

When everything else fails, a site visit is the ultimate course of action before going back to the drawing board. As a rule, site visits are only viable when the clients are relatively close. A two-hour call to a customer's premises 80 miles away will effectively take the better part of a day. If you do go, make sure you take with you everything you will possibly need.

Whether or not you visit clients regularly, it is a good idea to keep a complete duplicate software/help kit in your car. It saves last-minute fussing looking for that vital missing manual or screwdriver.

Clients really appreciate their supplier going the extra mile, providing of course you sort out the issue. Visits are also first-class opportunities to find out first hand what customers like and dislike about your program and what they'd like to see in a future version. They can also provide a natural opportunity to lay the groundwork for further sales.

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