This typically involves a free 30-day trial before the software locks until the bill is paid. One big advantage with this style of sale is that there is normally no need to reinstall software, as a valid licence key will activate the full version. However, this kind of trial doesn't suit everyone. Much like free food samples in supermarkets, many nibble but few buy. Even so, some prospects, having used your program, may feel lost without it.

The most successful shareware sellers restrict functionality during the evaluation period. This gives prospects an additional motive to buy. Their developers have made millions. However, a quick look at popular shareware sites such as Tucows shows that every category just teems with competition. If you are a newcomer with no known name behind you, prospects may be hesitant about trying any product whose quality and provenance are unfamiliar.

Note Contrary to what the names imply, most shareware or freeware is restricted or time-

limited in some way until you pay up.

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