Self Testing

As you have seen, the sooner bugs are detected and fixed the sooner the product can enter the market. All responsible programmers analyze and test their code as they go along. They know that they have to do this from experience to make sure what they think they wrote and what they actually wrote are the same. Programmers who don't or aren't prepared to do this are behaving irresponsibly and you should seriously consider whether you want to have someone with such a low level of professional conduct working for you.

Self-testing squashes more bugs than any other method and significantly reduces the level of bugs from chaotic to manageable. If you are working an eight-hour day (an underestimate for most programmers), take a break every four hours and spend 15 minutes playing with what you have just produced. You'll be amazed at how many errors you find. By sorting out miskeying on the spot, you will find that you can plough on with the rest of your task much faster.

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