Sample Questionnaire

Following is a sample questionnaire. It is printed on two sides of a card, which respondents send back in the stamped addressed envelope provided. The front (see Figure 2-6a) introduces the product by its working title, states who is developing it, and with the aid of a picture enables respondents to visualize the product in a 100-word description. It outlines how the product might be used and invites recipients to complete the questionnaire on the back (shown in Figure 2-6b).

The Acme Wheel Project

We have devised a revolutionary idea that will make transport easier and more efficient. It is called a wheel and is tentatively round. When they are attached to all four corners of a flat surface, wheels can form a platform for moving goods. These are expected to supersede the sledge, particularly in summer.

Wheeled platforms will enable animals to pull large loads over rougher surfaces. Not only is it more beneficial for us, but it will extend the working life of your animals.

In time, we anticipate that machines may be strapped to the wheeled platforms to propel these vehicles. Wheeled vehicles could eventually become so cheap that everyone will own one. Yomd be able to visit friends, relatives and business contacts when you want, and not have to walk or ride everywhere or be dependent on others to carry you.

We predict you'll be able to go from Washington D.C. to New York in under a day. The wheel has numerous other possibilities.

If you could take the time to finish off the questionnaire overleaf and post it back to us in the stamped addressed envelope provided, it will help us work out what shape the wheel should take.

Yours faithfully,

Edward Spoke, Chairman, The Acme Wheel Company Inc.

Figure 2-6a: Front of the card.

Please read the information overleaf before you complete this questionnaire

The Acme Wheel Project

All information is strictly confidential.

2 Would you buy this product? □ Yes □ Maybe □ No

3 What would you do with a set of wheels? (E.g., roller skates)

4 Can you name a competitive product? (Ignore the hoop)

5 What price should it sell for? □ Less than $50

6 Where would you expect to buy this product?

□ The Blacksmith □ The Village Store □ The Post Office

Please inform me when the wheel is available. □ Yes


E-mail address_

Type of Company Position

Respondent #: 123

Figure 2-6b: Back of the card.

The questionnaire is short, easily laid out, and numbered for checking.

Remember, programming is still at the stage of replicating by electronic means tasks that were until recently routinely accomplished with pencil and paper. A new software program is still news.

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