Sales Potential

Trying to assess forthcoming sales by asking users if they'd buy the product based on a few articulate sentences is just asking for trouble. What is really being asked is, "Does what I've just said make any sense to you?" To begin to assess whether prospects are likely to be seriously interested in the software you are proposing, you will almost certainly need to ask a whole series of questions that make it equally easy for respondents to welcome the program, reject it, or sit on the fence.

Asking, "Would you buy the product as described?" might make the research company feel that they have done something to answer their client's question, but as previously mentioned, there can be a vast difference between what people say and what they do. It might be smarter to ask one of the following:

♦ "How much better is what has just been described than what is available at present?"

♦ "What additional benefits would be needed to interest you in purchasing a program of this kind?"

♦ "How much money would a program like this have to save your company in its first 18 months for you to strongly advocate its purchase?"

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