Sales Leaflets

These are the selling counterparts of the spec sheet, but they tend to have colorful illustrations and attention grabbing headlines and speak in terms of benefits rather than features to urge the reader to contact his dealer. Most have a single sheet format but some, according to prestige or need, run to four pages.

Sales leaflets can be one of the hardest documents to write in-house because everything has to be condensed and made simple. The chairman of my Internet software company was a quiet and thoughtful man who among other enterprises had set up one of the original X-vision firms in the late 1980s. We didn't always share the same point of view but we were usually able to talk things through and work out a stronger result. The only time we ever raised our voices was when we tried to write our own sales sheets and clashed over the use of terms, what ought to have priority, and the trickiness of separating functionality from benefits. If you experience difficulty in putting your sales leaflets together, perhaps you should consider talking to a professional copywriter and designer who are used to producing these items.

Remember to put the spec sheets and sales leaflets in Acrobat PDF format on your Web site for clients to download and print off. Check the print quality yourself when you do this. If your distribution channels don't include dealers and printed spec sheets, you can use your in-house color laser printer to run off hard copies, as required. At this stage, these items of print are the product. If you have a quality product, use quality paper; and they need to be ready for distribution well in advance of any countdown to the launch.

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