Power Point Presentations

These are now getting a bit old hat. Part of the trouble is that the program hasn't progressed with the times, and part of the trouble is that few firms have the time and skills to develop a presentation beyond bullet points and subtitles. This said, nothing significantly better short of an audiovisual program has been devised in their place. As you'll see in the next chapter, software can be successfully sold without having to demonstrate the product.

PowerPoint presentations exist to focus everyone's minds on a series of pre-defined benefits and sales points. They are an ideal prompt to prevent sales staff from omitting any crucial point. They usually work best when there is only one key point to a page. Pages can then be flipped slowly or quickly according to the client's interest. No page should need to be on the screen for longer than 9 seconds. Any presentation over 10 minutes is usually more than enough for most audiences.

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