On Being First First Mover Advantage

Another way of expressing the USP is as the downside of being first. The margins in software are so competitive that it doesn't pay to be a runner up. The only way you can get into the top spot is by outspending your competitor. Even then, you will be sharing a bone. If you are Procter & Gamble, you might risk this on occasion. However, you might end up spending more on marketing than you recoup in sales. At the moment, it is only in the largest, most lucrative software niches that there is room for a strong number two.

However, you don't always have to be black and white different. You just have to make sure your product has something worthwhile that sets it apart. Although there are gaps at all levels, most program developers in the 21st century may be wiser using their insight to locate a submarket where a program is sorely wanted. This would enable you to build up from a smaller base and give you a greater chance of controlling that section. Dollar for dollar, there may also be room for greater added value.

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