Obsessed about Quality

Computers are built on logic. To work satisfactorily, we logically presume they have to be flawless. So perhaps it isn't surprisingly that people seem to be quicker to seize on software defects than they are on the shortcomings of other, seemingly less logical products such as automobiles. Because customers are in constant contact with each other, reports of bad experiences spread like wildfire, often with dire consequences.

♦ Products get returned.

♦ More people have to man phone lines to deal with complaints.

♦ Corrective costs soar.

♦ Time is lost and there is a lot more work for everyone, including managers, salesmen, shippers, and accountants.

♦ Income plummets.

Whether the issue is major or minor, the consequences of any product not being entirely satisfactory when released are salutary. Even if you give your software away it must still be of merchantable quality.

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