Money is normally the most pressing concern for developers, though it isn't the be-all and end-all of program development. It's amazing what has been accomplished with very little, but clearly without enough, just as with a lack of oil in an engine, the operation will seize and grind to a halt.

There are normally three things that worry people about money:

♦ They don't know how to spend it when they do get it.

When starting out, most of us are not very experienced buyers, sellers, and bookkeepers. Few of us have ever been in a situation where lack of money has never been a problem. And although we may have a very shrewd idea of how to technically accomplish our chosen task, we have absolutely no idea how to persuade others to trust us with their cash. The combination is understandably scary. Yet most of our fear is simply fear of the unknown.

Irrespective of what the ups and downs of the stock market infer, the world is significantly more affluent than it has ever been. This, coupled with the historically low interest rates in the western world and a wider choice of cash sources than ever before, has resulted in a situation where it has never been easier or more affordable to get financing. Some sources of funding might even be closer to home than you thought.

Unless you are sitting on a personal cash pile, money is available by three routes:

♦ Cash you will have to repay

♦ Cash the business will have to repay

♦ Cash invested in the business

Whichever the category, they are all Other People's Money (OPM) and include the following:

♦ Personal loans (friends and family)

♦ Credit manipulation (credit cards)

♦ Institutional loans (banks, mortgages)

♦ Business Angels

♦ Venture capital

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