Mark II Method

Charles Symons' Mark II method focuses on the effort required to encode 20 parameters. It thus avoids using estimated number of functions. Mark II is predominantly used in the United Kingdom. It is similar to Function Point in the parameters it uses, but it works in a simpler way. The idea behind Mark II is to reduce subjectivity by using the same yardsticks regardless of the program's application. Mark II adds six more yardsticks to the 14 General System Characteristics.

♦ Data Communications

♦ Distributed Data Processing

♦ Performance

♦ Heavily Used Configuration

♦ Transaction Rate

♦ Online Data Entry

♦ End-User Efficiency

♦ Online Update

♦ Complex Processing

♦ Reusability

♦ Installation Ease

♦ Operational Ease

♦ Multiple Sites

♦ Facilitate Change

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