Informing Your Registration Body

You are normally required to inform your state's company registration body if anything has changed within the company, using the correct forms and within the allotted timescales. Such changes might include the following:

♦ New directors being appointed.

♦ Directors resigning or dying.

♦ New corporate administrator/company secretary or change in status of the current position occupant.

♦ New shares being allotted (within a month).

♦ When you pass any special or extraordinary resolutions (within 15 days).

♦ If any mortgage charge/loan is put on the company (within 21 days).

♦ A change of the registered office must be informed (within 14 days).

♦ Copies of special and extraordinary resolutions and specific categories of ordinary resolutions need to be filed.

Once filed, most of this paperwork is checked to ensure that it has been completed correctly. If so, the data is entered into their systems and made publicly available to anyone wanting to see it.

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