Identify Your Programs Principal Strength

As an exercise, open a newspaper or turn on the television and note what the principal advertisers consider works best. Most of them only make one point. The main feature of your program might not be easily found, and even when you do figure it out, it isn't always easy to explain in terms that make instant sense to a buyer. Your main point can sometimes be obscured by other colorful features. The principal benefit almost certainly separates your product in customers' minds from the alternatives. It is also usually the main reason for their purchase.

The market research you undertook initially should be checked to confirm that the consumers' reactions to the finished, or nearly finished, product matches. Don't be surprised if respondents bring up a spectrum of benefits. The main problem is to concentrate them into a simple, single sentence appeal.

When Land Rover brought out the latest version of their Discovery family 4x4, they were very proud of the 700 odd new features they'd added to its predecessor (which was already the best in its class). They didn't want people saying, "Ah yes, 700 economies without one real advantage," so they didn't push them individually. They didn't even promote the vehicle's obvious ruggedness, versatility, and security. They simply sold an aspirational lifestyle. So listen particularly to the way those questioned phrase their answers. Although their replies may be varied and inexact, reflect on them. There is often a single form of words that unites them.

The prime attribute and its benefit occasionally differ from one market to the next. For example, a supermarket has a different set of priorities according to whether it is located in Vancouver or Miami. If you find yourself in such a situation, you may need to accommodate both.

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