How to Spot a Potentially Good Salesperson

Good salespeople generally exhibit many of the following characteristics:

♦ Good salespeople are good company. They are buoyant, thoughtful, and sociable.

♦ Good salespeople know when to hold their tongues. They listen almost as much as they talk. This way, the prospect does nearly half the work and, in many instances, talks himself into the sale.

♦ Good salespeople sell the product you have rather than the product they would like to have.

♦ Good salespeople have a good track record.

♦ Good salespeople are organized, self-disciplined, and methodical. They can recall names, times, and appointments at will. Average ones resort to CRM systems.

♦ Good salespeople create opportunities.

♦ They are believable. They don't need to exaggerate to make a point.

♦ Good salespeople are able to sell a variety of products. They are definitely not one-trick performers.

♦ Good salespeople know their time is money. They prioritize, re-schedule, and prune by value and speed of sale.

♦ They do not hang around in bad situations.

♦ Good salespeople know a sale is only a sale when the money is in their employer's bank.

One reason why it can be hard to distinguish between a good or bad salesperson is that bad salespeople are normally very talented at selling one thing—themselves. They normally go through jobs at an alarming rate so they hone this skill through practice. Look at their list of employers. Work out how long they stayed.

Indifferent salespeople believe they don't need to prepare, and they never do more than is asked. They are also prone to gossip. They disparage the customer in front of the company and vice versa, yet they never seem to analyze themselves. They sometimes mistake opening their mouths for closing a deal. They frequently demand what commission they have earned immediately.

Good salespeople are bright and sensible people. They are adept at putting themselves in their customer's shoes and working out what are the key issues for them. They are sensibly honest. They know how to make a fair case for your product and when to back off. Good salespeople build up a good name for themselves and for you. Customers quickly learn to respect this, and fundamentally, people buy more readily from people that they like. Bear these points in mind when interviewing and add your own.

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