How Customers Think

Contrary to popular belief among embattled support men, people do not call the support line because they are lonely or have nothing better to do. Most of your clients are people not unlike you. They will try everything they can, within reason, to get their program working. They see this as a challenge. They want to get on with their work as quickly as possible. They will normally only contact a support team as a last resort.

So when you start to plan the kind of support that you will offer, think how you would like to be treated yourself. Think what your colleagues and friends like and dislike about the support services they have to use. Consider the following questions:

♦ Do you have an aversion to automated voices?

♦ Do you dislike having to choose from multiple options by pressing the corresponding number on your phone?

♦ Do you dislike having to hold on for more than five minutes?

♦ Is the music playing while you wait inappropriate?

♦ When you eventually get through to the right specialist, is the advisor only semi trained?

Don't think what you can or can't afford. Write down a full wish list to start with. Then consider the practical options.

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