Handling Growth

"If you want to be a big company tomorrow, you have to start acting like one today."

—Thomas Watson, founder of IBM

Striving for success is exhausting. Achieving it is intoxicating. Growth does not follow a big win automatically.

It has to be planned for long in advance and nurtured.

Success, of course, brings money, kudos, and relief. You know that sales will be well above the waterline; that bills can be met; and that staff can be rewarded for all their hard work. It also creates the opportunity to choose what to do next:

♦ Grow personally

♦ Select your next goal

♦ Learn from your success

♦ Advance management skills

♦ Get into the next phase of marketing

♦ Move to better premises

♦ Organize the finance for it all

♦ Possibly to venture abroad

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